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Monday, September 12, 2011

For all the poor commenters who I am continually censoring...

I am so downhearted and sad that you call me a censor.  Yes, the irony of it all, that I let you comment on my blog and accuse me of censorship.   It hurts me really bad, oh, so bad!   I want to let you know how much it hurts!

I guess since I am such a censor I will never see you come back and comment because I guess I am going to censor you, which is why anonymouse and Canucklehead and Jon Woolf and Chaos Engineer and various anonymous anonymouses (is that a word) will never been seen here again.  In fact they must have never been here at all because I am a censor.  Oh, it is like a drug that has Jonesed me, for imagine all the comments they could have made if only I had let them?   Oh, the pain I must bear in the days ahead!  Busily censoring all the trolls who automatically disagree with anything that is good and true.  Exhausting!  How will I go on?  Help me express my grief, fellas!  Help me, please!