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Friday, August 25, 2006

Victory Against Terror

Hawkeye has a new website called Victory Against Terror!

If you are glad that our country is fighting back against terrorists and are not one of the appeasement at all costs crowd, you will enjoy looking in on VAT.

My son, Robert, returned unscathed from Afghanistan this year. I was grateful that he was home safe and proud that he had served his country and helped keep us safe. I love him fiercely yet I understood why he was willing to risk his life and was in agreement with his decision. This is an all-volunteer military and as such it is far more professional than the military of my day. It is also a military in which all members knew what they were potentially signing on for.

One of my "second sons", Charles, recently returned from Iraq and is now in California, preparing to marry his sweetheart. Chuck is a great guy and I love him and am proud of him much as if he was a biological son.

Another "second son", Cecil, has gone off to serve in Iraq and is there right now. Robert is a sergeant with some command responsibilities. Charles, as a specialist, could concentrate on just doing his job (which is a lot). But Cecil is an officer, and the enemy looks to take out officers when possible. I can only pray for his safety. I love Cecil and know what a fine young man he is.

I believe that Rob and Chuck and Cecil have a lot to give as they grow as men, start families and pursue their careers. It would be tragic were one of them to lose his life. Yet were there no Robs or Chucks or Cecils willing and able to defend us, there would be no us.

All three of these young men (and I believe they are representative of the vast majority of our military) put country and duty above personal safety and comfort. They serve so that we may go on with our lives in peace and safety here at home.

Victory Against Terror is a site that not only goes over the victories against the enemy but will also spotlight the troops that serve overseas. I am looking forward to reading the blog on a regular basis. It reminds me of what is really at stake, who is standing in the gap and why it is being done.


Amy Proctor said...

It would be tragic were one of them to lose his life. Yet were there no Robs or Chucks or Cecils willing and able to defend us, there would be no us.

This may be the biggest reason why everyone should be united behind the military effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. If there aren't guys like you mentioned, and my husband and our friends, who are willing to risk themselves to secure the future for our children, we are sitting ducks. This war on terror, as evidenced by the many pre-9/11 attacks on America and Americans around the world, is not like Vietnam. If we pull out, it won't just destroy the Middle East or Iraqis, our enemy won't leave us alone like the Vietcong, they will continue to relentlessly come after us until we're all dead.

Thank God for soldiers who are willing to do what 98% of the population isn't.

cranky old fart said...

I really wish folks would learn to distinguish between the military and the civilian leadership. EVERYONE supports the soldiers.

Linking support for our soldiers to unquestioning support for the policies of the civilian leadership is another thing altogether. And very, very dangerous.

radar said...

Amy, yep! Although if you counted up those who do, those who have, and the family members thereof I am sure it would be closer to 50%.

Cranky, the President is the Commander in Chief. He is a veteran so he and the military go nicely together. Still, one can support the troops and not support the policies. Too bad so many (like Code Pink) disrespect the troops because of the policy. Too many like that hanging around....

creeper said...

Veteran to me tends to connotate having actually fought in a war, but you can employ that term somewhat more loosely, why not.

cranky old fart said...

"Still, one can support the troops and not support the policies"

Thank you. One hears that FAR too little.

Amy Proctor said...

Cranky, I wish the same for YOU. To criticize how the war is going IS to criticize the soldiers. It is the soldiers who are living the war, it is the commanders who are directing the war, and it is the President who follows the advice of these military commanders. They are active duty soldiers. Pres. Bush isn't on the ground making the decisions and fighting the war. While there have been some mistakes made at the Pentagon level, they haven't ruined the war effort and to say this is a mistake, a quagmire and everthing else is a direct criticism of the rank and file soldier out there saving your ass. Trust me, this is not Vietnam in which a withdrawal will result only in the massacre of S. Vietnamese and an enemy that leaves us alone... this will result in an enemy who will continue to pursue us anyway. We need to be in Iraq and don't believe all the doomsday crap you hear coming from every corner. We still have friends serving in Iraq and we're well informed... this is a WAR and wars are rarely like Israel's 6 Day War. It is complicated by Iran, but this is why we need to be fortified against our Islamofascist enemy and not against our commander in chief.

cranky old fart said...


"To criticize how the war is going IS to criticize the soldiers"

How does this hook up with Radar's comment; "Still, one can support the troops and not support the policies"?

Or do you two disagree on this point?

radar said...

To criticize the war effort is not the same as criticizing the policy. Saying we are losing the war effort, or don't have the ability to win is being anti-troop. Calling them terrorists and murderers (Like a Kerry or a Murtha) is being anti-troop. Criticizing the administration for being in Iraq in the first place is not anti-troop.

cranky old fart said...

Ah, but once the troops engaged in carrying out the bad policy, mum's the word?