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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama in his own words - Paint everything purple aka SEIU and COMMUNIST but mock the Bible

So he is in the hip pocket of Andy Stern and the SEIU. Organizing...friend of Bill Ayers, student of Saul Alinsky. Yep.

Muslim faith? Communist faith? He mocks the Bible like a Canucklehead! Barack Obama is no Christian...

Obamacare already forced my doctor to join a conglomerate of hospitals and clinics to deal with the regulations and paperwork and BS and now an office visit has gone from $60.00 to $110.00. But Obama would like to see people go to jail, too?

If we don't get Obamacare killed and if our legislators do not put pressure on to drill for oil and natural gas and mine coal and build atomic reactors then gas prices will go up and everything will go up and only the rich will not feel the pain. Most of "the rich" I am talking about are the Soros and Buffet guys. When the Democrats say "the rich" they mean businesses. Insane!

I told everyone back in 2008 that if Obama was elected that the economy would collapse and unemployment would go up, not down.   I was right, unfortunately.  Now I am telling you that if this President doesn't reverse his energy policies and Obamacare is not struck down by the courts that 2011 will be worse economically and 2012 even worse yet.   It is insane to keep spending more and more while choking off your own resources.  Budgets need to be brought under control and crooked union bosses need to have their mitts pried off the tiller of the ship of State.


As for all these teachers walking out of work and legislators running away from their jobs and states?   From an article attributed at the bottom...Give parents vouchers and have schools compete for students and the level of education will rise.   The best teachers will get the best jobs at the best schools.   Otherwise, when the government school unions refuse pay cuts, layoffs will take the youngest teaching talent and throw them onto the streets.

"...As Bill Cosby and many other liberals are now convinced, the only solution that will produce change at the grass-roots level that will benefit every single individual is consumer choice. See for the national leaders of the left and right. Consumer choice gives the power to the individual parent to decide what is best for his or her child with the funds following the parent's choice of school. In addition, as schools respond to the better-informed and more caring parents, the schools will be forced to improve for the benefit of students whose parents do not care, of which there are many.

This is the way that consumer services get better and better in America because all voluntary associations must respond to the more informed consumers. I do not know anything about electronics, nor do I care, but my electronic and digital communication devices are constantly improving.

Absent monopoly power and government control, when consumer choice is allowed to operate, then providers of services, such as schools, have to do a good job or they will fail. This is the major reason that some private schools are better than public schools on average, because parents care enough and the schools have to provide a good environment or they will go out of business. Their teachers and staff are not usually “better” than the public schools' employees. There are good people in both systems. However, political control models produce scarcity and rationing; they do not produce an abundance of good services.

I wish that I were wrong, but 20 years of involvement in public education reform efforts, including representing school districts as legal counsel, being designated a Hero for Children by the State Board of Education, and numerous activities to try to improve public education have convinced me that parental choice is the only method that will ever produce significant change from the bottom up.

We do not need to empower the mayor with more political power. We need to give his constituents power to choose — power for a better life for their children. Now is the time for bipartisan solutions which will help students."

Allan E. Parker is president of the Justice Foundation.


Anonymous said...

"I told everyone back in 2008 that if Obama was elected that the economy would collapse"

Um, the economy had already collapsed before Obama was even elected. Some prophet you are.

highboy said...

"Um, the economy had already collapsed before Obama was even elected. Some prophet you are."

No it wasn't genius. Try looking at Greece and Ireland, those are collapsed economies. Ours is on the verge.

Anonymous said...

I love the right-wing rage!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's how you want to define collapsed. Well in that case, I don't think the US is headed in that direction any time soon, certainly not under Obama. Be happy to revisit Radar's prophecy at the end of Obama's presidency.

radar said...

Obama was part of the problem. In fact he was a SEIU cheerleader before the SEIU began to change into NAZI...

Anonymous said...

Obama! Communist! Communist! Socialist! Obama! Socialist! Nazi! Nazi! Communist!

Watch out, Glenn Beck, you got competition!