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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is Creation and Evolution? Part Four (How to find the meaning of life)

This is the fourth part of the series to present the Complete Creation study by Ian Juby back about five years ago.   The entire set can be purchased at Ian's site.

My last three posts were videos 1-6 of the 24 part series.   I intend to publish two videos in each post, which makes the viewing time less than one hour of well-presented and fascinating material.   Ian keeps things moving with evidence and sources from both Creationist and Darwinist sides as he presents his logical reasoning for believing in a literal Bible and literal six day creation event and the Noahic Flood and other parts of Biblical history.

The idea is to allow Ian to present a step-by-step presentation of evidence that is available to everyone and illustrate clearly why Creation by God fits the evidence and Evolution is a myth that is built on lies, half-truths and complete nonsense There is almost nothing that is taught in public schools about the age of the Earth and the Universe and basics of geology that is true and once origins are mentioned biology becomes mythology as well.  

If you really want to know the meaning of life,  the big four questions are:

Who am I?
Why am I here? 

Where did I come from? 

Where am I going?

Atheism and Darwinism do not have good answers to these questions.   Christianity does.   Since Atheism does not answer these questions, Atheists worked overtime - often lying or twisting evidence in the process - to come up with the concept of Evolution.   They have applied it to the entire Universe, trying to explain how everything came from nothing by no means or purpose and entirely by chance.   Therefore there is no meaning to life and do what you feel like doing.   That might make a great philosophy for serial killers and heartless tyrants but it is not a good underlying philosophy for mankind.

The Judeo-Christian system of ethics based on the Bible has been the foundation of Western Civilization, but as they pound away at the foundation they (unbelievers) do not consider what will happen when the foundation is gone.   Our (USA) society is beginning to fall apart and I would say that the influence of Darwinism and Atheism has been the primary contributor to the destruction.   Only good teaching and critical thinking will do away with Darwinism and right now a system of scientists, media members and academics are either indoctrinated or are indoctrinators so the struggle is apparently going to be long.   If adults believe in fairy tales, it is going to be very hard to get them to give them up.   The younger generation may yet seek to think for themselves, though, and look at the actual evidence with open and critical minds?   When that happens, Darwinism will be dead.  


Shot before a live audience at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Did you know there are literally mounds of evidence that dinosaur and man were present at the same time, not only in fossil rocks but in artwork and literature and historical records?   If you are willing to research, you will realize man and dinosaur had to live at the same time AND that the population of the Earth fits population genetics models for a start around 4,000 some-odd years ago (or in other word when the Ark landed) but absolutely not 200,000 years!    We would all be standing on our heads!   But back to Ian: