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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Global Warming is a swindle, a farce, a ridiculous assertion made by the more nefarious of politicians in an attempt to sway the ignorant. This program puts Al Gore and his tree-hugging ilk in their deserved place of ridicule. No, ridicule is far too mild a word. For, if Gore has any measure of the intelligence he claims to possess, then he knows that what he is promoting is untrue. This makes him and his cohorts very close to criminal in that they are contributing to the deaths of so many people around the globe. First, watch the video!

Watch and see

The temperature of the earth is cyclical and the cycles are primarily relative to the cloud cover, which is dependent upon the amount of Cosmic radiation, which is changed by the amount of Solar Wind being produced by the Sun. Big surprise, the Sun is responsible, in the end, for both global cooling and global warming.

CO2 is a very small part of greenhouse gases. CO2 is produced primarily by oceans, and volcanoes, and animals, and rotting vegetation, not people. Furthermore, ice core samples show us that CO2 rises after temperatures rise. Yes, greenhouse gases do not produce Global Warming but rather GW produce rises in greenhouse gas levels because the ocean gets warmer and then produces more CO2 during those times when the Earth cycles towards warmer temperatures. Al Gore's famous ice cores actually show that CO2 lags behind rises and dips in the temperature of the earth, often by about 800 years!!!!

Actually, Gore and the Globals are doing a huge disservice to humanity. The farce of Global Warming serves to kill off millions of black African citizens (and other victims of other races in undeveloped countries elsewhere) each year as they must struggle against the GW Nazi Machine in an effort to join the modern world. Third World countries need to use their coal and oil reserves to join industrial society, their rare earths and gems must be mined to provide more wealth. Otherwise, one third of mankind will continue to live without electricity and fall prey to unnecessary diseases and short-and-hard lives.

I believe that anti-capitalists and anti-Americans and pro-communists have joined in with the radical tree huggers who believe that the life of a mosquito is more important than the life of a human to promote this lie-wrapped-in-pseudo-scientific-language known as Global Warming.

Thanks to Hawkeye for pointing this out and the BBC for producing a program well worth watching. Thanks to the director for bringing it to youtube. Hurry and watch it before it gets yanked off of the internet.

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