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Sunday, December 28, 2008

MRSA on me - with global cooling links

"Said it knocks me off my feet...MRSA on me!
Said it knocks me off my feet.
There is no bug in the whole world that can bug me like you do."

(With apologies to The Buckinghams)

I have spent the last few days on total bedrest. No work. No Christmas celebrations. No parties. No visiting grandkids or going to visit grandmas. Blah. Taking at least two showers a day, smearing a lot of skin with a lot of special solutions, having my clothes laundered separately. Catching up on old episodes of shows like NCIS and CSI and so on, studying NBA basketball teams late at night and hoping for sleep to come. The medicine and the pain make it hard to sleep. I am blogging from my couch bed...

Last night things began to turn and it appears I may be getting better. I had rashes beginning all over my body and began making preparations to go to the hospital but now I have some hope I can avoid it. By Monday night I will know if I can recover on my own or have to give up and give in to a hospital...where there are more strains of MRSA and a strain on my finances as well.

Anyway, we have also been dealing with power outages due to extreme snow and ice storms. It has been an unusually cold year, illustrating yet again that global warming is a ridiculous concept in the light of reports of lowering temperatures around the globe and growing glaciers.

I have no problem with wishing to conserve resources and curb waste, as one of my commenters is seeking to accomplish. Recycling and finding cheap sources of clean energy are admirable endeavors.

So drugged and yet hopeful, I will link to a site I find interesting and include a link list from the same source:

Is There Global Cooling?

(the antitheses of global warming)

An excerpt from Geoff's blog and a bunch of links to follow:

"According to the National Climate Center the 2008 average temperature of the continental United States through November 2008 is below normal (based on the 20th Century average), that temperatures that were once rising are now falling just as quickly. Spring '08 was the 33rd coolest and October '08 was the 44th coolest same month in 114 years of record keeping. So what has changed? CO2 concentrations continue to increase yet temperatures are falling? What has changed is the sun, solar activity is nearing a 100 year low.

The Antarctic, which contains 90% of the worlds ice, now has the most ice ever recorded! When combining the ice at both Poles there is no net loss of polar ice! The October 2008 Arctic sea ice freeze is at the most rapid pace ever recorded. So where is the global warming we are preparing for? Is a carbon cap and trade system that would raise hundreds of billions of dollars each year for the government necessary to prevent global warming if in fact the global warming was caused by the Sun and that there will be global cooling in the coming decades? It appears to me that the fear of global warming is looking more and more like the Y2K scare of the late 1990s."

Supporting Links:

Solar Impact on Climate

Sunspots have been used for hundreds of years to measure solar activity. The more sunspots the higher the solar output and visa-versa Cooling periods on earth have occurred when there were fewer sunspots and warming periods (such as the second half of the 20th Century) when there were more sunspots.

The sunspot average from 1900 to 1949 was 576 annually, and from 1950-1999 it was 876, an increase of 52%.

With the current solar cycle the sun has become less active once again with fewer sunspots, suggesting that the long period of warming has come to an end and a period of cooling is beginning (based on a long historic correlation between solar activity and global temperatures).

The first 3 links from NASA give strong evidence that the solar activity has recently dramatically changed. Then read the article in the fourth link and the David Archibald links, and you will quickly understand what drives global climate. This explains the warming of the 20th Century and the cooling we are now experiencing.

US Senate Minority Report, over 650 internation scientists dissent over man made warming claims and why

Sept 23, 2008 NASA warns that solar wind is the lowest in recorded history and the suns reduced output could result in changes in the earth and solar system

Oct 1, 2008, NASA announces the sun could have the fewest sunspots in a century, this has led to global cooling in the past.

NASA, noting changes in the sun, says solar cycle 25 could be the weakest in centuries

Ultra long solar cycle 23 and the possible consequences on global temperature (Joseph D'Aleo)

What are sun spots?

David Archibald: Solar Cycle 24

David Archibald Part 1

David Archibald Part II

David Archibald Part III

David Archibald Part IV

August 2008, first month without sunspots since 1913, (astrotabletalk)

Relationship of solar activity on global climate change (Space and Science Research Center)

Global cooling due to decreased sun spot activity

Excellent global warming CO2 documentary

Daily observation of solar cycle 24

Solar Cycle could be weakest in centuries according to NASA

NASA solar scientist David Hathaway is confused by the late start of solar cycle 24 and the current state of low solar activity (Linda Moulton Howe)

Causes of global warming and climate change

New York Times October 2, 2008 Fewest sunspots since 1954 (points toward global cooling).

Connection between sunspots and global temperatures is compelling. CO2 global warming theory is too simplistic.

Climate Change documentary, part 1

part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

part 7 part 8

Climate Skeptic, Warren Meyer

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

part 6 part 7

US Senate Report, scientific studies chill global warming fears

Scientists counter global warming computer models

Princeton physicist Dr. Will Happen calls global warming science mistaken

Solar activity at 8,000 year high, explains recent warming

The Role of Positive Feedback and Global Warming

positive feedback is an important part of global warming fears

Evidence of global cooling. Links:

Temperatures peaked in 1998 and have declined since then

Arctic sea ice growth in October 2008 was the fastest ever recorded

most of the United states in 2008 is below normal temperature through October

Global warming of 20th century lost in 12 months of 2007.

Record breaking winter weather in USA in 2008

Chart shows CO2 rising and temperatures falling since 2002, more signs of global cooling and not global warming

2008 Farmer's Almanac predicts long period of cooling

Global temperature trend since 2500 B.C.

2007 Year of global cooling

Reports of widespread global cooling

2008 was the year man made global warming was disapproved

Recent data on global cooling

12/29/08 First December Lake Superior freeze over in decades

Arctic sea ice was 220,000 square miles larger in Nov '08 than Nov '07

12/23/08 Canada snow covers entire nation, first all white Christmas since 1971

12/22/08 worst December snow in Portland OR since 1968

12/20/08 In latest week US had almost 1,500 new record low temperatures and set 700 snow records

12/19/08 Alps have the best snow conditions in a generation

12/18/09 Las Vegas gets most Decembr snow since records began in 1937

12/18/08 snow falls in Malibu California

12/11/08 Rare snow covers Louisianna and Mississippi

12/10/08 Houston ties record for earliest snow ever since 1895

12/8/09 early snowfalls in Europe hit historic levels

11/20/08 earliest date in history for below 20 degree temperatures in Charlotte NC

October 2008, 4th coldest month in 104 years

Largest snow cover in northern hemisphere since 1966

10/31/08 Cuba ties record low temperature

10/29/08, first October snow in London since 1922

10/30/08 lowest temperatures in Ireland in 70 years

10/30/08 Swiss lowlands have most snow ever recorded

10/29/08 Ocala Florida lowest temperature since 1850

10/13/08 record Alaska low temperatures, glaciers growing for first time in 250 years

10/7/08 record snow in Tibet

10/5/08 record low temperatures and unusual early snow in Brazil

Widespread global cooling winter of 2007-2008

Record low temperatures throughout the USA in 2008

Sept 28, 2008 record low temperature in Perth Australia

9/21/08 record low temperatures and snow in southern Africa

September 2008, third coldest Alaska Summer on record

August 16, 2008 Denver has record low temperature

Chicago, most days under 90 degrees since the 1930's the past nine years

sept 19, 2008 record low temperatures in Maine

Sept 4, 2008 Oklahoma City coldest temperatures since 1891

9/01/08 August in Australia coldest in 64 years

(Jan 2008), Arab world worst deep freeze since 1964

Polar ice, is it melting? links:

November '08 Arctic sea ice is 220,000 square miles larger than Nov. '07

There is no net melting of polar ice when both poles are added together (Steven Goddard)

NASA, rate of ice melt in Greenland will raise oceans only 1.4 inches in the next century

Greenlands glacial melt along the ocean is offset by record snows in the interior

How high would the seas rise if ice on Greenland and Antarctica melted?

October 2008 Arctic sea ice growth is the fastest ever recorded

The Medieval warm period was hotter than now and Greenland had much ice melting, yet sea levels were no higher than they are today

What was the Little Ice Age from 1650 to 1830?

Wm Robert Johnson, "what if all the ice melts? Myths and realities

Sept 2008 Arctic Ice Melt over for year, only 1.7 million acres of ice left, less melting than 2007

Arctic sea ice significantly larger in August 2008 than the prior year

Greenland's ice is not melting

Chart that tracks the growth in Antarctic sea ice

History of ice ages and warming

Extreme cold expands arctic ice 2/08

The Ice Age Cometh.

Most ice between Greenland and Canada in fifteen years

Arctic ice was 30% larger on August 12, 2008 than the prior year (Steven Goddard)

Polar Bear population is growing. Links:

Polar Bear population growing rapidly

Polar Bear population reaches record high in 2008, 5 times more bears than the 1950's

Polar Bear population up

Polar Bear populations are not endangered

Land based temperature sensors encroached by urbanization, give false data about temperature increases

Land temperature sensors have been encroached by urbanization which has caused higher temperature readings and a false picture of rising temperatures

Temperature sensor located next to A/C units and temperatures rising as a result

Why aren't the oceans warming? Links:

Oceans are not warming

NASA finds the oceans have cooled since 2003

Why isn't the upper atmosphere warming? Links

Lower atmosphere is cooling

The impact of CO2. Links:

CO2 is less than 4/100s of 1% of all gases present in the atmosphere (Monte Hieb)

Plants can grow up to 50% faster with CO2 levels of 1000 ppm

Atmospheric CO2 levels today are among the lowest in the last 600 million years

CO2 is essential to the survival of plants and humanity

Changing atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have always followed temperature changes, and not visa-versa. More CO2 is stored in the oceans in cooling periods and more is released to the atmosphere in warming periods

Global Warming in perspective. Links:

The science of global warming in perspective

Global warming debated

climate skeptic

American Thinker, global warming-bring it on

Man only accounts for .28% of the greenhouse effect, water is the largest greenhouse gas by far

12 facts about global warming that you won't read in the popular press (Joseph D'Aleo)

If the sun is not responsible for the earth's 20th century warning why is it also getting warmer on the other planets in the solar system? (Paul Joseph Watson)

You tube global warming causes everything

Other climate resource links:

CO2 Skeptics.

climate audit

climate skeptic

doomsday called off



junk science


popular technology climate links


sureface stations

things caused by global warming supposedly

watts up with that

Dalton Minimum returns blog

Oleg Sorokhtin, Soviet scientist observes global cooling

53 skeptical arguments against global warming

2008 International Conference on Climate Change, NY NY March 2007 (here are the scientists)

Famous French scientist becomes a global warming skeptic

Weather Channel founder blasts global warming scare

Growing list of Scientists who are now skeptical of manmade causes of global warming

The politics of Climate Change. Misc links:

1970's global cooling scare, media said earth was heading toward another ice age

Madia bias toward man made global warming

CNN meteorologist Chad Meyers calls theory of man made global warming "arrogant"

12/16/08 scientists call AP report on global warming hysteria

Global warming supporters are similar to weather worshipers

Global warmng supporters threaten global warming skeptics careers, call them traitors, flatlanders, holocaust deniers, and criminals

Great Global Warming Swindle

Scientists are using faulty data to show warming when the world is actually experiencing considerable cooling

truths about climate change are being ignored. Scientists are chasing recognition and funding

Climate Distortion of US energy policy, S. Fred Singer

top ten global warming myths

35 inconvenient truths

NIPCC, Nature, not human activity, rules the climate, S. Fred Singer

Washington Post, too many things are blamed on global warming

Global Warming advocates may suffer from cognitive dissonance

link to sister site

Fake but accurate, some global warming advocates hold to their beliefs even when proven wrong