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Monday, February 02, 2009

Radaractive snow covered and all slopes remain open

I am not going to post again until the temperature exceeds 32 degree fahrenheit here in my part of Indiana...or until Thursday night at the earliest. We expect a "warming" trend in which the temps may get above freezing, which is good since we still have more than a foot of snow on the ground and have had a constant snow cover since well before Christmas. So a couple of global dumbing cartoons for you as apology, I have a real world project to do...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that cartoon again. It's funny how you just can't do without Old Earth data, isn't it?

Just wondering, because you're more familiar with YEC circles: is there a climate graph based on only the sources that YECs will accept? Because to be coherent, that's the only kind of graph you should be referring to.

Oh and what did you think of Taxandrian's comment re. the current heatwave in Australia. Given your understanding of "weather" and "climate trend", how does that fit into your global cooling theory?

-- creeper

highboy said...

Just wondering, will this thread erupt into nothing more than a barrage of remarks about radar's past posts and Taxandrians' endless whining of radar's copying and pasting, or will there actually be a discussion about the post? If the former, I'll just check back in a few days or so while everyone wastes precious blog space. Unlike some adolescents, if I'm bored with a thread I simply don't read it, rather than type out bodily sounds to show my disdain. But then, I have a life.