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Friday, June 09, 2006

San Francisco - greatness gone

I defer to Oriolebird, who came up with the idea of Coulter versus Clinton first, and I had forgotten. He gets the credit.

Yes, there are much hotter conservative women than Ann Coulter. Michelle Malkin, Pam of Atlas Shrugs, Laura Ingram, I could go on. I suppose I have to agree that Jessica Alba is hotter than all of them. But to really enjoy a woman's company you need to enjoy the woman as a companion, not just as a, well, you know the rest. I have no idea if Jessica Alba is smart or a total idiot. Michelle Malkin? I know that girl is interesting.

The right woman keeps your motor running but she is also your best friend. She is someone you want to talk to and hang around with. She is capable of impressing you, she isn't a doormat but she expects you to be a man. She is someone you respect and someone who respects you. One reason I am a success is because, no matter how the money situation is going, I found the right woman and I married her. It's better than big money. Real success is more about what is going on inside of you, anyway, isn't it? I have big love inside of me, for my wife, and it makes life go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-od! Yeah, man!


But I wanted to talk about San Francisco. I loved the place, once. I think it is a beautiful city. The cable cars are just right. The bay is gorgeous, as is the bridge. Sausalito is kind of a funky little place. There are, or were, dozens of terrific restaurants. I once considered it a place for true romance. Here is where I would take a girlfriend if I was really interested in her (keep in mind I once lived in the general area). As a very young man, I actually skipped from pier one to pier forty-nine with my girlfriend and another couple! Because we were young and dumb, that's why!

I loved Golden Gate Park. I kept thinking maybe I would run into Richard Brautigan. Back in my days of eating acid like candy I glommed on "In Watermelon Sugar" and "Trout Fishing In America" and thought he was way cool. Oh yeah, and somewhere around Ghiradelli Square The Human Jukebox used to hang out. Almost forgot about that guy. Talk about the ultimate panhandler!

There are stories about the place that are still warm in my memories that I really shouldn't talk about, stories of fast friends and illegal drugs and sweet women and attempts at gourmet cooking gone wrong, of hitch-hiking adventures and brushes with the law that all center around or pass through The City. I kissed my first true love there. I saw my first World Series game there. Once, wearing the uniform after being drafted, I watched some idiot spit at my feet there. I shared that with my blog audience a long time ago. I remembered so vividly thinking that the guy who spit, he was so much like me and yet he really didn't see me, he saw the uniform. He didn't think or understand, he was indoctrinated. I had specialized training and could have hurt him, but of course such training keeps you from acting unless necessary. So I saw him and knew he didn't see me, so long ago, and that is also part of my memories of The City.

I've changed. I left behind the military, and I left behind illegal drugs and I left behind chasing women. I found a strong foundation with the God of the Bible and have become a staunch Christian. Change can be good.

San Francisco has changed, too. Once The City was bohemian, and cutting edge, the epitome of The Good Life. You thought of The City and pictured having a steak at the Top of the Mark with an attractive woman while listening to Tony Bennett crooning in the background. You imagined taking in the sights, traveling by cable car, maybe having an Abalone steak or some other catch right from the ocean for dinner.

Now you think of garish, painted protesters spouting communist slogans. Go check out the images at Zombie Time if you doubt it. In the Castro street area you might see anti-heterosexuals mocking and threatening "straight" people, calling them "breeders". Yes, now San Francisco is openly anti-Christian. Yes, now San Francisco wants to ban the military. Their mayor performed illegal and invalid "Gay marriages" for the benefit of the national news media. And, yes, even the 49'ers stink now.

Here Harvey Milk is a hero and The U. S. Army is the enemy. Here where there was once Willie Mays, we now have Barry Bonds. Joe Montana is gone. Grown men wearing cocktail dresses are what's left. Only in San Francisco is there a Hooker's Ball and instead of a police roundup, we get political hacks attending the party.

The City I knew, it is gone. What's left is part Amsterdam, part Liberace with a touch of Karl Marx. Gone.


highboy said...

Those in my division were specifically warned about San Francisco. I'm not talking about the 'Nam era, I'm only 24. I'm talking about present day. San Franciscans have no respect for the military, and they don't care who knows it.

oriolebird38 said...

San Francisco became a hell hole the second the Giants moved there.

Thanks for giving me due credit on the catfight idea. Now if only I could actually get that off the ground. Can anyone say PPV revenue?

radar said...