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Monday, August 06, 2012

The Great Darwinist Information Invitation

I invite everyone to read my online book or at least part of it.   !Ultimate Information Post.

In that online publication, I give the reader years of my attempts to help Darwinists understand what information is and what it is not.   Information is not natural in form or substance and is not produced by natural means.   Patiently over the years I answered their questions and took apart their arguments so that the entire world could see the difference between the scientific and obvious understanding of information versus the illogical and simplistic arguments presented by Darwinists.

It is not the fault of the Darwinist that he cannot answer the question, because there is no natural source for information, so how could he present an argument for one?  So I am not faulting them for the inability to answer the question.   

However, one does get bored with the same old tired and failed answers after a few years.  So I have a challenge for Darwinists.   Go ahead and present a valid natural source for information.   Some of you have gone so far as to say I censored an answer to the question, which is ridiculous and wrong, but I will say that I would love to see something new!   We have dealt with all the Darwinist boilerplate answers on the !Ultimate site and frankly I cannot imagine that any Darwinist has a fresh idea.   But here is your big chance.

I will not be snarky and erect strawmen like The Sensuous Curmudgeon, for instance.  If you have a new explanation we will examine it.

Consider this the gauntlet flung down before you.   Here is the chance to put up or shut up!   Demonstrate to the readers what you have been unable to do in eight long years of the history of this blog and give us one natural source of information!!!   Can you do it?