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Monday, June 12, 2006

Glen's Story

Christian ThinkTank?

An Oxymoron?!!

"Strangely enough, I have found that when people learn that I am a Christian, I automatically get "docked" about 30 points of IQ! I can just see their minds squirming to say this.

Now, to be honest, I am not sure I fault them for this...I think it MIGHT be a general cultural stereotype or something. I remember thinking the same basic thing, even as I became a Christian back in college...

(visualize, if you will...a fuzzy flashback scene inserted here:

It was a chilly night, in more ways than one...that Wed. before Thanksgiving break. I was at the end of the most torturous date of my life. It was a double date, me the driver, and my skeptical buddy in the back. Everything had been abysmal. We picked our dates up later than usual for the fraternity party, for they were attending a Christian meeting of some type BEFORE the party (some famous traveling Christian 'intellectual' or sub-species thereof was speaking on the factuality of the resurrection or something). They were beaming with that 'glow' that I had already (even as a College Junior) learned to associate with fanaticism...I quickly lowered my expectations for how 'wild' a time I would have that night.

But I was a sensitive, non-combative type of fella, and anticipating that my sweet date (she really was a sweet-spirited and warm-hearted individual) would be 'high on Jesus' (and perhaps vocal about it), I asked my aggressively skeptical close-friend to kindly AVOID the subject of the interests of diplomacy. He agreed and promised not to pick a fight with them about the faith.

How fickle the fortunes of the fumbling! Upon picking the ladies up at the meeting, I politely asked my date in the front the distancing and closed-ended question 'was your meeting good' hoping to get a mild, low-volume 'fine' and maybe a few more non-incendiary syllables from her. But no...she was 'on fire'...she talked about the speaker and the empty tomb and the converted skeptic and on...and on. And eventually (sorta like 120 seconds in) my diplomatic friend in the back piped up "Did I hear someone mention the name Jesus Christ?"...and the subtle, but sardonic fireworks began between the other three people in the car...

Me? I began shrinking into that black hole of despair and resigned quietness I had learned as a defense technique, carefully designed and built to keep a world clamoring for my responsibility, conviction, and arms length...."

Read the rest of the story here....

Glen Miller is the owner and proprietor of A Christian Think Tank, which I would describe as an intellectually tasty blog concerning the philosophy of Christianity. But that description doesn't do it justice. Go have a look-see.

I wonder how to prove it, but it often seems that the people who come later to Christianity tend to take it more seriously as a philosophy, as an ethical foundation, as a guide to lifestyle, etc, than those who have considered themselves Christians since childhood.

In any event, I am heading off to a conference for a couple of days and will be likely to blog lightly during that time. I am curious about the comments this post will receive. What do you Christians, and what do you non-Christians, think about Glen's story?


The Religion and Politics in American Life Survey

Kindly take Erin's survey and help her with her project. I will be getting results from Erin later on, and with her permission, will post the results on this blog. Could be very interesting stuff........


One of our regulars, Creeper, asked me to go back and get specific with the odds against evolution and I declined to go there at that time. But beginning this week and continuing into next, I intend to address two issues: Odds against Evolution, and Dating Methods. I should be able to start on this by the end of the week.

For the next couple of days, I will be at the ITEC convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. If by some strange chance you are coming by, on Wednesday I will be at the eSoft booth and would be pleased to shake your hand.


Jeffahn said...


Glad to see you'll be addressing Dating Methods. Personally I like to go cheap: "Oh look! There's a KFC right across the street. And they're giving a away a free 1.5litre Pepsi with the MegaBucket!" Greasy food always seems to help lubricate things a bit aswell.

highboy said...

"Greasy food always seems to help lubricate things a bit aswell."

As the current head cook of one of the busiest KFC's in the country, I can only agree. And it tastes awesome. However, I don't know much about the KFC you frequent but our's isn't cheap.

radar said...

KFC??? Wow, off subject or what?

But KFC thighs are better than manna!!!

Middle_America said...

I found the Glen's story interesting. I also took the survey. I look forward to the results.

I also had initial issues with the idea of hanging your brain before entering the church. However, if you really look at the data, there is no going back.

highboy said...

Sorry, Radar, I get all fired up about KFC.

Glen's story is one of many that get glossed over. The beautiful thing about it is, no one can deny it.

IAMB said...


Only one thought on that: I only wish YUM! was as tough on their restaurants as they are on the processing companies that make the stuff you use.

highboy said...

Don't be dissing KFC. That's too much.

IAMB said...

Hey, I diss just about any restaurant when it comes to sanitation issues. I have a tough time going into fast food joints without ticking off violations instead of concentrating on the meal. Just can't help it, since my job is writing sanitation guidelines and procedures. I don't like to take work home, but some stuff is just to blatant to ignore.

The knock here isn't so much against the restaurants themselves, but against the corporations that own them... since they seem to hold the processors to far higher standards than the restaurants. Believe me, KFC isn't anywhere near the top of the list where my gripes are concerned... not by a longshot. Taco Bell, another YUM! franchise, is generally far more disgusting from a kitchen policy adherance standpoint. Pizza Hut isn't so hot either, while we're staying within the same conglomerate.

And then there's Denny's: toughest audits on their suppliers, next to YUM!, but often the dirtiest restaurants.

Anyway, no disrespect to your job or your company meant. I know how it is, having managed a Burger King for a couple years a long while back.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Glenn Miller is excellent. Many times his studies will wear you down with how detailed he is, but he seldom leaves a stone unturned. His manner of presentation is very gentle, which can be helpful for the non-believer.

Jake said...

Having walked out of my house to the rancid-oil-god-knows-how-old-chicken smell of a KFC half a block away every morning of my life from ages 7 months to 17 years, I have two things to say:

1) I have eaten there exactly twice in my life, both times out of desperation.

2) I still can't walk through the door of a KFC without gagging.