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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Global Warming was a lie and a hoax from the beginning and we have the proof now...

Powerline cartoons as Atlas Shrugs says:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So-called scientists deliberately publishing false data and then pushing for programs that would just clobber our economy and leave third world countries trapped in abject poverty for decades to come...just so a bunch of Cal-Poly SLO grads could get "green research" jobs on Craig's list and so various Al Gores could make multiple millions from their investments in carbon-offset companies. Wow.

The big green line is the actual temperatures heading back down, which they have been doing for ten years now. Best hope the cooling doesn't last much longer, lots of people tend to die when a genuine period of cold takes over.

I think Barack Obama is the biggest hoax in American history, but that is a story for another day.



The CRUtape Letters®, an Alternate Explanation.


"A short time ago there was a previous leak of CRU data by an insider. In this case, Steve McIntyre acquired station data which he had been requesting for years, but someone inside CRU unofficially made the data available.

In this case, many commentators had various guesses as to the motivation or identity of the disgruntled mole even proposing that perhaps a disgruntled William Connelly was the perpetrator.

Of course it turned out the Phil Jones, director of CRU, himself had inadvertently left the data on an open FTP server.

Many have begun to think that the zip archive was prepared internally by CRU in response to Steve McIntyre’s FOI requests, in parallel with attempts to deny the request in case the ability to refuse was lost. There are many reasons to think this is valid and it is consistent with either of the two theories at the beginning of this post. Steve McIntyre’s FOI appeal was denied on November 13th and the last of the emails in the archive is from November 12th.

It would take a hacker massive amounts of work to parse through decades of emails and files but stealing or acquiring a single file is a distinct possibility and does not require massive conspiracy. The same constraints of time and effort would apply to any internal whistle blower. However, an ongoing process of internally collating this information for an FOI response is entirely consistent with what we find in the file."


Global warming was faked and the perpetrators are falling over themselves trying to point fingers away from themselves and from the fraud. The globe is in a cooling cycle. Game over.

Oh, and Hawkeye was SO right....this is what he said back in August.

Small Dead Animals is following this story because Kate was on top of the situation long ago.


Hawkeye® said...
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Hawkeye® said...

Hi Radar.

Well, I guess you know where I stand on this issue. Try HERE or HERE for example.

I have articles like that going back to February 2008. I'm not doing them any more however. There is just SO much evidence out there now that global warming is a fraud and a hoax, that my articles seem redundant at best.

(:D) Best regards...

WomanHonorThyself said...

great work..ah yes the GREEN machine is crumbling my friend!!!

radar said...

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Ah yes, those hacked emails

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