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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Amy Proctor's Post-Election Message to Americans

by Amy Proctor November 7th, 2012

Mark Levin from his book 'Ameritopia' - "No society is guaranteed perpetual existence. But I have to believe that the American people are not ready for servitude, for if this is our destiny, and the destiny of our children, I cannot conceive that any people, now or in the future, will successfully resist it for long. I have to believe that this generation of Americans will not condemn future generations to centuries of misery and darkness."

There’s no other way to describe Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney but to call it devastating. We are now a divided republic as Americans voted 50% to almost 49% for Obama. After the most vitriolic election season of my lifetime, many good, patriotic, struggling Americans are left this morning asking themselves, “Why? How could this happen? Why would my fellow Americans do this to me and my children?”
The message is clear: we’ve entered a new era in American history. We’ve turned the page on decorum and decency to vulgarity and patheticness. Where we used to require our candidates, let alone our presidents, to be statesmen, we’re now satisfied with them being tactless thugs who relate more to Hollywood elitists than the average working American. We’ve settled for a sitting president that calls his opponent a “buttshitter” and worse, who campaigned from the pages of Rolling Stone and The View as the sitting First Lady campaigned from iVillage talking about “50 Shades of Gray.”

Barack Obama had a winning strategy; that is, to throw all his eggs in the stupid basket. His appeal to the unlearned, unchurched, unsophisticated morons who most probably couldn’t tell you how many states or branches of government are, paid off in a big way. Once unthinkable tactics that even the most unscrupulous candidates wouldn’t dare attempt were used front and center as an appealing sound byte to lure the stupid from their caves. Big Bird, free condoms, free healthcare, Romnesia and other absurdities were touted as reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney. And those with IQs around 45 bought it hook, line and sinker.

And then there are the lies. Lies, lies and more lies. Barack Obama and Joe Biden lied about everything they could… job creation, dead Americans in Benghazi, Iraq, oil creation, defunding Big Bird, why they were just so incapable of fixing the economy…. These were easy lies to discredit. Easy. But in debates watched by tens of millions of Americans, lie, lie, lie they did because they knew damn well the ignorant voters would never fact check because it’s just so hard to be informed.

What’s really disturbing is how Barack Obama pathologically lied while being the father of two daughters. There’s something sick about a father who so blatantly lies about his record and his opponent while posing as a good family man. I guess absolute power is more important to some people than absolute character.

In the end, bullying won. Barack Obama let his surrogates carry out an assault on the character of two of the most decent men in America; Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And those surrogates perpetuated the message that any woman who’d vote for Mitt Romney is a misogynistic *#$%*!, that Mitt Romney killed a woman with cancer, that Mitt Romney wanted to send blacks into slavery, and that Romney is an (insert favorite obscenity here). Obama maintained a level of juvenile, arrogant and condescending discourse that was an embarrassment to the office of the Presidency. And this, too, like $3.50 a gallon gas, high grocery and energy prices, and even higher unemployment, is the new normal.

Many of us watched the returns last night in horror. Why would New York and New Jersey vote for a man who promised to help their states after hurricane Sandy while so many are still suffering from its effects? Where is FEMA? Where is the water, food, heat and other aide promised to them last week? But really, who gives a crap? So don’t cry for me, NY and NJ. You fools get exactly what you deserve as you flounder in the freezing cold without food and water.

And how could Pennsylvania, which as seen more than a dozen coal plants close because of Obama’s war on coal, elect Obama? When your unemployment reaches 20%, don’t cry on my shoulder, PA. You did this to yourself. And thanks for doing it to the rest of us, too.

One of the most bizarre victories was in Massachusetts. Democrat Elizabeth Warren defeated Senator R-Scott Brown, who was elected to take the seat of Ted Kennedy after his death. His election was a message to the president to not pass Obamacare. And now, the citizens of MA voted for a lying white woman who’s been disgraced by her ludicrous claim that she’s a Cherokee Native American so she could receive special treatment from Harvard? Look at her! She’s white! She’s not a Native American! But then, Massachusetts, you are stupid, so the fact that she was elected doesn’t even make me sad. It makes me LOL. Literally.

Condolences go out particularly to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who must be crying himself to sleep tonight. Israel has lost its best ally and Iran is taking notice. God help Israel.

Congratulations go out to all those Ron Paul voters who stood by their “principles”, such as they are, that there is no difference between Obama and Romney, so they decided to spend election day smoking pot rather than voting to save the Republic. Good move, Paulbots. May you all move to Colorado and Washington state.

What now? The next four years will be even more divisive than the last. Who will Obama blame for the mess he inherited this time? And does it really matter anymore anyway? The end of our great nation as we know it is secure. The republic as we knew it is moving “forward”, off the cliff into the abyss for good. There is no turning back. Obamacare will not be repealed and socialized medicine will replace private medical care in America. Except for elitists like presidents, senators and congressmen, that is. They will continue to enjoy their “Cadillac insurance plans” while the rest of us eat cake. The Supreme Court will be stacked with at least 2 more justices in the next 4 years. Obama will continue to rule like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, who by the way endorsed Obama for president. The economy will hit rock bottom. The debt will continue to climb and the dollar will eventually fail, sooner rather than later.

But I will not be discouraged for long. I will remember the words of Ronald Reagan who said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” I will remember that we did our damnedest and that’s all we can really do. This is America, after all, and her weakness is the same as her strength: liberty. What makes liberty vulnerable are the ignorant masses with a voting card, and they are beginning to out number the rest of us. So settle I will. I will remember fondly the good men named Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and how they valiantly tried to save this nation through character, dignity and a feasible plan and remember that it wasn’t their fault the election turned out this way, it is the fault of the American voter. And I will turn my eyes away from politics, away from nationalism, and turn to God alone, since my own citizenry betrayed us. I can comfort myself with the solace that the next generation will not miss what it never knew and know that this new normal America has settled for will hurt mainly those who deserve it. The rest of us thinking, feeling, patriotic Americans will make due and find our own success in our own ways because we are, after all, still Americans, while that still means something.
Amy is the former Bottom Line Up Front author who is now an award-winning photographer and world traveler who has settled with her children in the States.  Her husband, Johnny, is a Master Sergeant currently serving in the US Army overseas, a talented musician and doubtless hoping to get back home soon.  Keep your head down, Johnny, and come back home!  They are a God-fearing wonderful family and may God bless them all!    Her more-than-just-photography website is found here - Amy Proctor   IMAGO DEI PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG
This blog author will not do a post-mortem examination of the carcass that is the 2012 election. I am attending the funeral and watching it go down into the ground.   I understood that America could easily become a dystopian society if it ever became addicted to government.   We held on to true liberty for so long I think we believed it could never be taken away.  We became complacent and used to it to the point we believed we could do anything we like with it.  We ignored responsibility, civility and honor.  We devalued honesty and the Judeo-Christian morality that the Founders took for granted.  They did not foresee the ending but I do think they wondered how long we could avoid the trap of government handouts over individual accomplishments.   Much as did Rome, we have collapsed from the inside out.  It is too painful to look any longer upon the corpse.   So RIP the American Republic, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.   You were the best!
 The headstone readsHere lies the Greatest Nation on Earth.  The boldest experiment in Democracy ever attempted and one who lived a full and rich life.   It cried, "Give me liberty or give me death."  May it rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Well... Amy Proctor does take nice pictures.

Alfonso Palomo said...

I have already taught my five year old how to protect himself from foreigners, terrorists, and the US government. I think we should have mandatory firearms training in schools.