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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Fare Thee Well, Amy Proctor! You and Johnny are Great Americans

I'll keep the old link up for awhile in but Bottom Line Up Front, Amy Proctor's blog, is now an empty Squarespace.   Amy is the wife of a Master Sergeant in the Army, a very high rank for a non-com.  Only the best of the best get that high in rank.  Johnny is also a great guy, a musician who writes and plays his own music.  I have a Johnny Proctor CD that I like to play when I need cheering up, he really was a Beach Boy at heart and plays music of that style very well indeed.  You can go see and hear for yourself here!  Amy was one of the most prominent bloggers in the political and military blog world and became well known to the point she would be interviewed on radio and television.  But she had wearied of blogging and frankly it was not her first love.

This picture nabbed from facebook.  No, you can't have the link.  You have to be a Proctor friend.

Amy is a wife and mother first.   I know she will not be able to keep from having her hand in political matters entirely, but she has a gift for photography and she has decided to pursue it rather than to continuing to blog.  She has placed in the Army Digital Photography Contest, and she has already published one book of photos which is quite gorgeous.  Amy has "it" when it comes to an eye for color and scenery. You can see examples of her work and also learn how to purchase her book at smugmug.comHer specific page is here.

Bloggers are usually busy people.  I have links to dozens of blogs and I take looks in on them sporadically.  Amy did stop by and comment a few times and she told me that she learned some new things about creation science from my site.   I sometimes commented on her site and appreciated being part of the official "Proctor Platoon" if memory serves me right about the name.   She was one of the great ones.   Now her blog is no more.  So here's to the Proctor family, a man and a woman devoted to God, family and the USA.  They have skin in the game.  I am happy to be able to say I am friends with them in the way of the internet (emails, facebook, blog comments) although we have not yet met face-to-face and may never do so until we are all with Christ in Heaven.  

It is in fact one of the oddities of the internet that I have friends who know me pretty well and vice-versa whom I have never met in person.   Of those friends Johnny and Amy and their family are, I think, admirable and likeable, so I will use the phrase Sean Hannity has popularized.   Amy, your blog was great but you and Johnny continue to be part of the solution rather than the problem and I am sure your children will follow in your footsteps in their own ways.   You are Great Americans!