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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why don't I take a potshot or two at the ACLU before I go?

The world waits with bated breath to see if the ACLU will take up this particular gauntlet:

Ohio Man Claims Right To Have Sex With Boys
by Glib Fortuna on 08-03-06 @ 8:17 am Filed under ACLU, Illegal Activities, Child Exploitation, News

This is just sick enough for the ACLU.

A suburban Cleveland man accused of sexually assaulting nine disabled boys told a judge Wednesday that his apartment was a religious sanctuary where smoking marijuana and having sex with children are sacred rituals protected by civil rights laws.

The admitted pedophile offered a surprising defense Wednesday to 74 charges of rape, drugs and pandering obscenity to minors.

Appearing in an Ohio court for a pretrial hearing, Phillip Distasio, 34, of Rocky River, Ohio, said he was a pedophile.

He told the judge, “I’m a pedophile. I’ve been a pedophile for 20 years. The only reason I’m charged with rape is that no one believes a child can consent to sex. The role of my ministry is to get these cases out of the courtrooms.”

Since the ACLU has “fought” for NAMBLA, for thrice-convicted child rapists to prowl parks and live within a stone’s throw from day care centers, for young girls to have an abortion without parental notice and have had its leadership on record as supporting the distribution of child pornography and dropping the age of consent to 12, what would be inconsistent here?

I mean, come on, this guy claims its a “right” to rape little boys…it must be a “right!” (not!)

Not only that, there’s Free Exercise angle here. The ACLU can put this right up top on their “defense of religious liberties” page!

It’s got all the elements the ACLU holds dear, so what’s to hold them back?

AJ Strata:

Face it folks. This is a product of our modern society. We need to think hard and long about how we got here and how to step back from the brink.

Wasn't that fun? Well, good old Radar and wife and two of the kids are heading up for the Great White North this weekend. Hoping to catch fish that are heavier than flour bags and longer than yardsticks but will settle for a few choice smallmouth bass for breakfasts!

The woman in the picture is not a relative, just a jpg captured from the internet. You can be sure if we catch anything that big that the camera will be working and it will be posted right here! We'll be back on Tuesday. We know there are bears and wolves where we are going but not entirely sure about internet access. So if I don't see you all until then, be blessed and be safe!

Actually, Stop The ACLU has been working overtime recently. Here is another link to check out.

In fact, just go there and see what is up....


chaos_engineer said...

Um. Well, I'm glad you understand that the ACLU defends religious liberties. (A lot of people have this weird idea that the ACLU wants to eradicate religion.)

But I don't see them taking this case. You can't use your religion as an excuse to violate someone else's rights, and forcing someone to have sex against their will is about a million times worse than forcing them to pray against their will. (And we all know where the ACLU stands on enforced prayer!)

The NAMBLA case is kind of interesting. We want to protect free speech, but on the other hand we want to prohibit people from conspiring to commit crimes. There are different ways to balance this. (Canada and Europe take a very conservative position on free speech...for example, racist speech is generally illegal.)

The ACLU puts a heavier emphasis on free speech than most people do. Sometimes I think they go a little too far, but really it's a judgement call and people of good will can disagree with me. (On the other hand, I like the idea having NAMBLA members meeting in a public space so everyone can know who they are.)

Anyway, back to the criminal case: The good news is that the guy has apparently confessed in order to use his flawed defense. So it's pretty much guaranteed that we'll get a conviction.

Face it folks. This is a product of our modern society.

I've gotta disagree here. Things used to be a lot worse.

Look at some of the horror stories that have come out of Catholic orphanages. And it wasn't just one random lunatic behind them; there was a whole sub-organization dedicated to commiting these crimes and covering them up.

I think the only thing that's really changed is that we're talking about these crimes now.

In the past, children still got molested, but the alleged perpetrators would either get away with it (if they were rich and powerful) or they'd "disappear" with a little help from their neighbors.

I guess that's one way of doing things, but I like having trials with evidence and stuff.

The people at mean well, but they get carried away sometimes and they get their facts mixed up. I'll put in a plug for the ACLU pages at , just to provide some balance.

Hope you catch lots of fish!!!

highboy said...

Do we have a right to have sex with fish?

creeper said...

Sheesh, the way this post is written, you'd almost think the case had something to do with the ACLU.

Hawkeye® said...

Enjoy your trip.

(:D) Regards...

Amy Proctor said...

Hope your trip was relaxing for you and your family. The ACLU is sick. Bunch of gay communists....

highboy said...

'Sheesh, the way this post is written, you'd almost think the case had something to do with the ACLU"

Its pretty clear to those with basic reading comprehension that the author of this post is predicting ACLU involvement, based on history.

creeper said...


We've already corrected some of the misconceptions (especially your own) about the ACLU on this site. The author of the post suffers from similar misconceptions, and is straining to construe some connection between this case and the ACLU.

I wonder if someone signed on under Amy's name and posted that comment above. It sure reads like a parody.

scohen said...

"I wonder if someone signed on under Amy's name and posted that comment above. It sure reads like a parody."

Creeper, have you ever read her blog? The thing always teeters dangerously close to self-parody.

P.S. Someone do something about that disgusting post above this one. I feel like I need to spray this post with Lysol. Ugh.

radar said...

I do erase disgusting posts!