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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time to be thankful

Time to be thankful. The election is over and I did my best to persuade people. I voted and got other people out there voting. I am thankful for our right to vote for the candidates we believe deserve our votes. I am thankful for every American who cared enough to exercise that right. So long as we are free and adhere to our Constitution we are a great country.

It's not a game, so it wasn't like I was rooting for the Republican team. I was rooting for conservative ideals.

Barack Obama surprised Hilary Clinton with an election plan that left her behind before she knew what hit her. He then managed to make the race a contest between himself and a third term for George Bush. His strategy worked wonderfully well. Of course, he had four dollars for every one that John McCain had to spend. He will have a few messy donation problems to clean up. But no one doubts who won the election.

For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, I want to say that I sincerely hope my dire predictions of what he will do are untrue. For those who voted, along with me, for John McCain, well, we hope the same thing. Country first! Once Barack Obama takes office he becomes my President, too.

It was a great victory in one way, that a man of color will fill the Presidency. When I was a young boy that seemed like a very far off pipedream. I am not in favor of the man, but I am in favor of the concept that the United States has come far enough to run a ticket with a black man on one side and a woman on the other. I am a white adult male and I am all for adult white males, but the Presidency should not be exclusively for that one gender and color. In this, Barack's victory is a good thing.

The election has also given the Democratic Party a big stage. The majority of Americans are moderate and they tend to lean a little conservative. But the savvy campaign run by Obama and fears about the economy have given him and his party a chance to show us what Hope really is.

Will we see fewer earmarks and a more ethical congress?

Will we see a reduction in partisanship?

Will we find that Obama's extreme friends of the past were simply a means to an end and that he will actually be, as he said, someone who brings the country together?

Or will we see an attempt to end the secret ballot for unions, an attack on free speech known as the "Fairness Doctrine" and new legislation to make abortions more horrific and common than ever?

Will we see a wise energy policy? Will we see policies in place that reward companies that provide jobs?

Or will we see our resources squandered and our coal industry bankrupted? Will we see jobs flee from being overburdened by taxes and regulation?

I am waiting, Barack Obama. You won the day. Now comes the hard part. You have to actually do the job.

Allow me to say that all of us who pray need to pray for Barack Obama. He needs wisdom and guidance and strength. He will be our President.

If you are depressed over the election, you can do something to help the troops. You will feel a little better by doing something worthwhile.