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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pictures from the UP!!!

Near the border of Wisconsin and the shores of Lake Superior there are mountains and waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and we had to do some exploring!

Nathan was leading the way downriver from one of the falls as we traveled downstream. I am pointing out a rock formation to Amanda in one of the pictures.

"Tahquamenon River

The Tahquamenon River is a 94-mile (150-km) river in the U.S. state of Michigan that flows in a generally eastward direction through the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula (U.P.). It drains approximately 820 square miles (2,050 km²) of the U.P., including large sections of Luce County and Chippewa County. It in rises in the Tahquamenon Lakes in northeast Columbus Township of Luce County and empties into Lake Superior near the village of Paradise. Michigan State Highway 123 runs alongside a portion of the river.

Tahquamenon Falls

The river is best known for the Tahquamenon Falls, a succession of two waterfalls in Tahquamenon Falls State Park totalling approximately 73 feet (22 meters) in height. Because the headwaters of the river are located in a boreal wetland that is rich in cedar, spruce and hemlock trees, the river's waters carry a significant amount of tannin in solution, and are often brown or golden-brown in color. The Tahquamenon Falls are thus acclaimed as being the largest naturally dyed or colored waterfall in the United States. The state park preserves the falls area and some 24 miles (39 km) of the river.


In Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's once-famous poem, The Song of Hiawatha (1855), the hero learned how to paddle a birchbark canoe in the Tahquamenon. The river is often used for canoeing to this day."


scohen said...

Man that makes me want to get in my boat and hit the whitewater.

You're lucky no one fell in, playing around whitewater like that is incredibly dangerous. That picture of your son jumping to a rock in the river gives me chills.

Very interesting coloration though. I've never seen such dark whitewater.


IAMB said...

Just don't let the Irish see that river... they might mistake it for Guiness and start bottling it. ;-D

Welcome back, by the way. Looks like a good vacation. I'm with Scohen and the whitewater thing.

radar said...

scohen - we were downriver from the big waters when taking those pictures so it wasn't remarkably dangerous...a bit though, yeah. We all swim like fish, though, so we are comfy around the water.