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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A salute to the American Spirit on 9/11


From wikipedia, a rare source for me but this descibes what happened well:

September 17, 2001

One of Jack Buck's final public appearances was on September 17, 2001 at Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis. It was the first night that Major League Baseball resumed after the terrorist attacks of September 11. Although looking rather frail (Buck at the time was sick with lung cancer) and struggling to maintain his composure (Buck was obviously showing the signs of Parkinson's disease as well), Buck stirred emotions[6] by reading a patriotic-themed poem during the pregame ceremonies. He concluded by silencing critics who thought baseball had come back too soon: "I don't know about you, but as for me, the question has already been answered: Should we be here? Yes!"
For America

Buck shown delivering a speech on the scoreboard at Busch Stadium.
Buck wrote a poem named For America that he read at the first Cardinals game after the 9/11 attacks to describe his opinion and the general opinion, regarding defeating terrorism, of Americans after September 11. The poem went:
Since this nation was founded under
God, more than 200 years ago,
We've been the bastion of
The light which keeps the free world
We do not covet the possessions of
Others, we are blessed with the
Bounty we share.
We have rushed to help other
War is just not our nature...we
Won't start, but we will end the fight.
If we are involved we shall be
Resolved to protect what we know is
We've been challenged by a
Cowardly foe, who strikes and then
Hides from our view.
With one voice we say there's no
Choice today, there is only one
Thing to do.
Everyone is saying the same thing
And praying that we end these
Senseless moments we are living.
As our fathers did before, we shall
Win this unwanted war.
And our children will enjoy the
Future, we'll be giving.


Even so, Jack, I believe we can recapture the greatness America once had.

My son Rob, Sergeant Binder (In Afghanistan at the time), like his father and grandfathers and great-grandfather before him an Army guy, below:

I was at the concert along with my wife and my daughter and son-in-law plus a couple of random couples who just kind of decided they wanted to sit with us during the concert.   My daughter Sara loves country music and I am trying to get into it but I had no trouble relating to Toby Keith.   This You Tube video includes footage of Toby Keith singing live at that particular concert in Tinley Park and much of the other footage was playing on big screens over his head during the song.   Didn't know until today they were filming for a video at that concert but it is a great venue.   I can tell you the crowd was cheering and crying and jumping and singing along with Toby, he is a great showman and a terrific entertainer but you do believe he means what he says.  He is one of the many patriotic musicians who go overseas and spend time with the people who go to the sandbox and go across/over that wire to face the enemy and protect the innocent.   People like Toby Keith and Ted Nugent will go far from the safer zones and go up near the front to be with the men who may well be risking their lives later that day.

Some of us have forgotten that there is still a war on.   The Islamofascists are still blowing things and people to bits.   They still want to force Sharia Law on society or sneak it in by by regulations passed by Dhimmis who kowtow to them.   Islam will not quit trying to destroy the USA and Israel because should America quit caring and should Israel quit fighting the Islamists would rule the entire Middle East!

The socialists and communists have Red China and North Korea and they still want to take the USA over, they want to reacquire and rule the old Soviet Union, they are seeking to consolidate power in South America and they continue to own Cuba right under our Florida feet.    They won't quit.   They must be beaten.

Finally, let us not forget the victims and the heroes of that day.   The thousands who perished in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and on Flight 93 and the words, "Let's Roll" will live on in our memories.  Todd Beamer recited the Lord's Prayer over the phone with a GTE representative and then he and his team went to attack and stop the hijackers, his last words ringing in Lisa Jefferson's ears; "Let's Roll."    Thus passengers made sure that plane would NOT hit the White the expense of their own lives, but they understood the situation and they would NOT be part of the cowardly Islamic plot.

Fireman near ground zero

The retired Canadian police officer James Symington and his dog, Trakr, who worked hard to save lives on 9/11 and immediately thereafter.


May God watch over our friends who are still in military service:
And their families!

When you pray for the soldiers and sailors and air force and marines and coast guard, remember your border guards and port security and marshals.  Remember the firemen and policemen and emergency personnel, too.  They all risk their lives for your sake. All the men and women providing security, all the first responders who race to danger.   God bless them, every one!!!