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Thursday, October 01, 2009

ACORN - all communists organising riot and nastiness

I do not even need to say anything, Mark says it well...

In the spirit of linkage to good stuff, allow me to introduce the newest entry into the blogosphere, the wife of that rapscallion radar, the one and only Debbie blogging as Dog Ma Blog.

Knowing blogs, there have probably been another 397 blogs started since Debbie began to make her first post so maybe newest is no longer true, but at the moment of Dog Ma Blog creation it was a true statement. Is it about dogs? Is it about dogma? Yes. More than that. My better half has been unleashed!!!

Now there is a creation versus evolution post already being made. I am putting it together for publication sometime tonight. It addresses a question asked earlier in another post. So for those of you waiting to see a post on that subject it is in the pitcher's hand and he is getting the signal from the catcher at the moment. Don't step out of the box!

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