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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Radar Hospitalized...stubbornly refuses to croak

I have been flat on my back since Sunday evening. I had a MRSA infection. It is a medicine-resistant strain of Staph that it highly dangerous if left unchecked. I was in danger of possibly losing my leg. My doctor under-diagnosed the infection and I merrily took my meds and ignored the leg while it became swollen, blistered, red as a lobster and covered with open sores, thinking the meds would fix it. Then I got so sick I got delerious for awhile and finally realized that my wife's admonition to go to the hospital was correct. Then came multiple bags of IV antibiotics. Now I have arrived home on bedrest only because I am a good salesman and convinced the infection specialist that my wife would make a great nurse and taking the oral version of the meds now with her care and supervision would be sufficient. One of the meds costs sixty bucks a pop, can you believe it? One pill, sisty

Anyway, looks like lots of comments have been made in my absence. I am putting energy into making this post and frankly I am still pretty whipped. Got up at the crack of noon. Will be on bedrest all the rest of the week at least. May be a day or two before I take on answering the comments on the last couple of posts, kindly have mercy on me for that, trying to get healthy and right now any energy goes into doing a bit of work (I work via email and phone, primarily) to keep the roof over the head...feed the Bulldog, as they say.


Anonymous said...

Feel better, Radar.


joe said...

Man that sucks. Hope you get well.

Don't sweat the blog posts, that's the least of your worries. Get your priorities straight: health is way up there - arguing with the recalcitrant bunch of commenters on your blog... not so much.

Best to you,


Anna Lemma said...

Hi Radar

Hope you get better soon. MRSA is a nasty bug.

cranky old fart said...

How many accidents, illnesses and infections have you incurred in the past 18 months?

Are you generally unlucky, unhealthy or plagued by demons?

radar said...

"How many accidents, illnesses and infections have you incurred in the past 18 months?

Are you generally unlucky, unhealthy or plagued by demons?"

Unlucky? Somewhat, but some of what is called luck is a result of bad choices, whether by me or someone else.

Demons? Jesus Christ>demons. I John 4:4 says that, to paraphrase, God in me is greater than any demonic powers operating in the world. God isn't going to let any demons do anything to me that He doesn't want to see done.

Unhealthy. That is almost entirely my fault.

I was a workout monster who walked away from a major auto accident where an inebriated driver who was speeding, lights off, hit me right in the driver's side door and totaled my car. But I was in such good shape that I just bounced rather than being crushed and I rehabbed from my broken collarbone/shoulder within a year. The driver's side of the vehicle was crushed in to the middle of the car. Maybe it was more God preserving me and less me lifting weights? Not sure.

Anther accident left me unable to lie down for two months while broken ribs on both sides of my body had to heal. (Now I am supposed to be horizontal 24x7, har)

Pain became a companion but I just worked through it and went back to being a workout monster again and a guy who played basketball and tennis and volleyball with teens and friends.

But when I had a major back injury that caused permanent nerve damage to my right leg, coupled with knee injuries that left me temporarily unable to walk, I got to feeling sorry for myself. I ate and got fat. I didn't do everything I could to rehab. I ballooned up to maybe 370 or more pounds. Pathetic. Not proud of myself for that! Lots of things went wrong at once around that time but it was no excuse to gain 150 pounds.

Weighing so much and getting out of shape, I have had a hard time getting back into shape. I have put myself in medical danger. I've lost a good bit of weight but the nerve damage does hinder me and although I completely rehabbed from the auto accident it did leave me with a lot of daily pain.

In total I have had three major accidents, one of which was carelessness on my fault and two the fault of others. Two of them might have killed me and one left me unable to walk for awhile. I played contact sports for several years, thus putting some wear and tear on the body. I used recreational and dangerous drugs in my pre-Christ days in addition to regular drinking. I have had a very large tumor that fortunately turned out to be benign.

Maybe I have been a little unlucky and a time of self-pity and gluttonly led me to cause myself to be less healthy and now I am in a battle to win back my health and get back into shape.

On the other hand, I have a wonderful wife and family. My children and grandkids all love me. I have friends and have a job which (when I am not in bad physical distress) keeps the bulldog fed. In years past, my proclivity for playing sports and a few years of distance running as a hobby gave me some credits in the health bank. I still have a good pulse rate and lung capacity and my heart just tested out as strong and healthy. I had beaten my oldest son 3 out of 5 sets within a week's time shortly before this latest illness befell me.

Despite everything I am dealing with in terms of health at the moment I do believe I have a wonderful life.

Wow, I think that was more like a post and I am done.

GunnyG said...


Please add me to your blog roll.


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well.


Dale Hite said...

Wow. Mark (this is his "inamorata") told me about your injuries a while back, and I got to thinking about it when I was thinking about church because, iirc, he told me once that he had gone to church with you. Anywho, I just wanted to check and see how you were doing. You all are in my prayers.