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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

She said Venezuela's foreign ministry sponsored her visit.

US anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan hails Venezuela's Chavez begins the Yahoo News Article that reveals once and for all where Cindy Sheehan is coming from. She is an anti-American communist standing up for an autocrat whose human rights record is not pretty.

Notice the last line of the article? I wonder who will seek out her services next? Cuba? Iran?


oriolebird38 said...

I will be honest, I like some of the things Hugo Chavez is done. Of course, I also disprove of a fair share of his methods, and he certainly has more than his fair share of rights violations. But I'd much rather comment on Cindy Sheehan, and how she should go die already. I don't even think she's speaking independently anymore. I think the extreme left is just feeding her BS to say and do.

REkz said...

Radar, I appreciate that you are trying to be altruistic and 'all-American'. But name calling is pointless. Are you calling Cindy Sheehan a communist b/c she wants a violent overthrow of the US govt? Do you really think that? C'mon!!!

I think she's upset at the blatant scandals G.Bush Jr has been a part of, including the war on Iraq w/no evidence of them attacking USA, which resulted in her son's death.

On my BLOG I supported Chavez, not b/c he's 'anti-American' but b/c he's pro-human. If you listen to his words you'll hear he's not anti-American, he's pro-people and wants to help the lower classes. The only anti-American statements I've heard from him are in response to calls for his assassination by Pat Robertson (and apparent attempts against his life).

When it comes to reality, it's not a sports game where it's America vs Venezuela. It's humanity as a whole, and either one group is greedy and others go without, or everyone shares.

Perhaps if you could look at the world from a Venezuelan person's eyes and see how the USA is more like an over-fed pig while much of S.America is starving.

America needs the help to lessen consumption here, and Americans will feel better about ourselves if we can help the entire world ... by sharing abundance of knowledge, resources, capital, and freedoms. **And I don't believe this can be achieved thru violence. **

I'm not anti-American, by the way, I'm a patriot. I have my undergrad in US History from UCSD, and I strongly believe in the values and ideas that inspired the Constitution & Declaration of Independence.

And it's important to realize that patriotism REQUIRES questioning leadership, not blindly accepting a fear-based politics b/c a leader says it is the truth and never offers real evidence. (Bush has provided a lot of evidence that was faked or inaccurate, though.)

This country was founded on a principle of challenging corrupt leadership in favor of individual rights, rather than oppression for a false sense of security.

radar said...

Chavez appears to be slowly cranking down the rights of those who oppose him and becomes more and more anti-American. He's no Castro, I admit, and I am more concerned about where he is headed than where he is.

I truly am not calling names, I do believe that Sheehan is a communist and that her primary focus is to overthrow the government. I definitely question her motives.

The US sharing with the world?! We send billions of dollars in foreign aid to virtually every other country on this planet. Our charitable giving is greater than any other country. We are properous because we are free to become prosperous and encouraged to be educated so that we have the tools to succeed.

Question authority? Go for it! But to parrot the charges that Bush is a crook or a liar? C'mon, the left says that all the time but when they are asked to put up or shut up they do neither and talk about something else. Go ahead and give me examples of lies and oppression and then we will talk.