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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Farmer Presidents

Here is a quiz about three Presidents who were gentleman farmers. See how many clues you need before you guess the identity. Clicking on the last link will reveal the answer.

I was considered the richest man in America.

My best crop was Hemp. (Wait, isn't that Marijuana??!)

I had false teeth made of whalebone.

My image appears on the dollar bill.

Who am I???

Okay, here's the second:

I am credited with the invention of the coat hanger and the hideaway bed.

Also the calendar clock and the dumbwaiter.

I was a drafter of the Declaration of Independence.

My face is on the two dollar bill.

Who am I???

Okay, now the third:

I was from the south.

I was a naval officer.

I'm not on any money, but my brother was on a beer can.

I had a traumatic experience with an aggressor animal!

Who am I?

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