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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

For the sake of the children, could Darwinists keep their dumb hypothesis to themselves?

I tried and tried and tried to get Darwinists to give me one answer to an easy question (if Darwinism was true) which is, what is a natural source of information?    Could they answer this question?   NO!

Now Bill Nye decided to leave a calling card of stupidity to the USA via YouTube.   I was amazed at the ignorance displayed by a guy who is supposedly an educator?   Then again, the USA may be having troubles in school in part because classic subjects are not being taught and nonsense like Darwinism is taught as fact when it does not even meet the criteria for a theory!  After all, it was a public school science teacher who taught me that ice floats because it adds more oxygen to the molecules as it freezes!   It was a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong time until that concept was questioned and I realized what I had been taught was was billions of years of was the idea that people feared the world was flat when Christopher Columbus sailed off for the New World.  Lots of dumb stuff taught as fact in schools.   To this day there are still textbooks with the Haeckel Embryo Chart being used!   Astounding!!!

Bill, you are an adult and if you want to believe life made itself and organisms designed themselves and the other nonsensical fairy tales Darwinists pass off as science, fine.   But operative science uses real scientific knowledge, not fairy tales.   We treat systems in organisms as if they are designed and we copy those designs, we learn from those designs.   Science began because scientists believed a Logical God had given man a logical world to explore.  They were right.   In the Darwinist mindset, a logical world doesn't actually make sense.  After all, Darwinism is built on nothing but random mistakes bopping together to have epiphany after epiphany to magically make wonderfully designed things.   It is impossible to the power of impossible.  Yet that is what Bill Nye believes in...and it is a faith and not a fact.   Darwinism is not a fact at all.   It is a belief system and a darned illogical one at that.  

Here is the answer to THAT!
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Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and Big Think have produced an emotional video challenging parents to restrict their children's education by censoring important scientific information. Creation Ministries International is dedicated to providing the data that they don't want you to hear. Think Bigger. Examine both sides of the origins debate then make a decision.

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