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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

If we have screwed ourselves, we might as well admit it. Benjamin Franklin? We could not keep it, sorry.

I only voted once.  My family members only voted once.   We played it straight.  We didn't cheat and we certainly expected that the issues were crystal clear.   America could decide to remain a Republic built upon the Constitution and the multinational corporations that have been waiting to see what would happen.  Naturally I thought the USA would be smart and not re-enlist for four more years of Obamanation.  I must admit I am surprised.  After all, everything I predicted Obama would do he did.

Fuel prices have more than doubled.  The economy is tanking and when Taxmageddon hits in 2013 and Obamacare is fully implemented then 8% unemployment will seem like the good old days.   I would tell you what the next four years are going to do to this country but you didn't believe me four years ago so why bother?  If you are smart enough to have voted for Romney you are aware of what was at stake and you know what will happen if Obama's plans are carried through.

If Barack Obama has indeed won the Presidency, then Americans have chosen to go ahead and become Socialists.  It is okay.   The Founding Fathers set up the nation to allow the people to choose.  
They warned us of the dangers of becoming dependent upon the government and of course it was always a possibility.  So if it turns out that there is not a lot of provable voter fraud and Barack Obama is indeed reelected then the USA is going to have four years of steadily increasing economic hell raining down upon it.  All those who believed that Obama was going to give them things will discover that what Margaret Thatcher said about Socialism will prove to be true and in fact it has already happened.  We have already run out of other people's money.

Look at the National Debt Clock on the top left corner of my blog.   Each and every citizen owes more than 51,000 dollars in debt because of the actions of our government.   We are borrowing for all the big spending that the government is doing and there is interest on that borrowing.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were going to get business going, cut government spending and we would begin harvesting the oil, natural gas and coal that would allow us to cut fuel costs and get businesses growing.  Barack Obama intends to make the government much bigger, the debt much bigger and put America in a hole that perhaps we can never climb out from.   But Americans are pretty tough.  I for one will not just quit.  

Socialism.  It is a bit like taking a snort of cocaine or heroin and maybe crystal meth.   It seems like a lot of fun and it makes you want more.   Then eventually you decide to use a needle or maybe try crack cocaine.   The amazing rush you get from the first time you shoot crystal meth into your veins makes you feel ten feet tall, invincible, a man women cannot resist.  It is absolutely insanely awesome!   When you come down you feel like excrement, but you just cook up a little more, suck it up in the hypodermic needle, turn it upside down and push to be sure that no air is in the needle and you get your fix again.   

The trouble is that the second fix isn't quite as good as that first one.   In fact pretty soon you have to begin doing more to get less of a high and before long, well, you eventually begin to neglect girlfriends and rent and food and all your resources go into going for that first high you will never get again.   

America, a large part of America, they've had those first few shots in the veins.  They haven't figured out that big thrill of electing a non-all-white President and the sudden flood of a few extra benefits to some poor folks and the mythological stimulus and bailout packages will not be enough.   Pretty soon the nation will realize that they have a Jones and there is no fancy rehab facility that will cure it.   Lots of people will be losing homes, jobs, savings will be gone...oh well.   We made it last a long time, Ben...all the way into the 21st Century.   Thanks Mssrs. Jefferson and Madison especially for the work you did on writing a large part of the documents we once believed in.

At least the political ads will stop playing now.  That is the one thing.


Anonymous whatsit said...

One lesson you might take away from this is that your particular brand of politics is not a viable proposition for the US electorate. Losing this badly under these circumstances, including the Senate (so long, Mourdock), means that the current Republican Party is simply no longer tenable.

Add to that four years of Obama, during which the economy will recover quite naturally. Compare that to the previous 8 years of Bush, with unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts that failed to create jobs, and a huge financial crisis partly caused by deregulation, and it will be a long time until another Republican takes the White House.

But don't worry. It's not going to be anywhere near as bad as you think. Just like even right now it's not as bad as you think.

Anonymous said...

"If we have screwed ourselves, we might as well admit it."

I suspect your denial will be too strong to overcome the obvious realization that the Tea Party has moved the GOP too far to the right for it to be a serious contender in any general election.

Next up: moderate conservatives and the extreme right-wingers - will they ever be able to come together again? And to what end?

radar said...

I know business and you know the Dow Jones dropped immediately when it was clear that Obama won. Business knows that America has chosen unwisely.

Romney and Ryan were too gentlemanly to attack Obama and Biden with the nastiness used against them. Debates were run on liberal channels with liberal moderators trying to give the Democrat more time and help him out of trouble.

Candy Crowley lied to protect Obama and Americans are too lazy to actually check out the facts.

The map of the nation by county shows mostly Red for Republican. Mostly the majority of normal Americans in normal communities would have elected Romney. The big cities with big Democratic Machines dominated the voting for Obama. LBJ was an idiot, but he did know voters. He knew that giving poor people things rather than helping them out of poverty would cause them to become used to mediocrity and vote to keep it.

There is no question that the Tea Party is actually just normal Americans. It is not radical, it is just the same ideas that your grandparents had when they signed up to fight for freedom in WWII. Many of them died to protect the nation that no longer exists. The enemy in the post-war era of the 1940's and 1950's is now what we are turning into ourselves. The United Socialist States of America.

Obama spent four years buying votes with over 6 trillion dollars borrowed from others. He took our credit rating from AAA to AA-. He's already built a debt your grandchildren will be paying and they will wonder why you did it to them. Apparently you do not know what you have done.

The deregulation was caused by Fannie and Freddie and AIG and it was Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and Chris Dodds who kept Republicans from stopping the horrendous damage being done by allowing mortgages to be bundled with other securities and allowing ACORN to set up underwater mortgages that would never last. It was Democrats who brought the crisis to us and I suspect they did it on purpose.

Do the research. I warned America about the housing crisis years ago on this blog and pointed out who was doing it. Democrats. True then, still true now.

Anonymous said...

"If Barack Obama has indeed won the Presidency, then Americans have chosen to go ahead and become Socialists." - Kimbal Binder, Nov 7th, 2012

As always, it is fascinating to me to think that you actually believe the stuff you write. You are nothing more than a puppet that has been duped into arguing against your own best interest. With your opposition to the "socialist" Obamacare being the clearest example of this. Not to mention your oil company inspired global climate change denial.

Less and less time in my life for dumpster diving into blogs like your's Radar. Probably a good thing. That said, I just love seeing your "chicken little" reaction to all of this. Nate Silver had it right all along despite conservative protestations of bias (LOL) and you Dick Morris types are shocked and depressed today because you choose deny reality (admit it, you really thought that Romney was going to win in a landslide, didn't you). Democracy is about people, Radar, and not about how things look on an election map. And your side didn't have enough "people" to prevail in either the electoral college or the popular vote. And it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Anon above has it right and the smart republican strategists are saying the same thing today, that the Republican party is being dragged down by loons like you and your teaparty brethren. To the point that on a national level you guys aren't even electable anymore (the old white dude demographic just isn't growing the way you need it to). You are not "normal americans" as you posit but you are correct when you line their positions up with those of one's grandparents (can you remember how that generation treated the rights of women?).

I look forward to the potential implosion of your party as I suspect you teapartiers will continue to deny reality and when faced with harsh terms from moderate conservatives you'll elect to take your ball and go home (just like the Reformers did here in Canada) and all conservatives will be left in the political hinterland until you guys come to your senses and rejoin the moderates (or die off, I guess).

You and your kids are going to be embarrassed that you find yourself on the wrong side of history when it comes to practically all of the issues that you choose to blog about. What a record of shame. Maybe you can get someone to delete all this garbage once you're gone so as to save your children and grandchildren from the future embarassment.

Oh and LOL at your statement that you "warned America about the housing crisis years ago" No you freaking didn't, you lying liar you. Heck you don't even understand what actually occurred and you've had 4 years to try to figure it out. Stronger regulations in the banking sector up here saved Canadian banks from the insolvency seen in other countries like the US. You think the republicans are pro regulation? Or that you somehow were calling for stronger banking regulation prior to the slowdown? Get a clue Radar.


Anonymous whatsit said...

"I know business and you know the Dow Jones dropped immediately when it was clear that Obama won. Business knows that America has chosen unwisely."

Nonsense. It was extremely likely that Obama was going to win, so the stock market already had that factored in in the weeks leading up to the election. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone but some of the extreme deniers like yourself.

"Candy Crowley lied to protect Obama and Americans are too lazy to actually check out the facts."

In the 2nd presidential debate you mean? No, she said the truth. Romney presented an outright falsehood (that Obama didn't call the Benghazi attack an act of terror in the Rose Garden the day after the attack) and was called on it, much to his embarrassment. It was a verifiable fact, Romney was wrong, Crowley didn't lie. You really need much better "news" sources than whatever you are currently reading. Don't you get that they keep lying to you? Or do you not care?

"The map of the nation by county shows mostly Red for Republican."

Too bad it's people that get to vote. Acres of land don't have a vote.

Here's a map adjusted for actual population:

"He took our credit rating from AAA to AA-."

That was a direct result of the Republicans in Congress holding the debt limit negotiations hostage, sending a clear signal to creditors that the US could not necessarily be relied on to pay their debt as long as Republicans were in charge of Congress.

"He's already built a debt your grandchildren will be paying and they will wonder why you did it to them."

Two unfunded wars and an unfunded tax cut that didn't create jobs don't show up on your radar, do they, Radar?

Anonymous whatsit said...

Oh and one more thing, Radar: I know you're disappointed, but I actually think that the reason Romney lost is that he wasn't fully on board with Tea Party principles etc. That if only he had been more conservative, he would have won in a landslide.

So for the next election, I think people like you - the grassroots - should do everything in your power to unseat moderate Republicans in the primaries and replace them with more extreme Tea Party candidates.

I think that would be a most winningest strategy.

radar said...

Crowley did lie. We have the evidence to prove it now.

Canucklehead, here are two posts of the many I made BEFORE the 2008 election warning of the mess Democrats were making of the economy by refusing to fix the housing market problems and protecting bad laws that led to the failure of Freddie and Fannie and other banking institutions that the Obama Administration then claimed were "Too big to fail."

The plan was to ruin them, bail them out, take over lots of abandoned homes and put America into a financial crisis that would have so many Americans getting help from the government that they were afraid to vote Obama and the Democrats out. Choosing to scrape along in poverty rather than taking a shot at improving their lives with an administration that would promote using our natural resources and make America business-friendly. Well, that horse is out of the barn.

My predictions were spot on. Deregulation was the thing the Democrats protected with all their might. I thought putting up one of the several youtubes showing them doing it way back in 2004 would be helpful. I've put that thing up three times now I believe. In any event the financial crisis? Democrats own it because they made it and you can see they got paid for it. End of story.

radar said...

On September 17, 1787, at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Delegate James Wilson, on behalf of his ailing colleague from Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin, read aloud Franklin’s speech to the convention in favor of adopting the Constitution. Among other things, Franklin said that the Constitution “is likely to be well administered for a Course of Years, and can only end in Despotism as other Forms have done before it, when the People shall become corrupt as to need Despotic Government, being incapable of any other. . . .”

As a dog returns to its vomit, the USA has returned to being ruled by the State rather than taking the effort to rule itself.

Anonymous whatsit said...

"Crowley did lie. We have the evidence to prove it now."

What on Earth are you talking about? It was a specific statement: Romney said that Obama did not call the attack an act of terror in the Rose Garden the day after the attack. There's video of him saying exactly that, at that time and that location.

That is what Crowley confirmed in the debate. So what lie are you imagining here?

radar said...

No, Obama did not say it was a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden. He blamed it on a video and pretended there was an islamic protest and then kept to that story for awhile.

The video of him admitting it was a terrorist attack is an interview with 60 minutes that they withheld until right before the election. Had they released it immediately the President could not have lied about Benghazi for several days. He may have hoped CBS would destroy it or that other news sources would not ferret out the facts of the case:

Libyan personnel asked for reinforcements and were denied.

The Ambassador was at a compound away from his normal place at the Embassy proper and he and the deliberately reduced security staff eventually holed up in a CIA compound, all still on technically American soil.

We know that the Obama Administration knew it was going to happen because they sent drones to watch.

We know Libyan police began taking photos of the compounds right before the attack and then disappeared.

We know the two Seals began asking for help immediately and began fighting off the enemy despite being told to "stand down." How could security charged with protecting the Ambassador and his staff "stand down" and let terrorists come in and do who knows what? Ludicrous!

We know the Seals risked their lives to "paint" the enemy position with lasers. SOP in such cases. There was a team ready to move in to help them 45 minutes away and another about an hour away. The Obama Administration forbade any of the forces to help out with Benghazi.

We know the approximately 30 people in the compound held off the terrorists for almost 7 hours before being killed by mortar fire. We know the situation room in the White House was manned and watching the entire time via drones. We know that Obama and his people watched and allowed Americans to die and lied about it.

radar said...

To clarify, four men were killed in the mortar attack, including the Ambassador and the two seals. CNN and the White House and other MSM lied for some time about this, blaming an Islamic uprising at first and denying it as an act of terror while knowing all the while.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods.

Former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty.

Information officer Sean Smith.

Check out the official messages of Obama and news sources like CNN after this attack. What we have here is a conspiracy to deceive the American people and it worked long enough to get Obama reelected. Whether the Seal community, the military and the relatives of the dead men will let this go is another matter.

Expect criminal and civil cases to be filed.

radar said...

Furthermore, the idea that drones would be assigned to watch this compound is a hint that something entirely different was supposed to happen - the kidnapping of the Ambassador. It is possible the Ambassador was aware of this and was prepared to be taken and then exchanged for the Blind Sheik. This is a plan that has been presented as a reason why drones were watching, security withdrawn and orders were given to all to "stand down."

Never in recorded history can I remember a President ordering troops to NOT prevent an attack on American soil and NOT protect American citizens. Barack Obama may be the first CIC to ever deliberately leave Americans unprotected and order the defenses to "stand down" and not help them.

I cannot imagine exactly what those Seals were thinking when they realized they had been betrayed by their own country? I can well imagine what their families are thinking right now!

radar said...

Four days later MSM and the Administration were still blaming an Islamic protest for the deaths at Benghazi. Just as an example. Candy Crowley lied to protect Obama and interrupted Romney to do it. Never again should anyone trust CNN as a news source.

Anonymous whatsit said...

Again, what exactly do you imagine Candy Crowley lied about?

Why can't you answer the question?

Anonymous said...

"No, Obama did not say it was a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden"

And that was not what Romney claimed or Candy Crowley denied. Now you are being deceptive by shifting the goalpost.

Romney claimed that Obama didn't call it an act of terror in the Rose Garden.

Obama rightly pointed out that he did say exactly that.

Romney denied it.

Crowley confirmed it. Rightly so. It was a fact, and an easily verifiable one at that.

Anonymous said...

The, hubris on this blog... it's just so insane. At least there is a name for the trouble you're having with all this Radar.

I know it's been mentioned before on this blog (creeper was the first to diagnose you, I believe) but a better description of what goes on in this blog and in your head for that matter, Radar, simply does not exist.

So, I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I didn't really read anything you wrote above. Or read/watch your latest post (yet another one dedicated to one of my comments - win?). That said, I know you still don't even understand what happened in 2008 (or who was president when the "bailouts" went down - hint, it wasn't Barry).

Anyway, you should listen to Jindal.
I know you won't, but you should.

Especially this part,

"Where Jindal showed a bit more daring was on the banking industry, something that Obama blistered Romney on and to which the GOP nominee offered little response.

Declaring that Republicans “can’t be beholden to special interests or banks,” the successor to Huey P. Long indicated support for provisions in the Dodd-Frank law, which requires banks to increase their reserves to prevent future taxpayer-funded bailouts.

Even more notably, Jindal suggested he’d look favorably on something akin to the “Volcker rule.”

“You’ve seen some conservatives come around to the idea that if banks are going to be using FDIC-insured deposits, they shouldn’t be allowed to co-mingle those funds with some of their riskier investment banking activity,” Jindal said. “There needs to be stronger walls between insured deposits, the taxpayer protected side of business and riskier side of business that generate these risks and profits.”"

So, no you did not "warn America about the housing crisis years ago" as you like to brag. You did nothing of the sort. Again, you don't even understand what happened in the housing sector that caused the meltdown in the first place.

Go fish, buddy, go fish.


Oh and please explain for us, again, how " Candy Crowley lied". I take it that, like Mit, you haven't seen the video?

radar said...

Canucklehead, you may not be sane. There is no point in attempting to reason with someone who is not able to reason.