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Monday, September 22, 2008

News Flash! Palin hacker an Obamite, son of Democratic politician!


"Bummer... Feds break up a party to serve University of Tennessee student David Kernell with a search warrant! A court date was set for this week.David is a self-described Obamacrat and his father Mike Kernell is a liberal Tennessee State Representative.All signs pointed to the young Obama supporter as the Palin hacker."

The headline link contains the entire article...

Two obvious conclusions: (1) It was a federal crime and absolutely a political dirty trick, no surprise considering the Obama campaign of late. (2) Yahoo has pathetically bad security.


Anonymous said...

1. The dumb kid should be prosecuted according to the law, obviously. If the penalty is even more severe because the target is under Secret Service protection, then so be it.

2. The Obama campaign is not responsible for every last dumb little thing that its supporters do; same for the McCain campaign.

3. Yahoo has very bad security, and Palin had no reason using such an inferior system when a much safer system was put at her disposal. What was she thinking?

-- creeper

Chaos Engineer said...

I wouldn't say that Yahoo has bad security...their internal security is pretty good. The problem is that they don't encourage good security practices among their users. To be more specific, they allow users to trade security for convenience.

My understanding is that the account was hacked by using the feature to reset the password based on the answer to a "secret question". The secret question is usually something like, "What's your mother's maiden name?" or "Where were you born?" It's a bad idea to enable that feature if you're a public figure and the information is readily available.

Anyway, I was already concerned that Gov. Palin got outsmarted, but I'm even more concerned now that I know that she was outsmarted by a 20-year-old kid. I mean, what's going to happen when actual spies and terrorists start trying to outsmart her? I don't think she's ready to lead.

radar said...

Chaos, that may be the worst reasoning I have ever heard for deciding upon a candidate! You are definitely the leader in the clubhouse.

The Yahoo mail was a personal account not used for government business. No one was able to hack her official account. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

The Yahoo mail was a personal account not used for government business.

You sure about that? Everything I've read says the opposite.