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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Administration is simply grabbing power left and right...

Obama to ban fishing and then hunting?

The Obama administration is considering new environmental rules that would, in effect ban recreational fishing in the United States, according to ESPN. This move is apparently being contemplated under pressure from environmental groups.

"The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.

"This announcement comes at the time when the situation supposedly still is "fluid" and the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force still hasn't issued its final report on zoning uses of these waters.

"That's a disappointment, but not really a surprise for fishing industry insiders who have negotiated for months with officials at the Council on Environmental Quality and bureaucrats on the task force. These angling advocates have come to suspect that public input into the process was a charade from the beginning."

The excuse for this contemplated ban is the notion that recreational fishing as well as commercial fishing is depleting the stock of fish in American waters. This notion is disputed by fishing groups, which fear not only that a ban would prohibit Americans from pursuing a traditional form of recreation, but also devastate the industry that supports recreational fishing. Angling groups maintain that there is no basis in science for an attempt to ban recreational fishing.

If the ban is ordered, it would likely come via executive order rather than an attempt to have Congress pass legislation. Various environmental groups are demanding that such an executive order be issued as soon as possible.


How crazy will they get before the average American wakes up and realizes that most incumbents must be shown the door in 2010 if there is any hope of preserving the country we have known?

One of my friends said, "Remember, back in the Middle Ages, only the lords could hunt. Anyone caught poaching on the lord's hunting lands could be punished any way the lord desired - including execution.

Now only the elites (environmental, political, academic, etc.), who will be very careful to "preserve" nature's balance, will be able to fish.

Hunting is next."

True. The Obama Administration is nationalizing businesses and land and water rights and going full-bore after health care. It is a much like a hostile takeover in business. But in this case it is likely that Obama Administration is just collecting power much as totalitarian governments prefer to do. Armed takeovers are messy. Frog-in-the-pot slow-but-sure elimination of our rights and property is the sly way.

Look at Europe!

As is true in all socialist countries, there will be one standard of health care for you and me — and then a higher standard for the ruling class.

March 9, 2010 - by James Lewis

The most important amendment Republicans must propose for Obama’s Medi-Grab bill is a very easy one:

Resolved: that all federal and state employees must enroll in ObamaCare, without exception.

Any violation of this amendment will be punishable by a fine, imprisonment, and/or loss of federal or state employment. Enforcement of this provision will be overseen by a popularly elected commission, whose proceedings will be open to the public via the worldwide web.

“All federal and state employees” includes every member of Congress and the executive branch — those who currently have the finest medical insurance available in the country today (courtesy of you and me).

This is the key test for the Medi-Grab bill. Any member of Congress who votes against it reveals his or her true stand on America’s founding principles. Anyone who votes for it shows that he or she actually gets it. There are many terrifying parts of this Medi-Grab bill, but this is the simplest litmus test.

It’s so simple that everyone in the country can understand it. It’s do-or-die in terms of the integrity and honesty of the takeover of one-sixth of the economy that Obama is so determined to drive through Congress.

Socialist regimes reveal their true nature by the special treatment they give to their permanent ruling class; they deny such treatment for ordinary schlubs like you and me. The worst corruption in socialist regimes flows from that simple two-caste system. In Europe, the ruling class hardly bothers with elections any more. The same people just turn over in their lifelong careers, or they just stay in the tenured bureaucracy.

The so-called European Parliament is elected by the voters, all right, but it does not have the power to legislate — or even to investigate the all-powerful EU bureaucracy, which is unelected. The European Parliament is therefore an elaborate front. In typical fashion, the EU has a special term for that: the “democracy deficit.” It is regrettable, to be sure. Only trouble is, nobody does anything about it, and they won’t because the dual caste system is the key power grab whereby all sovereign power in European nations is now flowing into the EU — like so much water draining out of a bathtub.

Obama’s medical takeover bill is a monstrosity in many ways, but the biggest danger comes from the separate treatment it reserves for the ruling left compared to us ordinary folks. Obama’s Medi-Grab will force ordinary people into a medico-legal corral. But it exempts members of the ruling left, and by creating a political monopoly over medical care, it ensures that we must all go begging, hat in hand, to the bureaucracy for our very survival.

If Obama wins, Europe is our future. In Britain, Gordon Brown does not go to his local NHS clinic to get substandard medical care, nor does he go to the scandalously dirty hospitals in the Midlands. In Brussels, the European Union bureaucrats would just sneer at medical care for ordinary folks. They get nothing but the best. That hypocrisy is all over the American ruling left as it is emerging today: Obama and Al Gore both attended special upper-class schools from early on in life. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. They are special, these well-born rulers, not like you and me.

Real power in Europe now flows from the Brussels bureaucracy, which issues a mighty and endless tide of top-down decrees for regular folks to obey. EU decrees cannot be overturned by the voters, because the judiciary is just another appointed arm of the EU bureaucracy. They cannot be resisted, on pain of very real bureaucratic penalties. The left controls the media (like the BBC) as well as the schools. The European Parliament is therefore a sort of Hollywood movie set: the real power holders don’t bother with elections, and the elected Members of Parliament have no power. Simple, clean, tyrannical. This is not an accident. It’s the key to the way they operate. That is Obama’s goal.

When a blog reporter (the only honest kind of reporter today) challenged Rep. Fortney (Pete) Stark in his office on a YouTube video, Mr. Stark’s first question was: “What college did you go to?” The congressman simply resorted to insults when the reporter answered: “the University of Puerto Rico.”

Notice Pete Stark’s standard: it’s not what you know, but whether you went to an elite college. Stark never answered the basic economics question, needless to say. In his mind, he didn’t need to. Behold, the ruling class of America.

The American left adores Europe. But Europe today is bowing down to another permanent aristocracy, not much different from the 19th century version. The results are plainly visible in the shoddy and unhygienic conditions at the National Health Service hospitals and clinics in the UK, compared to the special treatment given to the political class. They are visible in the long waiting lists for life-saving cancer and cardiac operations — for ordinary folks, that is. This is what the “death panels” (presided over by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in Britain) are about: they reserve expensive treatments for the politically powerful and well-connected. Expensive treatments for ordinary folks are not considered to be “cost-effective.” As Robert Reich has said so clearly about these critical treatments, “It’s too expensive … so we’re going to let you die.”

That’s because there’s only so much money in the national medical kitty, and it is distributed according to your high-quality life expectancy. If you are severely depressed, suffer from a disabling illness, or are just old, your life is worth that much less. The young (who need little care) are allocated more of the nation’s medical kitty, because they have greater life expectancy at a higher quality of life — at least according to the health bureaucrats. Down Syndrome fetuses are aborted, according to the same logic, at the very beginning of life. You see, Down Syndrome kids may live a long time, but they don’t have high-quality lives. So they just abort them.

I’ve personally attended a European lecture given by an utterly arrogant chief of an acute care unit. He explained his criteria for pulling the plug on unconscious patients at a major European university hospital. His answer was: budget. His ward was budgeted to keep people on life support for a maximum of two weeks. After that, it’s “goodbye, Sally” — we need your bed for another case.

That is what Obama has in store for us. Unless you are Obama or Hillary, of course. It’s the value of our lives versus theirs, and we won’t have a voice in that decision.

Not after ObamaCare passes.

James Lewis is a scientist by trade, and carps as a hobby about the passing parade of human fraud and folly.


Chaos Engineer said...
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radar said...

Some animals are more equal than others...

Chaos Engineer said...

Good news about the fishing ban! It's all a big hoax! That "Robert Montgomery" character turns out to be an unusually bad liar. His editor at ESPN has apologized for letting him pass of his lies as fact. (Link). The comments are even more enlightening; somebody posted a link to an article at that thoroughly demolishes his claims.

The only question is, what motive does that Montgomery character have for telling these lies?

It could be he's just another racist loser, and his article is the print form of a temper tantrum.

But I'm wondering if there might be more sinister forces behind him...forces that want to overthrow our elected government through violent means and will sink to the lowest depths imaginable in pursuit of their goals.

What do you think?

Hawkeye® said...

Whether it's true or not, I think the federal government intrudes WAY TOO much in the lives of Americans. Good government is SMALL government.

Mazement said...

Hawkeye, have you heard the expression, "Tragedy of the Commons"? It has a lot to do with our fishing policy.

Suppose there are a bunch of fish swimming around in the water, and fishermen are allowed to catch as many as they want. What'll happen is that they'll all take as many fish as they can catch. If they're efficient enough, then they'll catch almost all the fish, and there won't be any left for the next year.

The way to avoid the problem is to make sure that fish aren't being caught faster than they can reproduce. Once we've calculated the maximum number of fish that can be safely caught, we can figure out a fair way to divide them up among all the people who want to catch fish.

Traditionally governments have been in charge of this division, and it seems like it works about as well as could be expected.

Do you have any ideas for improving the system? If the government stays out of it, then what happens when people start overfishing?

Mazement said...

(I'm the same person as Chaos Engineer, BTW...I've got two logins and keep getting them mixed up.)

radar said...

So the Examiner places this in a new light and Montgomery took the most hysterical viewpoint of what could happen.

I cannot believe the Obama administration would ban recreational fishing but yet again another government agency? I still hate the idea. There is a record number of unemployed people in this country and the only big growth industry is government and lobbyist organizations, it would appear.

I therefore think the ESPN article was an uncalled for screech pointing at the most unlikely possibility. The point I would make, though, is that the Federal budget deficit is up 14% from 2009, so obviously Obama has managed to take us from a periodic recession into full-bore depression in less than two years.

George Bush should have had the cojones to stop the ACORN/Freddie/Fannie let's sell homes to the destitute plan but he didn't. He should have fought against a stimulus bill (and McCain should have as well) but he didn't. He let the Dems have their way and got spending happy at the end of his Presidency and now we have a President who makes GWB look like Scrooge.

scohen said...

"I cannot believe the Obama administration would ban recreational fishing"

If that's the case, why post an article that you knew to be false?

"the Federal budget deficit is up 14% from 2009, so obviously Obama has managed to take us from a periodic recession into full-bore depression in less than two years."

I was not aware that the budget deficit factored in to the calculus that determines what to call the current economic climate. Also, calling the current recession periodic is quite interesting considering its global nature. Thanks for the course in Radarnomics, I consider myself enlightened.

"George Bush should have had the cojones to stop the ACORN/Freddie/Fannie let's sell homes to the destitute plan but he didn't"

I've been reading your blog and while I don't want to wade into political discussions, I'm fascinated on your take on the current economy. If I'm understanding you the global economic meltdown was caused by people in the United States who couldn't afford homes buying homes, Democratic legislation and ACORN. Right? Fascinating.

P.S. Muse is great, though The Resistance is basically the plot to 1984, which is my favorite book.

radar said...

I see 1984 knocking at my door right now.

It is overly simplistic to blame the Democrats only, although once the Fannie/Freddie system was chugging away they protected it with their very lives. John McCain was actually partially to blame by promoting the change in the law with Gramm-Leach-Bliley becoming the hole in the wall through which money was thrown down the rathole and many lobbyists were among the rats. ACORN was the biggest rat.

It was the bundling of bad loans that never should have been given along with the good that helped collapse the housing market and topple Fannie/Freddie/etc. 8 of the ten biggest lawmakers involved in saving the system were Democrats but there were plenty of elephants at the trough, too.

radar said...

McCain finally saw the disastrous implications of changing Glass-Steagall and led a charge to fix the problem but by that time the Dems had the majority and McCain is a better compromiser than leader.

I blame the Obama administration for growing government, hiring some of the worst possible people as Czars and bringing in a bunch of Chicago political-machine mobsters like Rahm Emmmanuel in to help him do the opposite of Hope and all the wrong Change. Pork-hungry Republicans have helped with the bailouts and so-called "stimulus" packages that enriched the rich and screwed the taxpayer even more.

This supposedly ethical and transparent government now openly bribes lawmakers with money and grants and offers of judgeships to relatives while meeting behind closed door and concocting bills that make War and Peace look like a one-page essay. This is not just 1984 it is Animal Farm and dangerously like Venezuela North.

radar said...

Oh yes, and I posted an article that suggested that Obama would have the rights to suspend private fishing but that did not mean I thought he was that dumb. Nevertheless the article was being spread around the internet and attributed so I thought it was worth noting. The underlying groupthink of the elitist lefties is reflected in the idea. They will not take on Nascar voters right now. Nope. They will try to make Tea Party people look loony and racist and make them go away. They won't. You had all better pray that the Tea Parties help toss out all these crooked congressmen of both stripes because I am pretty sure even the normal liberals among you would hate Obama's idea of governance.

radar said...

Rasmussen reports: In his new book, In Search of Self-Governance, Scott Rasmussen observes that the American people are “united in the belief that our political system is broken, that politicians are corrupt, and that neither major political party has the answers.” He adds that “the gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and the politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th century.”

scohen said...

"It was the bundling of bad loans that never should have been given along with the good that helped collapse the housing market and topple Fannie/Freddie/etc"

A bit of a thought experiment for you. I see you're active in libertarian circles. How would no regulation prevent the bundling of loans?

Also, how can you blame the people who got the loans when the system failed to prevent them from doing so? Also, it's important to remember that many people *could* afford the loans until their ARM rates reset. Is it possible that people didn't know the ramifications of having an ARM?

Again, it's interesting to me that when you look at the global economic collapse, you view it as the fault of a single country's government and greedy poor people, while I see it as a systematic failure in regulation of the banking industry.

It all goes back to who you picture when Mr. Bellamy sings his line about fat cats having a heart attack.
I tend to picture bankers, you picture Democrats and Obama (I'm not a fan of pinning economic downturns on government in general, but it baffles me how anyone can claim that this is Obama's 'fault' unless he was double-secret president years ago).

If you think 1984 is around the corner, where were you in 2006 when Mr. Bush was doing warrant-less wiretaps? Where were you when it was found that the NSA was spying on all of us via their secret taps on 2nd and Folsom? Remember, in 1984, Winston had a distinct *lack* of healthcare.

...and Orwell was a socialist.

Anonymous said...

Radar, you should google the Canadian banking system in relation to the meltdown to see what a little more regulation can do for an economy.

I did it for you and came up with this article from a year ago,

- Canucklehead

creeper said...

"Obama and Al Gore both attended special upper-class schools from early on in life. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. They are special, these well-born rulers, not like you and me."

"Well-born", and somehow you manage to cite Obama and Clinton as examples? Two guys who weren't well-born, while missing a far more obvious example staring you in the face? You know, 20001-2009? 43? That guy?

Neither Obama nor Clinton were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Talented and intelligent, yes, and special, yes, of course. After all that's what we want in a leader, right?

-- creeper

radar said...

When I discuss the effect of the collapse of the housing market in the USA from the GLB legislation I am not dealing in quantum mechanics, it is a simple cause and effect discussion. That is just part of the global market downturn but it certainly was a key part of the US problems.

Much of the global problem is one of philosophy. We tell third world countries they cannot develop their countries the same way we did. Other nations have oppressive governments that basically enslave their population so a small percentage of people can live like kings.

Haiti was a disaster before the earthquake. Half of Africa is impoverished even though the continent is rich with resources. Elitists who tell poor countries they cannot burn coal, cannot mine for minerals and other riches under their own feet while they fly around in private jets, yes, that ticks me off. Buffoons like Michael Moore wearing that stupid hat before getting into a limo or Al Gore crying about global warming while living in a house that would harbor ten entire families? Don't tell me Orwell was a socialist and don't tell me Barack Obama worked his way up. He was chosen and perp-walked right into a Senate seat.

radar said...

William Jefferson Clinton got an awful lot of help from the Fulbright people and was stashed in England to avoid serving in the military. I wonder if he has ever worked for a paycheck in his entire life that wasn't taken from taxpayers?

I have missionary friends who have been working for 25 years in Suriname, trying to build churches and help people learn to work to build better lives and make a better life for others. Third world countries get screwed in so many ways it isn't funny. Somebody named Rachel Carson writes a book about DDT that turns out to be total garbage, several million Africans die from malaria, do-gooders in the USA beg for malaria tents to send to Africa.

How about let them kill the freaking mosquitoes and build power plants and mine their resources and build wealth and independence? There must be a very deep hot dark place in hell for environmentalists and elitists.

radar said...

Look, I am a conservative activist and anyone can see that. I have talked to people from all walks of life and I have lived on both sides of the tracks.

Guess why Warren Buffet wants the death tax reinstated? So he can come in and offer five/ten cents on the dollar for a big piece of the business when a CEO of a mom and pop SMB business croaks without careful estate planning and Uncle Same is standing by the grave with a giant bill for the privilege of having a dead relative.

The Bush tax cuts...the Dems want to end them because big business wants them ended. Not all big business but the big businesses that have payed for their place at the table.

Big money is always trying to make more for themselves. I do not for one minute think George Soros is a liberal loon so much as he is an elitist and he wants HIS people in charge so they can make sure he keeps his and it comes in his favorite flavor.

Guess how many legislators, out of the top ten receivers of banking/mortgage company companies campaign contributions, were and are Democrats? How many of them are part of the Obama administration right now?

Hope and Change? Machine politics and Alinsky-style socialist activism and behind it all there are people making big money. Naturally a lot of people get really far out ideas and see conspiracy behind every curtain. But it really is simple. Greed for the big dogs versus a fair shot for the little guys.

Do you really want hard work to go unrewarded and the USA to devolve into the Soviet Union? You have no idea if you haven't lived through those times. Lines used to stretch around the block to get toilet paper at the one department store in downtown Moscow. People would fight over the few available new shoes and hope like mad that they got something close to the right size. Productivity died because there was no longer a reason to work hard. Everyone got the same crummy little apartments and meager wages no matter what.

radar said...

So here we go kiddies - I am not a truther or a birther or a libertarian or an anti-Zionist or anything like that. Let me tell you what crazy whacky ideas I have.

Let's find a way to bring the Federal Government back under control and within Constitutional limits. Let's toss out as many career congressmen as we can and send people to Washington who think there are several agencies that should be dissolved. I would start with the Department of Education, the EPA and the the IRS. We could institute the Fair Tax or possibly a national sales tax on non-essential items. We must absolutely institute tort reform, which is what would truly make health care better. I would investigate ACORN for massive voter fraud as a start, defund Planned Parenthood and NPR and PBS and allow them to exist, if possible, on their merits.

There are more unemployed Americans than ever in our history. We have the most debt ever. The government keeps making more agencies, growing government and spending like mad. This is absolutely insane. How can you reader not put two and two together?

Anonymous said...

I love this quote (though I don't think it is radar's- it is just ironic it appears on radar's blog):

When a blog reporter (the only honest kind of reporter today)...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Radar's on a rant - he must be really miffed he got caught being a sucker spreading propaganda again.

creeper said...

"There are more unemployed Americans than ever in our history."

In absolute terms perhaps, but that's kind of a meaningless and disingenuous observation because of population growth. We probably also have more employed Americans than ever in our history, and so on.

And in percentage terms, it's not true. See for yourself.

-- creeper

scohen said...

"There are more unemployed Americans than ever in our history"

Heh, creeper you beat me to it.

Radar, for someone who identifies himself as a Christian, you sure do make a lot of dishonest arguments.

"agencies that should be dissolved. I would start with the Department of Education"

You lost me there. What an awful country it would be with no EPA, I'm originally from Cleveland, I guess we'd have to put up with rivers on fire.

If you think tort reform will solve our health care problems, you're woefully mistaken.

I also love how you talk about the UK's "two tiered" health care system. Tell me, Mr. "small monthly stipend", how is our system not tiered? Do you really think you get the same level of health care as Rush Limbaugh or George Soros?

...and when you have some time, could you please answer my open questions about the antennae?

scohen said...

I just saw this:
"Don't tell me Orwell was a socialist and don't tell me Barack Obama worked his way up."

Should I not tell you Orwell was a socialist because you already knew that he was a socialist or because you wish to remain willfully ignorant about that fact?

"Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it."
--George Orwell

It's a simple fact; Orwell was a socialist --many of his writings are inherently socialist in nature. What he abhorred was totalitarianism, which you conveniently conflate with socialism.

Yet another dishonest argument from Radar.

It's funny how Orwell sees socialism as distinct from totalitarianism while you, who claim to be a big Orwell fan do not. The specter in 1984 was a government that was totalitarian which described itself as socialist (EngSoc) but was not (hmm.... sound familiar?). I believe in Goldstein's book within a book described how and why this happened this in exacting detail. Did you miss those passages?

scohen said...

"don't tell me Barack Obama worked his way up."

Born to a teenage mother and raised by his grandmother. Got in to Occidental College, transferred to Columbia then went to Harvard Law.

Now he's the president.

How on earth is that not working his way up?

By the way, I'm pretty disappointed in Obama, but your characterization is bordering on insane. Give credit where credit is due.