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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time to call the Darwinist Bluff! Scientism is not science!

You will find that this blog is a to some extent two differing worlds.  There is the world of the blogposts that I make, which consist primarily of news and scientific treatises and articles full of evidence.  Then there is the underworld of the comments threads, where mostly anonymous commenters attack this blogger's education, intellect, character and sanity while making baseless assertions and asking less-than-reasonable questions.  Some of you never go to the comments threads because that is the way most blogs work.  So I will tell you that, in the comments thread, if you have not gone there you will find a great deal of derision and self-congratulatory hooting about how silly it is to doubt Darwinism.  

Well, here is part one of a two-part (?) video blog from the noteworthy Creationist, Scientist and erstwhile adventurer Ian Juby in which he interviews six scientists who were once dedicated Darwinists...until they actually looked at the EVIDENCE.  Oh, that...evidence.

Since most of you do not read the comments threads, I will share a little.  One commenter tried to tell me that scientists generally agree that life came from non-life.  I suspect that Louis Pasteur would have set him straight.  But when I asserted that NO scientist has EVER come up with a way life can come from non-life because of the hard biochemical barriers that prevent it, one of them pointed me to one Dr. Jack Szostak.   Of course I knew he had not come up with a plausible scenario because I have thoroughly investigated the problem myself and read numerous papers on it and have published some of that information here on the blog.  But if you want a hoot?  Go to his bio page at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Here is the beginning: 

"How did life begin? Scientists may never know exactly how a swirl of chemicals came together to form the first living organisms some 4 billion years ago, but Jack Szostak is working to recreate a hypothetical model of this process in the laboratory."

Actually, real scientists proved that life only comes from life back in the 19th Century.  The Law of Biogenesis was established and that law has NEVER BEEN BROKEN.  God made life.  Louis Pasteur and numerous colleagues established this through many decades of experiments and it remains true today.  Scientism consists of a guy in a laboratory trying to design life and pretend that would prove it happened by chance?  It would be funny if it was not so tragic.  Imagine what a good mind like Jack Szostak could be doing if he wasn't playing mad scientist with amino acids? 

In any event, another scientist with a good mind, Ian Juby, has a terrific website and on the front page he declares who he is:

Who I am...
I am the president of CORE Ottawa, Citizens for Origins Research and Education.  I am also the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, a member of Mensa Canada and the president of the International Creation Science Special Interest Group for Mensans.

I have also had extensive personal studies in Origins for about the past eighteen years.
On this home page you can see and sometimes download projects I have collected for design and tech programs, read some of my creation science notes, check out my itinery for creation science presentations or book a presentation for your church, youth or private group.

"God cannot be a figment of my imagination because He is not at all what I imagined Him to be."
-C.S. Lewis

"People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true."
-Sir Francis Bacon

"The bible does not say 'Be Ye transformed by the removal of your mind'"
-Winkie Pratney

"That's the whole problem with science. You've got a bunch of empiricists trying to describe things of unimaginable wonder."

So I present to you about 43 minutes of video in which we meet six scientists who were Darwinists and who now realize that Darwinism is just like the Emperor's New Clothes...

Thanks to Kim K. for the cartoon, below!