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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Liberal Moonbats are like cockroaches.

I begin my first-ever blog by commenting on what I consider a dangerous fact of American life: ULC infestation. “ULC” stands for “Ultra-Liberal Cockroach”, primarily so I won’t have to type out “Ultra-Liberal Cockroach” over and over again. No doubt my total ignorance of html will show itself here, but here goes...

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate liberals at all. As time goes on I find them harder to understand. But when clearly identified as such, I consider them a part of the American scene and probably even intrinsic to the Republic. I mean, in order for one side to be right one has to have a side that is wrong. Also, we need critics from the peanut gallery to start screaming if the rabbit’s ear is sticking out from the hat, right? The faithful opposition and all of that.

What gets to me is when they skew so far to the left that they seem to prefer anarchy to America. It is even worse when they get into the places we least like to see them. At that point they are like cockroaches and I will explain what I mean below.

Those of us Midwesterners who have ever lived in an apartment complex are almost certainly familiar with the German Cockroach, the small, brown and nasty insect that frequents such dwelling places. See site here ( Whether living next to an anal-retentive family or being surrounded by hilljacks, if your apartment complex doesn’t hire a pest control company to systematically kill off the little suckers you are going to be living with them. Why is this a problem? Well, cockroaches want to eat your food, drink your drinks and leave their eggs, poop and dead comrades IN your food and drink. I consider that a BIG problem! I well remember the days when the Radar family lived in an apartment complex, putting everything in Tupperware and always having cans of Black Flag to spray behind the refrigerator or under the sink. You had to make sure every piece of food and every drop of drink was safeguarded from the ubiquitous pests. You had to rinse off every glass, plate, pot and pan before use in case the cockroaches had been crawling all over them.

Now that we own a single-family dwelling (a house, for all you non-real estate agents) all we have to do is keep the place relatively clean and not bring home boxes from Aldi’s in order to avoid cohabitation with cockroaches. The little brown ones, that is….

This brings us to the problem of the ULC. ULC’s (see, I am saving a lot of typing and saving you a bit of reading as well!) behave much as their insect brethren, getting into the places we least want to have them around. Let’s start with a definition:


The ULC is a form of ideological vermin we of a more conservative persuasion have dubbed Liberal Moonbats. They are most often Democrats. No, not the Joe Lieberman I-have-both-a-mind-and-a-heart kind of Democrat. Think in terms of Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi and you have the most right-wing variety of the breed. Babs Streisand comes to mind here. But many of them are farther to the left than that. We are talking communists, anarchists, Environment Liberation Army, Code Pink, yadda yadda yadda. We are talking Harry Belafonte and the people you see pictured in Zombietime ( . A large number of Moonbats don’t just want to change the good old USA, they want to destroy it. They call terrorists “freedom fighters” and they probably have a Che Guevera T-shirt in the wash right now. A ULC is a Moonbat who has left his normal habitat and infiltrated his way into the places we least want to find him: in our news media and our educational system. Like food and drink, information and educational systems sustain a free society or poison it depending on their quality.


Moonbats are most common in Blue States. They call themselves the “reality-based” community, a self-congratulatory declaration, but they live in a fantasy world. They believe they know better than the rest of us how the world should work and that we, the common men and women, need to have the burden of decision-making lifted off our shoulders so that they, the all-knowing elitists, can make the decisions for us. They are often found in the entertainment industry, where so many who live the lifestyle of the self-absorbed and pampered believe they are called upon to set the moral compass of the nation. They are often found amongst politicians who have never had to work for a living (Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, etc.) and in organizations such as the ACLU and NARAL. They consider Al Franken to be a humorist and Jesse Jackson to be a statesman. When found in the wild, in swarms of their own kind, they are considered nasty but easily identifiable and avoidable. The ideologies of Moonbats, when exposed to public scrutiny, are fodder for lampoonings and laughter. They are not terribly dangerous.


The dangerous thing is when, like cockroaches, stealth Moonbats get into our food. This stealth form of Moonbat is the ULC. ULC’s have dominated our media for the last several decades. A quick check of the internet here ( and here ( gives you a tip of the iceberg of evidence concerning the liberal spin to the main-stream media (MSM). When Dan Rather presses ahead with forged documents because he believes that John Kerry should be President and not because he is armed with the facts, you begin to realize how bad the MSM-ULC infestation really is. The Associated Press has been caught twisting the news ( ). The BBC is so bad that the British Navy banned their broadcasts from ships during the invasion of Iraq. CNN has been exposed as an enabler of totalitarian regimes ( in order to keep reporters in-country. It has become impossible to tell the editorial page from the front page on papers such as the New York Times. The typical journalist in the MSM these days looks to inject his bias into the headlines and opening paragraphs/statements of every newsworthy situation. Media types once saw themselves as messengers but now they more closely resemble preachers and the sermon ain’t about God unless God sponsors Karl Marx, Islamofascism and the European Union. For decades, the American public was pouring out the cereal of information and eating the excrement and egg-cases of ULC’s unknowingly right along with it. ULC’s posing as neutral news messengers have instead been flavoring every bite of information with their own secret sauce.

Another area of infestation has been our educational system, especially our colleges and universities. If information is our food, then the process of teaching us to understand and use information is our drink. The tendency to liberal bias amongst college faculty members is highlighted by ULC’s like Ward Churchill, who teaches that we asked for what we got on 9/11 and John Daly, who said “Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." We send our children to institutions of higher learning so that they may learn not to be brainwashed. Nevertheless, indoctrination takes place even in classes where political agendas are not on the course agenda. Sometimes the indoctrinators cross the lines of legality altogether: (

The President of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni Anne D. Neal gave testimony on January 10, 2006 to a select committee of the Pennsylvania legislature. Read the posting here ( Among other things, she stated that “…surveys by Klein, Rothman, McGinnis and others documenting the politically monolithic character of the faculty have mounted, with no countervailing data of any kind. A study released in late December by Professor Dan Klein found that social science professors are overwhelmingly Democratic, that Democratic professors in those disciplines are more homogeneous in their thinking than Republicans; and that Republican scholars are more likely to work outside the academy than their Democratic counterparts. On the question of political affiliation, the survey showed an immense imbalance in the breakdown of Democrats to Republicans ranging from 21.1:1 among anthropologists; 9:1:1 among political and legal philosophers; 8.5:1 amongst historians; and 5.6 to 1 amongst political scientists. A 2005 study by Stanley Rothman, S. Robert Lichter, and Neil Nevitte, Politics and Professional Advancement Among College Faculty, found that 72 percent of those teaching at American universities and colleges describe themselves as liberal and 15 percent conservative. According to the study, the most one-sided departments are English literature, philosophy, political science, and religious studies, where at least 80 percent of the faculty say they are liberal and no more than five percent call themselves conservative.”

While the worst ULC infestations are in our food and drink, our pots and pans are also in need of rinsing. Joe McCarthy has been almost universally vilified and yet we now know that communists DID infiltrate our government and to this day we still occasionally uncover spies in our midst: ( ( for example. ULC infiltration in the State Department has been a real problem for the Bush administration.


Cockroaches hate exposure to the light and scurry away into darkness when possible. The influx of cable and satellite TV has freed the American people from the dictatorship of the three MSM networks. This information explosion has opened the doors for the Fox News Channel, dedicated to presenting both sides of the news, to become the leading cable news outlet. Moonbats decry Fox, calling it a right-wing propaganda machine but in fact it only seems to be right-wing in comparison to the MSNBC’s and CNN’s. Once only radio talk shows reflected the general conservatism of their listening base, but now with so many choices on television the liberal monopoly has been broken and good, balanced news reporting can be found.

The groundswell of student activism against liberal bias on campuses. Students for Academic Freedom ( is a sign of a growing trend among students to fight against the ULC’s on campus. Students taking steps to ensure a balanced education is a relatively new phenomenon on campuses. Once, student activism consisted of the “sexy” radicalism of attending a communist or environmentalist rally and then going to a party. Now, some students have even videotaped their ULC professors in action and turned them in as propagandists! Warning-LA Times link may contain spin! (,1,3718216.story?track=mostemailedlink)

The best and most popular anti-ULC treatment has been the Blog. The explosion of the Blog has coincided with the growing popularity of internet access. Bloggers come from all walks of life and reflect all sorts of ideologies. Many Blogs are produced by professionals in all walks of life and these professionals will weigh in from their points of view about the issues of the day. As a result, the Blogosphere ( serves as a kind of BS filter for the information that the MSM put out. It also serves as a spotlight to find and identify ULC everywhere that they lurk.

I certainly am not advocating the total extermination of Moonbats. If we didn’t have Howard Dean and Barbara Boxer to kick around, who would we be laughing at? Moonbats provide a nice living for cool people like Ann Coulter by their very existence. As a circus needs clowns, Moonbats are a necessary aspect of American political life. We simply need to prosecute the violent ones (ELF), frustrate the immoral ones (NARAL) and especially we need to get the undercover operatives, the UCL’s, out into the open and exposed for the vermin that they are.


Joe (Livonia, MI) said...
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oriolebird38 said...

If you wouldn't, I'm sure there are those out there who would classify me as a Moonbat. But, I'd like to think I'm detached from that, and as such, will agree with you on most counts. The one thing I hate about Moonbats the most, is that they make your normal, everyday liberal pinko like me look like an irrational idiot. But of course, I could write something equally long and damning about the Facist pigs that befoul my TV on at channel 24 each and every day (you might know this as FOX News).

oriolebird38 said...

oh, and that deleted comment belonged to me too...

REkz said...

Radar, your comments unfortunately are both offensive and inaccurate.

Once again, it's too small of a discussion to see things as "my team" vs "your team".
What if all of humanity is on the same team, and we have to learn from eachother -- or we will kill ourselves?

I hope you realize that Thomas Jefferson was one of the left-wingers that helped make this country have checks and balances! Without his help, we might have had a king at the start of this country. In fact, all of the founding fathers were challenging the status quo for the sake of more freedom and liberty for Americans and were considered 'radicals' of their time.

Also, since 'lefties' and unions helped make 8 hour days and weekends, are you going to work 14 hours and take no weekends? What about women's rights? What groups fought for women to get a vote?

Since name-calling seems helpful for you to frame & dehumanize your opposition, why don't you give your own group a perjorative nickname?
For instance, I feel that conservative and liberal are poorly chosen words to frame the discussion.
How about "whites should rule" for conservative and "share and care" for liberal?
Or maybe "winner take all" for conservative and "balance" for liberal?
Or "dreamers of a return to an idealized monoracial past" for conservative and "dreamers of a multiracial utopia" for liberal?

What are conservatives trying to conserve? Racial oppression? Women's oppression? Slavery?

What are liberals trying to liberate? Cashflow? Drugs? Wanton sex?

I believe that with every human ethnicity that is genocided, every plant fila that goes extinct, every animal group that goes extinct -- we lose on our future potential. So all is to be preserved and embraced for it's variety, and somehow we will see our planet blossom as a flower of life for the galaxy and perhaps the universe.


radar said...

Oriole you do, indeed, rock! There is a difference between a normal liberal and a Moonbat.

Rekz, people who style themselves as teachers and then say that we deserved and asked for 9/11, it was our "chickens coming home to roost" as Ward Churchill put it, they deserve to be called names. When a teacher says “Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors" then we are not talking about a difference in philosophy. Are you suggesting John Ward and Ward Churchill are the kinds of people you want teaching young people?? Guys like that are anarchists, anti-Americans who I do not want teaching my kids. Hey, I don't want Pat Robertson teaching them, either! Education, not indoctrination!

Extremes on both sides can be dangerous. BTW, only an extreme lefty would think that I am an extreme righty. I am very mainstream. That is why George Bush is President and Congress is Republican because despite the liberal press the average American is way closer to Ronald Reagan than he is to Hilary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

It's unfair to say that Clinton never worked for a living. Clinton and Reagan are the only presidents for a long time who weren't born into wealth. Clinton bettered himself the hard way. Certainly harder than, for example, Bush Jr.

radar said...

Name a job Clinton ever held that wasn't an elected office? Unlike Bush, who did work for a living before entering into politics.