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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Let's be real about the United Nations - UN-able or UN-willing to function effectively

Organizationally, the United Nations is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. In addressing the Lebanon situation, Kofi "line my pockets" Annan didn't even mention the word, "Hezbollah"...not once! The UN had troops in the region for 20 years or so and haven't done a thing to keep or kick Hezbollah out. Unifil has been about as useful as landfill as Big Lizards points out.

The Belmont Club posts:

"The Security Council calls for an end to the war and authorizes 15,000 U.N. peacekeepers to help Lebanese troops take control of south Lebanon as Israel withdraws.

Secretary Rice to Wolf Blitzer on the International Force: "it has a mandate that will allow it to defend itself and to defend that mandate. But it's never been the expectation that this force is going to disarm Hezbollah. That will have to be done by the Lebanese."

A Haaretz op-ed sarcastically asks, "after all, why did we embark on the war, if not to ensure that French soldiers will protect Israel from the Hezbollah rocket battery.""

Uhm, right. Michelle Malkin puts in her two cents and includes a picture of the UNIFIL and Hezbollah flags flying side-by-side. You should go take a look.

So what good is the UN again, can you remind me? I am having trouble remembering...


Amy Proctor said...

One of the few things the U.N. has ever done right was to give Israel back to the Jews in 1948, and that was because Israel was British owned and the Brits thought the area, because of the wild Palestinians, would be too much trouble to manage, so they gave the territory to the U.N. to divide between the Jews and Palestinians.

The U.N. is a total failure. I remember seeing a segment over a year ago in which U.N. workers in Africa raped very, very little girls in an area they were supposed to be offering humanitarian aid. The girls went with the news reporter to the scene of the rape and were visibly shaken. She was 7. I remember crying at that report. That one little girl in particular epitomizes what the U.N. has done to the world.

loboinok said...

So what good is the UN again, can you remind me?