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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kanye feel me?

LaShawn Barber blasts Kanye West.

Michelle Malkin thinks this "borders" on treason by lack of action by Michael Chertoff....or something like that.

Big Lizards has spotted a Hildabeast wagging her convictions again.

Moonbats are barking about a babe with bite.

LGF spotlights the ACLU-sers.

The blogosphere, ya gotta love it!

1 comment: said...

Quick! Switch to typepad, it lets you import your blog (I did it and my blog on blogpsot was 6 months old and pretty well established).

and then you can take typepad ads!(screw google)

yeah babababay, it's that simple.

I got off of blogspot at the time because basically it sucked (performance- wise) very slow and very unuser friendly

Good luck on your blog, looks good
remember patience