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Monday, January 28, 2008

Radar for President!!

Not really, but I do have a platform.

Illegal Immigration is plank one...

The Radar Plan

First, the border is to be secured by beefing up the border patrol and using modern technology to watch for intruders. Video cameras with sophisticated tracking software at the server level can do the bulk of the watching, leaving the actual enforcement to a cadre of well-trained professionals.

Second, call Mr. Fox, El Presidente of Mexico, on his hypocrisy and end any and all aid to his country until he reins in the various "police" in border areas that actually run drug and human traffic up to and even over the border.

Third, take away the advantages of being an illegal immigrant-
Fines and jail time for employers who hire illegal immigrants. Make them screen their workers.
Fines and jail time for landlords who rent to them. Make them screen their tenants.
No social services for illegal immigrants other than emergency hospital care. Deport those who require care AFTER they have been treated.
No bank accounts, ID cards or other trappings of citizenship to illegal aliens
Eliminate all sanctuary cities and end federal funds to any city that balks

Take away the lure and the fish won't rise to the hook. Put the onus on the employers and landlords who are taking advantage of the illegal population while bringing them on over. We want and need legal immigrants only.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not Entirely Dead

Guys, life takes so many turns. I stretched myself too far and endangered my health and my business and thereby also the welfare of my family. Thanks for messages received concerning my health, I am doing okay right now. In fact, I probably will even begin posting again, although I am not going to be so involved. Priorities!

God bless you for your prayers, those of you who prayed...