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Sunday, December 02, 2012

What is Creation and Evolution and who cares? The beginning...

Charles Lyell was a liar.  Not always, just when it was convenient.  Ernst Haeckel was a perpetrator of fraud.  Thomas Huxley also publicized fraud largely due to ignorance.   The list of Darwinists who have come up with faked or imagined evidence is long...lately a fellow named Gingerich has been a guy who presents amazing new finds that turn out to be complete BS.   Look up Pakicetus and really check it out, or the lemur from the basement storage that was presented as a startling new find for the year of Darwin?   Usually fossil evidence that is paltry or incomplete is converted with the help of an artist and imagination into a fanciful creature by Darwinists that is quite unlike the actual animal.   When Western scientists find actual remains rather than fossil evidence they usually hide it or disregard it.   The entire world of Darwinism is people with the indoctrinated and indoctrinators and censors attempting to keep the full story from students, the media and the public.

Charles Darwin was a tormented soul who feared that his hypothesis was going to wind up damning him in the future.   Too bad he was raised by hypocrites pretending to be "Christians" in order to be acceptable to society and had no clue about true faith.   With a grandfather who desperately wanted to find a replacement for creation, a daughter who died young and a background designed to cause him to doubt God, Charles Darwin is a tragic figure.  During a trip on board a ship (HMS Beagle) as the botanist and ship's companion (due to the English class system, the captain needed a "gentleman" as a fellow with whom to dine and converse) to the captain, Darwin "discovered" speciation and thought it was something else - the famous and unscientific hypothesis of evolution.  Darwin's hypothesis was built on the discoveries of men like Blyth, Wallace and Hutton and the fancies of his grandfather and in fact old pagan beliefs that life builds itself. 

Now we have too much evidence to consider his hypothesis seriously.   Those who are not either indoctrinated or completely atheopathic only need to consider the evidence seriously and with logic and critical thinking you will soon abandon evolution and realize only a creation by Supernatural Being is credible. There is a need for people to be taught how to think rather than simply be loaded down with so-called "facts" so that ludicrous concepts like evolution would be abandoned as they ought. 

The Dawkins-style Darwinists of today have no excuse.  Evidence destroys evolution.   Ian's YouTube channel (linked at bottom of article) has a number of fantastic teaching tools.   Too encourage people to learn from him and challenge the senseless and unsupportable Darwinist paradigm, a series from Ian...

If you watch you will learn from the brilliant Ian Juby! 

Who am I? 
Why am I here? 
Where did I come from? 
Where am I going?


The Wazooloo channel on YouTube.


cavalier973 said...

Ian Juby is a prince among men. He's both intelligent and funny, which makes him very dangerous to the Darwinist dogma.

James Sullivan said...

This blog is very piquing to the old curiosity - raising many, many questions, such as "what color is the sky in your world?"

radar said...

Smiles...what is blue? Is the color I see the color you see? When in fact we have eyes that convert light into colors that are arguably not there but are in fact variations in frequency and and motion of light, which is particle and wave. Color is perception. We reach out and touch things that are primarily empty are we. Yet we consist of around 100 trillion cells and have ten times that many biological "hitch-hikers" riding along on us and in us.

The wonder of existence and the grandeur of creation large and small causes the soul to long for the Creator. To resist is to miss out on the best view now and forever.