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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Comes the day - a poem

Comes the day

so soft a night
as butter to be torn away
from lips poised for dream's
with saws-edge working
comes the day

Though you and I
be joined together before the moon
in soul and substance
giving way
There holds no bond between us
before that bright blade

Kimbal Ross all rights reserved


creeper said...

Very nice, Radar. If this is meant to be sung rather than read, would "saws-edge" come out sounding like "sausage"?

Jeffahn said...

It doesn't rhyme.

What's the time?


Look, what have done for me?

Anonymous said...

: )

-Dan S.

creeper said...

Knights gain vast rise
Before your own demise.

(poetic interlude using the first letters of the word "kgvrbyod")

radar said...

These weren't song lyrics...

This was from remembering the old pre-Christian days. The meaningless casual sex I once sought and the attendant emptiness within.

Yeah, I think you would have to be careful not to sing saws-edge and have it come out sausage!