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Friday, April 14, 2006

ACLU, Immigrants and Moonbats

I am foreswearing science posts for one more day. I intend to post on science tomorrow and also do an Easter post for Sunday. First, a few links for your perusal today:

Moonbat sightings and open postings

ACLU To Ask Court To Void Anti-Terror Oaths

Gee, why would an American institution be afraid to agree not to promote or be a part of terrorist activity? Hmmmm? One more reason that the ACLU didn't like the monitoring of conversations with terrorists may be that they expect to be part of such calls?

Moonbat Teacher Leads Students To Destroy Pro-Life Display

For Moonbats, freedom of speech only applies to the speech agreeable to you! This is higher education??? Has anyone noticed the number of liberal moonbat incidents involving teachers this year? How about education instead of indoctrination?

Christians Win Free Speech Victory Against ACLU In New York

Fortunately, actual freedom of speech is still a part of our law and heritage, despite the efforts of the ACLU to narrow the definition of same. Here the ACLU-sers are thwarted in a typical anti-God and anti-freedom attempt to impose their political agenda on the rest of us.


Good Friday Reflection from a Soldier

Timely news: Jim has a new blog concerning Eschatology. Check it out, even if you don't know what the word means...

To my Jewish friends, a blessed Passover


Mark has posted the announcement for the Carnival of Moonbat Cartoonists!

By the way, the Good Friday Freedom Post is open today.

Unless you prefer Stuck On Stupid...

Last but not least, this one includes some really funny stuff! Don't miss Dognooz!

Now for this word from our sponsors...

Kindly read yesterday's post, Illegal Immigrants? Take the Buffalo approach! Please leave your honest feedback. Thank you and Happy Good Friday!

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