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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Now for something completely different!

For those of you who weary of political and scientific and even philosophical exchanges, my alternate blog might be for you...


On this blog, the subject is sports like Baseball, Basketball and Football and often from the viewpoint of one who dabbles in managing fantasy sports teams. No politics. No evolution versus creation stuff. No rants against the ACLU. Sports 24x7. Check it out if you are a sports fan at all, tell me what you think!


highboy said...

I was looking at your fantasy football matchup this week. You should be able to pull out a win. As long as the Eagles play well, I should have my next victory.

highboy said...

That last win by the Bears was just ridiculous. By the way, what did you think of those Eagle DB's now?

radar said...

The Eagles DB's held up rather nicely, largely because the front seven guys made it hard on Bledsoe. Nice job by the Eagles and Donovan McNabb!

highboy said...

A good week for football. 3 reasons:

1. Eagles won.
2. T.O. was mad, and has now started ripping the Cowboys apart.
3. Most importanly, the Steelers lost...again.

I didn't win my fantasy game. I lost by only a couple of points from what I can see. Jamal Lewis was my last player, and I had Mike Anderson benched. Seems to me I might have gotten those last 16 points I needed had I did it the other way around. What's going wrong with your team every week? I've looked at your roster, and can't figure out why you haven't come out on top.