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Thursday, January 26, 2006

More than Ayn Rand

Yes, I read Ayn Rand as a grade-schooler! (Then again, I read the whole "Lad: A Dog" series back then, too). So when I saw that there was a blog named "Atlas Shrugs" I had to check it out. It turns out that the blog is produced by a remarkably intelligent and gorgeous woman named Pamela who is also good people. She was kind enough to give me some advice recently concerning my blog, which I am going to follow.

Oh yeah, she is also apparently Jewish and thus eligible for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards in the new blog category.

You will want to go see her take on the possibility of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction being taken to Syria.

We had photos and we had intel that pointed us to this very real possibility months ago but MSM isn't interested in anything that shoots down the "Bush is a liar" myth. Now here comes the story I have been waiting to see but if it were not for the blogosphere and FoxNews it might have been stifled. Ah, the days of Walter Cronkite deciding what is news, those days are gone!

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