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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogging the Tea Parties - Government versus people

Top, a Soviet tenement apartment building.
Above, a few children play in the hallways of the Robert Taylor Homes of Chicago.
Below, a Soviet version of cramped hastily-built high rise tenements still stands.

Obamacare looms. I rant!

All over the former Soviet Union, there are still apartments that remind one of the infamous Robert Taylor homes of South Chicago. Cramped, poorly made, falling apart and often a haven for illegal activities. Now the United States is being led boldly by Barack Obama and the Democrats in the direction of the Soviet system of state-controlled businesses. Taking over banks and auto companies is not enough, now it is health care. What will it be tomorrow?

We have been the most productive and prosperous nation in the world. Now come those who wish to fix what was not broken and break what may not be able to be fixed. The conversion from capitalism and individual freedoms to socialist statism is under way.

Now we know what Obama's idea of a jobs program is (hire 16,000 more IRS agents to come to your front door to enforce Obamacare). True. Government is a growth industry. Just about the only one these days...

The USA does not need more taxes and more government and more bureaucracy and yet that is what we are being offered whether we like it or not.

The Cloakroom goes into detail here. Obamacare is corrupt, it is expensive, it is expansive, it will ration health care and it is unconstitutional.

What is sure is that a huge crowd of Tea Party Patriots gathered in Washington, DC to protest the bill and try to communicate with their representatives. But it is not just in Washington, it is around the country. All around the nation people have gathered at courthouses and in front of the offices of Congressmen protesting Obamacare.

Saturday at 11 AM CST a crowd gathered in front of Congressman Pete Visclosky's office on Broadway in Merrillville, Indiana. Several dozen folks, at least 55 at the start before another wave of people came, stood in 36 degrees, light rain and strong winds holding flags and signs and waving at cars asking them to honk if they hate Obamacare. At one point there were about seventy people standing in the cold and rain in front of an empty office, no news coverage, simply holding up signs and hoping that passing motorists would think about the message. We are here, the Representative is gone to Washington hoping to destroy our freedoms.

My wife and I stood with the crowd from just before 11 AM until about 12:20, holding signs and getting mostly positive waves and honks and thumbs up from passing automobiles. A very small percentage let us know that we were number one by way of a finger but that was a rarity.

(Some of the crowd had been marching around the local Planned Parenthood office an hour before, led by Lake County President of the Right to Life Organization, Len Reynolds and the Knights of Columbus. Former President of RTL Cy Huerter was also marching along with Eric Olson and dozens of other men and women. I got a few pictures with my camera phone of the marchers, including some children and a couple of babies in strollers. I was struck by the renewal of grassroots America and found myself hoping it is not too late.)

Several candidates for office were gathered in front of the Congressman's office and one of them, Rob Pastore, led us in the National Anthem and God Bless America. He had the microphone so he was just a tad louder then me but when we harmonized at the end of God Bless America I really put some oomph into it (I have been a professional singer) so we became a duet. With all the flags and signs and good feelings we shared a certain optimism. Our Executive Office and the ruling party in Congress does not care what we think, but elections are coming and we DO KNOW HOW THEY VOTE!

Three candidates for our House district (Rob Pastore, Eric Olson and Mark Leyva) have all become very active in Tea Party events and protests. On the Republican side the Tea Party is bringing in candidates from the bottom up rather than people propped up as candidates by the State or National party. All Republicans need to do is sit back and let the candidates come to them and then promote the winner in the general election and they will have the will of the people on their side. Are they going to wise up and get with the program?

Northwest Indiana Patriot leader Faith Jones brought her bullhorn and I think Tony Gunia had the largest American flag. There were several American flags, several Gadsden flags and almost everyone had a sign. Kill the Bill. No Obamacare. Vote Them Out. I also saw Thomas Semesky taking photographs so no doubt I will have a picture or two to share later.

National polling shows that most Americans want the bill to be defeated and not passed. About half of America wants Congress to start over again from scratch. Less than one-third actually want this bill to pass. Yet Obama and Democrat leaders are taking the stance that they know better than the public and that we need this bill for our own good whether we like it or not. Consider this post from Big Government:

VP Biden Says Obama Plans to ‘Control Insurance Companies’

by Warner Todd Huston

The indispensable Jake Tapper of ABC News took an interview with Vice President Joe “Foot in Mouth” Biden that contains a nugget of information that tends to prove that Barack Obama intends to destroy America’s insurance industry and place it under the full control of the federal government.


Tapper asked VP Biden what he’d been hearing from the members of the Democrat Congress that are vulnerable over this healthcare debate and Biden’s reply let slip the administrations ultimate goal; full government control of the insurance industry. (My bold)

BIDEN: Well, I yes. Some of them I say they say, well, Joe, look, man, I mean, you know, you guys haven’t massaged this very well. And, you know, this thing has gone on so long, I don’t know. And my response is, hey, man, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I’m telling you, you know, pre-existing, they’re going to be covered. You know we’re going to control the insurance companies.

Granted Joe Biden is the court jester of the Obama Administration. He is a fool of the highest order. It would be easy to dismisshis words. However, the idea that Obama wants to take full federal control of the insurance industry fits quite nicely with Obama’s claims as a candidate — that he was for a single payer plan all along.

Barack Obama fully intends to destroy the health insurance industry and replace it with a socialist nationalized healthcare program.

Call your representatives in Congress and tell them to vote “no” on this un-American legislation.

Congress Switchboard: (202)224-3121


Carl Cameron said that there were a large amount of Tea Party folks making "A hell of a lot of racket" in and around Congress today. Although rumors of SEIU people coming in to provoke incidents, the crowd has been loud and insistent but not violent. Yesterday over 300 protesters gathered in Pleasanton, California and the crowd spilled out along the edges of the expressway. There were several local protests in Northern Indiana this week in South Bend and Valparaiso and Merrillville and on and on and on...all around the United States Tea Party Patriots are having rallies and protests and trying to get people to pay attention to what is happening to us.


South Bend.


From coast to coast the American public is getting up off of their haunches. Naturally some politicians will lead and some will follow but make no mistake, this Tea Party movement is from the bottom up and will not be beholden to one party or one leader.

"I don't know if our victory will come on the third Sunday in March or the first Tuesday in November, but our victory will come!" Congressman Mike Pence. Okay, so if the Democrats pass this bill, the Republicans will certainly win majorities in both the House and Senate in the fall because the more people find out about the bill, the more they will hate it. But I do not care all that much about the fall election, I am more concerned about the fall of liberty NOW. If the Obamacare bill passes how will we ever get out from under it?

Barack Obama claims his Presidency depends on this bill. Why? Why would he not concentrate on helping the economy and putting people to work? Why would he state his career on a vote to take over (and possibly illegally) the US healthcare industry? Why would he have his people send a set of cooked books to the CBO to guarantee a positive score and hustle the bill to a vote before people get a chance to take that CBO score apart and give us a real representation of how costly Obamacare will be. But we know this:

We begin to pay for this right away.

The first benefits, such as they are, do not come until 2014.

The CBO is scoring based on ten years of paying in and six years of benefits and that does not include many other costs that will come along with the bill. It is hard to look hard at this and not see 500 billion dollars in losses at the very best and a huge drop in the quality and quantity of health care available in the United States. Many doctors will give up practice or begin practicing medicine under the table, as it were.

If the government can demand that we buy health insurance from them or one of their companies, what is going to prevent the government from mandating that we buy GM cars? Also, folded into the government takeover of the health care industry is a takeover of the school loan industry (except one special bank with a back room deal) so even supporters of the bill recognize that 30,000 jobs would be lost in the private sector. No matter how the Democrats hide the peas under shells, there are going to be massive losses in the health care industry because government always runs business poorly.

121 Walgreen's Pharmacies have just quit taking new medicaid patients and will quit filling medicaid prescriptions because they are losing money on them. Bartell's Drugs had 57 stores that already made a similar announcement. Government is making a terrible mess of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid already. Why would any rational thinking person want the government in charge of medicine?

I remember a remarkable story by a journalist from the South Bend Tribune who, in the early 1960's was allowed to take a trip to Moscow (a questionable gift) and live among the people in the very capitol of the USSR. That journalist described incredible conditions...people waiting in long lines to buy toilet paper, for instance. Multiple families living in small apartments. No normal families able to buy one of the wretched pitiful two-cycle engined automobiles offered to the richest of peasants. The phrase amongst Muscovites was that you used the newspaper and scraps for yourself and saved the toilet paper for guests!

GUM was the primary department store in Moscow and there were never enough goods to satisfy people because very few people bothered to work hard for their pitiful wages because they were not rewarded by doing so. Misery and woe led to a spate of alcoholism amongst the people (and alcoholism is still a big problem in Russia) and an underground economy florished, leading to the domination eventually of Russia by organized crime. 1920's America doesn't hold a candle to 21st century Russia in terms of organized crime.

I had a friend in the Soviet Union with whom I often talked over the pre-VOIP free internet phone system who was a University professor. She lived with her parents and walked over two miles each way to school despite living in Siberia and often fighting her way through snow drifts. She could not afford an automobile. She was simply ecstatic that, because of her job, she could have a computer and a dialup connection to the internet for part of the day.

A peasant under communist rule begins his day looking for bottles to turn in for pennies.

The USSR took over ALL businesses and destroyed millions of lives and eventually failed because they simply went broke. This is the road we are traveling. At the bitter end, when the Berlin Wall went down and with it the Iron Curtain, the wealthiest of those from the communist side drove their Trabants into the West and began to choke cities with their smoky two-cycle exhaust fumes. Berliners would habitually kick holes in the cheaply built Trabants in the hope that the owners would junk them. Soon all of Germany was able to be relatively prosperous again. But the socialism that is sweeping Europe has been eroding the lifestyles of the average European and we are now in danger of becoming just like them.

Ask yourself, if you are struggling financially and cannot afford to buy health insurance, what will you do when the government DEMANDS that you pay for government insurance or go to jail? What happens when you have no choices left at all? What happens when this bill tanks the economy to the extent that the USA is in the throes of a great depression? What happens when you have no job and no place to live? Will the government jail us all? Is that the end result of government health care, that we will get the best of care while in Federal care? Will America die when government agents kick in our doors and drag us off to jail for not buying Obamabrand Insurance? Or will we fight?

You can fight by calling and emailing and faxing your congressman. You can fight by supporting Constitutional challenges to the legislation. You can fight by identifying and voting for real representatives instead of politicians who will sell you out for a plane ride.

You can easily Free Our Health Care Now - To send a letter to your elected Representative AND to The Blue Dog Democrat Coalition, whose 58 members hold the fate of Obamacare in their hands, just fill in the Registration form and click "Take Action."

Below is a list of Representatives who will decide if you are to be a victim of Obamacare or not, courtesy of Mark Leyva and the Lake County Tea Party:


Rep. Peter Visclosky
Washington Office
2256 Rayburn
House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
phone: (202) 225-2461
fax: (202) 225-2493

Northwest Indiana Office
7895 Broadway, Suite A
Merrillville, IN 46410
phone: (219) 795-1844
(888) 423-PETE (toll-free)
fax: (219) 795-1850

PLEASE Call & Email these U.S. Reps. officials today!

Tell them to VOTE AGAINST the healthcare bill

Targeted House of Representative Members

Rep. Michael Arcuri, New York 24th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3665, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1891
Local Office Number: (315) 252-2777/2778, Local Fax Number: (315) 252-2779

Rep. John Boccieri, Ohio, 16th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3876, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3059
Local Office Number: (330) 489-4414, Local Fax Number: (330) 489-4448

Rep. Allen Boyd, Florida, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5235, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5615
Local Office Number: (850) 561-3979, Local Fax Number: (850) 681-2902

Rep. Christopher Carney, Pennsylvania, 16th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3731, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9594
Local Office Number: (570) 585-9988, Local Fax Number: (570) 585-9977

Rep. Gerald "Gerry" Connolly, Virginia, 11th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-1492 DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3071
Local Office Number: (703) 256-3071, Local Fax Number: (703) 354-1284

Rep. Henry Cuellar, Texas 28th
DC Office Number: 202-225-1640, DC Fax Number: 202-225-1641
Local Office Number: (210) 271-2851, Local Fax Number: (210) 277-6671

Rep. Steve Driehaus, Ohio, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2216, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3012
Local Office Number: (513) 684-2723, Local Fax Number: (513) 421-8722

Rep. Chet Edwards, Texas, 17th
DC Office Number: 202-225-6105, DC Fax Number: Fax: 202-225-0350
Local Office Number: (979) 691-8797, Local Fax Number: (979) 691-8939

Rep. Brad Ellsworth, Indiana, 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4636, DC Office Fax: (202) 225-3284
Local Office Number: (812) 465-6484, Local Fax Number: (812) 422-4761

Rep. Bob Etheridge, North Carolina, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4531
Local Office Number: (919) 829-9122

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona, 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2542, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0378
Local Office Number: (520) 881-3588, Local Fax Number: (520) 322-9490

Rep. Deborah "Debbie" Halvorson, Illinois, 11th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3635, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3521
Local Office Number: (815) 726-4998, Local Fax Number: (815) 726-8024

Rep. Paul W. Hodes, New Hampshire, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5206, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2946
Local Office Phone: (603) 223-9814, Local Fax Number: (603) 223-9819

Rep. Jay Inslee, Washington, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6311, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-1606
Local Office Number: (360) 598-2342, Local Fax Number: (360) 598-3650

Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Pennsylvania, 11th
DC Office Number: 202-225-6511, DC Fax Number: 202-225-0764
Local Office Number: 570-825-2200, Local Fax Number: 570-825-8685

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Ohio, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4146, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7711
Local Office Number: (419) 259-7500, Local Fax Number: (419) 255-9623

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2315, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-9739
Local Office Number: (928) 226-6914, Local Fax Number: (928) 226-2876

Rep. Ron Klein, Florida, 22nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225.3026, DC Fax Number: (202) 225.8398
Local Office Number: (561) 544-6910, Local Fax Number: (561) 544-2864

Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, Florida, 24th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2706, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-6299
Local Office Number: (407) 208-1106, Local Fax Number: (407) 208-1108

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio 10th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5871
Local Office Number: (216) 228-8850

Rep. Jim Langevin, Rhode Island, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2735, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5976
Local Office Number: (401) 732-9400, Local Fax Number: (401) 737-2982

Rep. Stephen Lynch, Massachusetts, 9th
DC Office Number: 202-225-8273, DC Fax Number: 202-225-3984
Local Office Number: 617-428-2000, Local Office Fax: 617-428-2011

Rep. Daniel B. Maffei, New York, 25th
DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3701, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4042
Local Office Number: (315) 423-5657, Local Fax Number: (315) 423-5669

Rep. Ed Markey, Massachusetts, 7th
DC Office Number: 202-225-2836
Local Office Number: 781-396-2900

Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, West Virginia, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4172, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7564
Local Office Number: (304) 292-3019, Local Fax Number: (304) 292-3027

Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania, 12th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2065, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5709
Local Office Number: (814) 535-2642, Local Fax Number: (814) 539-6229

Rep. Glenn C. Nye III, Virginia, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4215, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4218
Local Office Number: (757) 326-6201, Fax: (757) 326-6209

Rep. Tom Perriello, Virginia, 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5681
Local Office Number: (434) 293-9631, Local Fax Number: (434) 293-9632

Rep. Gary Peters, Michigan, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5802, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-2356
Local Office Number: (248) 273-4227, Local Fax Number: (248) 273-4704

Rep. Nick Rahall, West Virginia, 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3452
Local Office Number: (304) 325-6222

Rep. Laura Richardson, California, 37th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-7924, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7926
District Office Number: (202) 225-7924, District Fax Number: (202) 225-7926

Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, Texas 23rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4511, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2237
Local Office Number: (830) 757-8398, Local Fax Number: (830) 752-1893

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland, 2nd
DC Office Number: 202-225-3061, DC Fax Number: 202-225-3094
Local Office Number: 410-628-2701, Local Fax Number: 410-628-2708

Rep. Linda Sanchez, California, 39th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6676
Local Office Number: (562) 860-5050

Rep. Kurt Schrader, Oregon, 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5699
Local Office Number: (503) 588-9100, Local Fax Number: (503) 588-5517

Rep. David Scott, Georgia, 13th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2939, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4628
Local Office Number: (770) 210-5073, Local Fax Number: (770) 210-5673

Rep. Adam Smith, Washington, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-8901
Local Office Number: (253) 593-6600, Local Fax Number: (253) 593-6776

Rep. Peter Visclosky, Indiana, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2461, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2493
Local Office Number: (219) 795-1844, DC Fax Number: (219) 795-1850

Rep. David Wu, Oregon, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-0855, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9497
Local Office Number: (503) 326-2901, Local Fax Number: (503) 326-5066

Rep. John Adler, New Jersey 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4765, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0778
Local Office Number: (732) 608-7235, Local Fax Number: (732) 608-7268

Rep. Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2565, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-2274
Local Office Number: (724) 378-0928, Local Fax Number: (724) 378-6171

Rep. Brian Baird, Washington 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3536, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2478
Local Office Number: (360) 695-6292, Local Fax Number: (360) 695-6197

Rep. John Barrow, Georgia 12th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2823, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3377
Local Office Number: (706) 722-4494, Local Fax Number: (706) 722-4496

Rep. Melissa Bean, Illinois 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7830
Local Office Number: (847) 517-2927, Local Fax Number: (847) 517-2931

Rep. Marion Berry, Arkansas 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4076, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5602
Local Office Number: (870) 972-4600, Local Fax Number: (870) 972-4605

Rep. Rick Boucher, Virginia 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3861, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0442
Local Office Number: (276) 628-1145

Rep. Dennis Cardoza, California 18th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6131, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0819
Local Office Number: (209) 383-4455, Local Fax Number: (209) 726-1065

Rep. Travis Childers, Mississippi 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4306, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3549
Local Office Number: (662) 841-8808, Local Fax Number: (662) 841-8845

Rep. Jim Costa, California 20th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3341, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9308
Local Office Number: (559) 495-1620, Local Fax Number: (559) 495-1027

Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama 7th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2665, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-9567
Local Office Number: (205) 752-5380, Local Fax Number: (205) 752-5899

Rep. Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3915, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-6798
Local Office Number: (574) 288-2780, Local Fax Number: (574) 288-2825

Rep. Parker Griffith, Alabama 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4801, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4392
Local Office Number: (256) 551-0190, Local Fax Number: (256) 551-0194

Rep. Baron Hill, Indiana 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5315, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-6866
Local Office Number: (812) 288-3999, Local Fax Number: (812) 288-3873

Rep. Steve Kagen, Wisconsin 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5655, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5729
Local Office Number: (920) 437-1954, Local Fax Number: (920) 437-1978

Rep. Daniel Lipinski, Illinois 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5701, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1012
Local Office Number: (312) 886-0481, Local Fax Number: (773) 767-9395

Rep. Jim Marshall, Georgia 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6531, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3013
Local Office Number: (478) 464-0255, Local Fax Number: (478) 464-0277

Rep. Jim Matheson, Utah 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3011, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5638
Local Office Number: (801) 486-1236, Local Fax Number: (801) 486-1417

Rep. Michael E. McMahon, New York 13th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3371, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-1272
Local Office Number: (718) 351-1062, Local Fax Number: (718) 980-0768

Rep. Michael Michaud, Maine 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6306, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2943
Local Office Number: (207) 942-6935, Local Fax Number: (207) 942-5907

Rep. Harry Mitchell, Arizona 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2190
Local Office Number: (480) 946-2411

Rep. Collin C. Peterson, Minnesota 7th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2165, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1593
Local Office Number: (218) 847-5056

Rep. Mike Ross, Arkansas 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3772, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1314
Local Office Number: (870) 881-0681, Local Fax Number: (870) 881-0683

Rep. Ike Skelton, Missouri 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2876
Local Office Number: (816) 228-4242

Rep. Bart Stupak, Michigan 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4735, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4744
Local Office Number: (906) 786-4504, Local Fax Number: (906) 786-4534

Rep. Gene Taylor, Mississippi 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5772, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7074
Local Office Number: (228) 864-7670, Local Fax Number: (228) 864-3099


radar said...

My country 'tis of Thee?

radar said...

Anonymous said...




creeper said...

"The Cloakroom goes into detail here."

The "Cloakroom" being part of the website of that Family Research Council website that lies shamelessly to propagate and/or instigate homophobic propaganda and that you repeat unapologetically?

That website?

Why would you consider anything on that website trustworthy?

They lie.

And not just a little bit.

Where's your dignity?

-- creeper

radar said...

Mark Steyn-If Barack Obama does nothing else in his term in office, this will make him one of the most consequential presidents in history. It's a huge transformative event in Americans' view of themselves and of the role of government. You can say, oh, well, the polls show most people opposed to it, but, if that mattered, the Dems wouldn't be doing what they're doing. Their bet is that it can't be undone, and that over time, as I've been saying for years now, governmentalized health care not only changes the relationship of the citizen to the state but the very character of the people. As I wrote in NR recently, there's plenty of evidence to support that from Britain, Canada and elsewhere.

More prosaically, it's also unaffordable. That's why one of the first things that middle-rank powers abandon once they go down this road is a global military capability. If you take the view that the US is an imperialist aggressor, congratulations: You can cease worrying. But, if you think that America has been the ultimate guarantor of the post-war global order, it's less cheery. Five years from now, just as in Canada and Europe two generations ago, we'll be getting used to announcements of defense cuts to prop up the unsustainable costs of big government at home. And, as the superpower retrenches, America's enemies will be quick to scent opportunity.

Longer wait times, fewer doctors, more bureaucracy, massive IRS expansion, explosive debt, the end of the Pax Americana, and global Armageddon. Must try to look on the bright side...

creeper said...

There's really not much of a discussion about healthcare reform to be had with you if you think the status quo is just dandy, Radar. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm for living with the specter of medical bankruptcy. It even goes against your own stated principles of fiscal responsibility and morality. Who do you think gets stuck with the bill if you choose declaring bankruptcy as your way of dealing with medical bills? Do you consider that fiscally responsible? Do you consider it moral?

How did the blogs you read manage to make you become an activist against your own interests? Why do you swallow the lies so readily, and perpetuate them without questioning them?

As an example, I've demonstrated a clear lie that you passed on from one of your sources. There is nothing you can say to argue that it was not a lie, and yet you choose not to address it, not to take it back.

Why is that?

Is partisanship more important to you than the truth?

-- creeper

Anonymous said...

So you are so intellectually bankrupt at this point that you are resorting to simply quoting Mark Steyn and spreading more lies (via link), in your comments, Radar?

Wow, even for you that's pretty sad.

RE Steyn, what a loon, as a Canadian, I'm glad he's living with you guys down there, but don't take my word for it - from Wikipedia,
"Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic wrote that Steyn was, "... long on colorful rhetoric but short on dry facts." British journalist Johann Hari wrote in the New Statesman: "Steyn's prose has a jangling musicality; like Ann Coulter, he writes in a demonic demotic that makes you chuckle even as you retch."

- Canucklehead.

Oh and why are you continuing to run away from the "information" debate, Radar? If you're so smart, as you like to tell us ad nauseum, one would think that you wouldn't have to resort to , as creeper put it, "shouting victory as you head for the door" on such a lively debate.

I mean, come on man, just give up on this whole "literal Christianity" thing already. Really, as has also been pointed out to you on many occasions, your worldview seems to be forcing you to do some VERY unchristian things. Like LYING your ass off, at every conceivable opportunity.