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Friday, February 24, 2012

Things Evolution is not - well-supported by the true believers

Due to vacation and then an illness my wife and I both caught while traveling (ah, togetherness!) I have not been working steadily and certainly not posting.   On the other hand, my last post was 99% Ian Juby and it was packed full of information and challenges to Darwinists...which they have pathetically failed to rise up to meet.  Somehow it reminds me of what Ian was addressing in his latest video, so in lieu of posting while sick, I will give Ian the wheel again:

It is true that commenters so-called "responses" to issues like the population of the Earth are much like answering the question, "How many of the fifty United States were considered colonies in the year 1750?" with the answer, "Marigolds." 

Not one of you has come close to challenging the information presented in my last post.  Consider perhaps changing your worldview?  Perhaps you pat each other on the back for your so-called "answers" but they are not good science or history and will not mollify the Giver of Final Grades.