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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Diogenes and I are looking for an honest Darwinist

Diogenes looking

If you research my recent posts on information, or older posts on information, or the !Ultimate Information Post in my links list, you will find that I have defined information using and Merriam-Webster and have sought out Information scientists (including the estimable Dr. Werner Gitt) to make two points:

1) Organisms are packed full of information.   (Specified information unique to the organism.  While all organisms are coded by DNA and have similarities in that code, all organisms have unique genetic codes with meta-information that makes sure all children are the same kind of organism as the parents and even error-checking mechanisms to identify and remove mutations).

2) Information has no natural source and is not material in form or substance.   (Information comes only from intelligence or from things made by intelligence.  Containers of information can be quantified objectively but the quality and amount of usable information held within said information can only be determined subjectively).

I then invited Darwinists to give me a natural source for information.  They have done everything BUT answer the question.   Thus, I have amongst the anonymous commenters no intellectual honesty.   They try to take the conversation away from the question now because all of their answers have been proven to be in error and they dare not admit the truth.   Naturalism depends upon only natural solutions to all problems.  I have literally given them YEARS to come up with an answer and I finally called them out, to put up or shut up.   They cannot.  

That is why Scientism has taken the place of science in much of the so-called scientific community.  The religion of Naturalism has been imposed on science.   Naturalism has hindered scientific research for many decades.   The real science of Intelligent Design is beginning to awaken scientific minds to the massive problems with Naturalism and the certainty that organisms are designed.   Intelligent Design scientists usually do not try to identify the source of the design.  Creationists are quite comfortable giving God the credit.  After all, He told us when He did it and in what order and how long it took and why. 

I therefore call on the memory of Diogenes.   We have lots of second-hand information about Diogenes, unlike the great amount of materials which allow us to declare we have The Bible in hand today.   However, the general story of the man is below, with my comments interspersed and the font colors obvious:


412-323 BC

Born in Sinope (today's Turkey), Diogenes studied in Athens under Antisthenes after forcing himself into his school.

Diogenes was to be what we today call an ascet, eating plainly, wearing shredded clothes and sleeping in the streets. Though an eccentric, he was greatly admired by his time and is sometimes called the founder of the Cynic school instead of Antisthenes.

When traveling to Aegina he was captured and sold as a slave by pirates. Xeniades of Corinth bought him, set him free and had him teach his children.

Diogenes often visited the famous prostitute Lais, and said that the difference between what costs money and what does not cost anything one can see at the nearest brothel.

There are many anecdotes about this man, who laughed at aristocrats and is said to have walked around Corinth with a lit lamp in daytime, looking for "a human being". The most famous one is the one about his meeting with Alexander the Great. When Alexander asked the cynic, who lived in a barrel (actually, it was a huge clay jar), what he could do for him, Diogenes replied that he could step out of his sunlight, something which greatly impressed the king, who said "truly, were I not Alexander I would have wished to be Diogenes".

Diogenes also said that each man should find either a true friend or mortal enemy, so that he would either get loving attention or angry scrutinization. In that way, he would not commit wrongful actions.

Tradition holds that Diogenes died on the same day as Alexander the Great. He was 96 years old, and died in his barrel in Corinth. Though the philosopher had requested his body be thrown in some ditch, he was given a magnificent funeral.

"Most men are within a finger's breadth of being mad."

If you do not know the meaning of life, I would imagine so...

"Nothing can be produced out of nothing." 

Darwinists base their worldview on everything being produced by nothing.

"It takes a wise man to discover a wise man." 

It takes a wise God to call a man.  It takes a Godly man to become wise.

"The sun too penetrates into privies, but is not polluted by them."

Nothing is hidden from God, even those places the Sun cannot reach.

"I am looking for an honest man." 

I AM LOOKING FOR AN HONEST DARWINIST!  One who will admit that he cannot identify a natural source for information.

My blog is my lamp.  The images below are from the linked site.

Ian Juby  points out that the idea of Darwinism is on its way out and deals with commenters with moderation.  I have not yet resorted to moderation.   But the price you pay for no moderation is to get my honest opinion of your lies and evasions.