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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blessed Easter to all!

I'll not argue with anyone today. Let tomorrow be a time for that, but today I am simply grateful for a God who made me and made a way for me to choose to live with Him forever.

For all of you who read this post, if you are Christians I say, "He is risen!"

For all who are hope is not that you become a Christian in order to change your vote or your lifestyle or your scientific point of view. I do hope you do come to know Jesus some time in your life, for I believe deeply that He is "the Way" to eternal life and a relationship with the very God who created the Universe and all that is in it. Jesus tends to change from the inside out but it isn't about that. It is about your life.

If you were a believer in Christ and a Christian, like myself, I would hope that you would care enough about others to tell them about your faith. You would not let fear stop you, nor criticism, nor political correctness. If you knew that you knew that you knew that you had a cure for cancer, wouldn't you get it to the pharmaceutical laboratories so they could begin producing it and save lives? If you knew how to get crops to grow at twice their rate and size, wouldn't you try to get that knowledge to experts in husbandry in order to help put an end to hunger in the world? I would hope that you would!

You know the story, witnessed and historically documented in such a way that Jewish Law would have to consider it to be a true account. Jesus lived a sinless life, died a sinner's death, thereby having the right to suffer in your place and mine and take our penalty. He then rose from the dead as the First of all those born of woman to have eternal life. He was God becoming man to bring man to God forever. He simply seeks for those who will believe, repent, and become one of God's children by asking the Lord to come into their hearts as Savior.

It's not a ritual, it is a decision.

It's not a religion, it is a relationship.

Those of us who know Him reply, "He is risen indeed!"


Anonymous said...

For today we put our differences aside - happy Easter to you and yours, Radar.

-- creeper

Lava said...

Happy Easter to you and everyone else Radar.

loboinok said...

Happy Easter everyone!

Lava said...

Sorry to tread on you easter thread, but I will continue our conversation here.

Also, by trying to penalize those who speak against homosexuality by passing vague laws who, if applied in certain ways, could cause those of us who oppose the homosexual agenda to face jail for presenting our views! Freedom of speech is in peril, as is freedom of religion, by these pro-homosexual crusaders who are intent upon receiving a legal stamp of approval upon their sin and to criminalize those who disagree.

The scenario you present(a scenario I would consider outlandish) is clearly an unconstitutional version of how you think this law could be enforced. If this law is enforced in a way to pre-emptively arrest people based on speech and views concerning homosexuals it will be attacked and struck down quickly (your good friends at the ACLU would be all over this). I would guess nearly everyone would be against this law being enforced in the way you propose. Is this your single biggest objection to the law?

Let's try this, suppose you give me a good reason why we need such a bill?

One rational basis for this law: race/gender/religious/sexual orientation based violence and murder is worse for society then violence motivated by other reasons.

Lava said...

I did some more reading on the subject of hate crimes. You should read Wisconsin v. Mitchell, 508 U.S. 476. You can google it and read the whole decision or just read a summary of it on wiki.

The court (and I can say the court, because it was a unanimous decision) deals with some of the issues you worry about like being punished for thoughts. They also provide reasons why enhancements for "hate crimes" are rational and first amendment issues.

The federalism issues you express are interesting and I haven't really thought about that much, but I wouldn't worry about the thought police knocking on your door if this act passes.

radar said...

Lava, you don't worry about thought police banging on your door because you are in agreement with the politically correct viewpoint of the day. You and I both know the courts are skewed liberal/activist and that is one reason why I am leery of my constitutional rights. The ACLU has a history of being radically left-wing and I couldn't count on them coming to my rescue.

I am a Christian, someone who the ACLU hates and many on the left revile or barely tolerate. Many of my creed are martyred (killed for being a believing Christian). I will make a post concerning that today.

Legislation such as is being discussed has a problem because it has an agenda. The people promoting it seem to be thinking of the advance of homosexuality in culture and think this bill is a way to help accomplish their goals. I believe they would try to use it to prosecute those who, out of their own belief systems, teach that homosexuality is wrong.

Lava, you assert that I have no need to fear this. I assert I shouldn't have to fear it, since the bill has a bad motivation anyway and shouldn't be passed. Don't gloss over the Federalism issue because it is certainly germane to the discussion as well.