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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why won't Barack reveal himself through documentation?

Here is October surprise part one

If Barack Obama does not resolve this before the election and was to be elected President, the Constitutional crisis would be the biggest we have ever faced!

His campaign finances will also probably not bear scrutiny.

Not to mention ACORN, that group being investigated for thousands upon thousands of phony voter registrations and voter fraud as well, aside from ties with Obama and having been paid to work for him, has also found itself being investigated for felonious use of charitable monies for political purposes.

I have said that Obama and those who support him intend to buy the election. I think that he is a socialist and it is pretty obvious to me that he is. But he may also be a fraud and in fact it is possible he will wind up either deported or behind bars before he can get elected. You go ahead and say what you will...but if you don't check this stuff out for yourself you are being wise. What if we elect Obama and it is then determined that he was not even a legal candidate? What would happen to him would be nothing compared to what it would do to the country and also the Democratic Party. This needs to be resolved and pronto!


Let's also take this socialism debate a step farther. Gary Schneider writes on this here.

I will give you a couple of excerpts:

"Liberals continue to maintain that Socialist ideals and policy are relevant in today’s market of ideas and actively promote spurious notions to popularize the need for their agenda. Now, many contend that Liberalism is not Socialism; However, I submit that Liberalism is Socialism by other means. So, in order to understand the Liberal mindset, you must understand Socialism.
Fundamentally, Socialism is the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it to public property. The resulting public income is to be, then, equally and indiscriminately distributed to the population (Liberals strive toward this end through the levying of taxes and tight governmental controls). In Socialism, private property is anathema to this objective.

The main tenets of Socialism are:

1. Abolition of private property

2. Equality of income (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – Karl Marx)

3. Class interests oppose each other (class struggle)

4. Government is, or should be the progressive representation of the interests of the working class"

So very straightforward. He also says:

"Furthermore, Socialists believe that Socialism is an evolutionary process that will manifest itself in the later stages of Capitalism. Capitalism, they contend, will eventually run out of property to privatize and land to appropriate due to population increases and other variables resulting in the need to rent or lease property. Due to this, a group of “haves and have nots” arise, leading to the creation of a class hierarchy where there is an upper class (non-working parasites), middle class (employers and managers) and worker class (“proletariat”). In this paradigm, the rich get richer and the worker class is exploited to further support the luxuries demanded by the upper class…while getting poorer. Such societies then become unproductive and unable to sustain a requisite level of employment and quality of life for its people. It is at this stage where Socialism is believed to arise against the Capitalist system. Only rich and poor now exist, inequality becomes unbearable and the government has to intervene to redistribute the wealth via many means, but primarily through the levy of multiple forms of taxation.

Modern Socialism also contends that Capitalism must be exported to where new land can be appropriated and workers exploited to sustain its insatiable gluttony.

The problem for the Left is that the doctrine they hold so dear has all been proven false by history and reality…and they don’t want to let go. After a century and a half of tyranny and catastrophic economic failures, along with the inarguable benefits to the human condition wrought by Capitalism, the Left is now forced to re-package their convictions, revise history, identify new “victims” and champion new causes in order to sustain the orthodoxy. As Daniel J. Flynn establishes, in his book “Why the Left Hates America”, the Left has substituted their overt hysterics regarding the evils of Capitalism, with the new hysterics of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc., etc. However, the enemy remains the same. America, as the globe’s preeminent cultural, political (Democratic), economic (Capitalist) and military power, is now decried as a cultural oppressor … propagating inequality both inside and outside of its borders. Government is again to be the final distributor of cultural equality … as well as economic equality. Liberal causes now collectively rally around the banner of this nefarious new notion of American repressive cultural hegemony that is proliferated by “intolerant rednecks” and imposed by American military and economic might. Nearly all contemporary Liberal causes and policy can be traced back to any one or more of these (and/or the aforementioned) basic tenets of Socialism, or “Neo-Socialism”."

He goes into detail in the following areas:


Relativism/Multi-Culturalism/ Racism/ Homophobia/ Xenophobia



Anti (Judeo-Christian) Religion-ism

“Peace” Activism


Gary maintains that, "...not a Single Socialist or Communist state has ever existed that has been popularly elected or otherwise sustained by the will of its people. Socialist-Communist regimes have, throughout history, maintained power solely through the strict imposition of personal, cultural and intellectual martial law. The media, schools, arts and literature have all been strictly controlled to manage thought and freedom of ideas. It should be no surprise then that the liberal establishment maintains a covetous and disproportionate control over our educational institutions, media (with the exception of radio) and the arts. The packaging may be slightly different today, but the tactics are largely the same and quite plain to see. You need only review the statements and policies espoused by “civil rights” groups, “anti-war” organizations, the ACLU, Teacher’s Unions and the curricula of our institutions of higher education (indoctrination?) to quickly assess that our most basic American freedoms are at risk from the Left. Oppression (factual, intellectual, or otherwise) is the only means by which the Socialist agenda can succeed."

Ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth even? (as Snagglepuss would say).

Update: believes it has the evidence that Barack was born in Hawaii. It does not explain why Obama is blocking release of all these other documents and his actual birth certificate but I did want to present what the other side is saying. Factcheck is pretty good usually, but then again it is owned by the same Annenberg organization that employed both Obama and William Ayers for many years, so they are not exactly unbiased in this case. Their list of contributing sources leans rather left if you go ahead and look at them.

John of StopTheACLU has a cute baby daughter...completely off the subject, but it is a BABY!!! Go and look!


Anonymous said...

undamentally, Socialism is the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it to public property. The resulting public income is to be, then, equally and indiscriminately distributed to the population (Liberals strive toward this end through the levying of taxes and tight governmental controls). In Socialism, private property is anathema to this objective.

Ummm....I'm liberal. I didn't realize that I (and Obama)am for the complete discarding of private property. Thanks for letting me know.


radar said...


You are welcome. Let me add that many liberals are only partway down the road on this. You are apparently one of them. Bill Ayers is waiting at the end and Nancy Pelosi is waiting just around the bend. She's too rich to take this all the way to it's logical conclusion? Maybe. But all socialist societies are also necessarily totalitarian and, like Animal Farm, when that happens then some animals are more equal than others. Barack wants to be one of the more equal animals.

Anonymous said...

So your definition of socialism (or at least points on the socialism spectrum) includes any form of government taxation and spending?

I don't think any candidate is striving for equal distribution(which require taxes and controls) as your article says is one of the key tenants of socialism. Any taxation or government control, one can argue, is a step towards socialism. Then, everyone, but anarchists and anyone else advocating for no taxation and no government control is, at least partially, a socialist. John McCain is a socialist! Sarah Palin is a socialist!


radar said...

lava, your comment doesn't even relate to the post. It is okay if you don't want to read it all but you won't respond accurately if you don't.

McCain and Palin are on the side of free trade and capitalism and intend to shrink government. Obama is going to expand taxing and spending and government intrusion/control over our lives.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is going to expand taxing and spending and government intrusion/control over our lives."

After the Bush years, why would it be necessary for Obama to expand government intrusion/control?

And since Bush has presided over unprecedented spending, government intrusion/control as well as the partial nationalization of banks, why are you trying to apply the "socialist" label to someone else, based on not much of anything?

Projection much? Did you miss what's been happening? To paraphrase your earlier hysteria: wake up.

-- creeper

radar said...

creeper, I forget if you reside in the USA. But the whole bank thing is on the heads of Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd and the rest of the Democrats who rallied around Fannie and Freddie like Musk Oxen protecting their young when the Republicans (specifically McCain) tried to rein in the free-wheeling brainless loan policies that threatened to bankrupt the whole mess. It did. Democrats did that.

Besides, Bush and McCain share no letters in their names. McCain is not Bush. Bush allowed himself to be talked into spending and the new Republicans came in and started spending like the old Democrats. That is why McCain-Palin is necessary to toss out the old ways on both sides of the aisle and concentrate on fiscal responsibility and find ways to end idiotic earmarks.