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Thursday, December 11, 2008

To be continued

Dear friends and ideological foes

The cable access to my home also controls my phone services and both went down last night. We saw a couple of big trucks with flashing yellow lights go by. The internet access was down this morning . I put a out of office message on my office computer in case the service came back and put my leg up and began some reading. I can do blog posts in Word and then post them to the internet whenever, so I am doing two posts today and when the cable access is restored I can post them. It is probably a very good thing to get away from the office and put my leg up for a day anyway, it is getting worse again.

So I probably need to put my leg up a bit more during the day and limit my work hours and try to be more intense when at work. Have to figure out what to do because I am not bringing in much business right now, which hurts me and also my company. It may be that working something like noon to four with vigor would be more worthwhile than putting in 8-9 hours of mediocrity.

The reason my problem with my leg is so difficult is because the nerve damage is involved. It is as if I have leprosy in my right leg and added to that some circulatory issues. Therefore the MRSA infection found a very happy home there and the situation is far more complex than a normal infection.

Next week when I see the doctor we will be discussing alternatives to my current situation. I certainly don't want to lose my leg. If I had to lose my leg in order to resume a relatively normal lifestyle rather than be a prisoner to illness and a sedentary lifestyle however, the choice would be obvious.

I hate the fact that I have been so focused upon myself and my health issues. I have not been an effective worker and my business has suffered due to my health problems and the attendant emotional issues. Frankly, being continually in great pain and on a drug coctail diet is not good for one's outlook. Furthermore, being focused on ones self rather than others is selfish.

Introspection is not good for the spirit and soul when allowed to go on for long periods of time. My God tells me to think of others and their needs. I am most sorry for being so focused on my own problems.

Therefore this is not a subject I am going to continue to dwell upon. I am weary of thinking and talking and dwelling upon the state of my health. Take it for granted that I am still alive if I make a blog post now and again. I will make at least two when cable comes back on because I will have had downtime to use in order to write...

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