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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caption contest

We have three dogs, all rescued in some way. Two were adolescent puppies and one a new pup just weaned away from her mother.

Jack is 120 pounds, half Rottweiler and half German Shorthair Pointer. He is ten years old now, got him from people who picked him as a puppy but landlord problems meant they had to give him away. He became a best friend to my teenagers, who are now grown young people, and my buddy. Jack is a love sponge who grumbles to you when you pet him and greets all visitors by grabbing a pillow off the couch and holding it in his mouth for some unknown reason. He loves all people. However, I saw Jack attacked by a Great Dane (whose owners just let wander off without a leash in a public park) once and after his initial surprise he reversed ground on that Dane and almost killed it before I could pull him off. The Dane was bleeding from his face and neck while Jack was unhurt. I am pretty confident he would protect the family if anyone tried anything but otherwise you would think he was all sweetness and light.

Chloe is the new dog, just turned six months. She is half German Shepard and half Bloodhound. She is gangly and has monstrous feet, so maybe she will get bigger than Jack? She is unafraid of heights, so climbing over the back of a couch to gain access is fine with her. We are about to get an electric dog fence to augment the kennel run area, in part because I am sure when she is grown she will be able to jump out over the cedar fence.

Faith is the Alaskan Husky, who is now about two years old. She was left tied out on a pole and abandoned. She is extremely smart and athletic and it is hard to imagine how anyone could just throw away such a loving and fun animal. But she might be a handful if allowed to be bored and ignored. She gets walked and played with and has the self-appointed task of teaching Chloe how to be a dog, play tug of war, learn where she is allowed to sleep and so on. Faith is always happy to have any kind of job...she would have made a great sled dog.

The picture is of Faith, who sometimes poses in odd ways for a dog. Jack ignores tables, while Chloe jumps right up on this spool-turned-deck-table. Faith often does this...thus inviting a caption.


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