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Monday, February 11, 2013

Question Evolution Day is almost here! has challenged the Darwinist world on the grounds of evidence...or lack thereof!

Question Evolution Day is February 12th, 2013!

My buddy Piltdown Superman is promoting QED this year on Facebook and across the internet.   I am publishing general posts in keeping with the spirit of the movement.   Evolution should be questioned by every single student and parent in the world!   It is the mindless acceptance of every bit of dogma fed to people by government schools and liberal-dominated news and entertainment media that has contributed to the dumbing-down of Western Civilization. has been a champion of real science for many years now.  Some of the best minds in the world, such as that of Jonathan Sarfati, have joined forces to organize into groups of scientists and philosophers and educators who are devoted to promoting real science and fighting evolution fairy tales.  The Institute for Creation Research was the first large organization, the legacy of the late Dr. Henry Morris.  Answers in Genesis and many, many more such organizations have been at work refuting evolutionist's just-so stories on one hand while doing actual research and tests to help understand what we can about not only origins, but also practical scientific applications that result from understanding that everything in the Universe was originally designed and set in motion by the Creator God.   Some other Intelligent Design organizations do not even consider the origin of design in the Universe, but they simply point it out and promote ways to use this basic point to better utilize the resources available to mankind to improve the lot of humanity and cure diseases and syndromes that are harmful to us.   

Science and Western Civilization were built upon a foundation of acknowledging a Supreme Being Who had set down a set of basic moral codes and created all organisms, things, and processes of the material world.  As our societies push God aside and run headlong towards myth and deviant behaviors, they will certainly suffer the same fate as those societies of the past which collapsed from within from behavioral and financial bankruptcy.   Would George Washington and Benjamin Franklin have worked to create a society that was hostile to Christianity and promoted the murder of babies in the womb?   They would rather have bowed the knee to King George than be associated with abortion and sexual deviancy!  

Question Evolution honestly and you will not be satisfied with the answers.   As a seeker who came from depravity and drugs and life as a party with the focus on pleasing only myself, I know first-hand the joy and elation at discovering real meaning to life and an actual relationship with the Creator God!   Being a child of God is superior to having millions of dollars and every worldly pleasure at your fingertips.   I would not trade faith in God for all the money and pleasures in the world...real freedom results from devotion to God.  It is hard to convey this to those who have not experienced a life with a true foundation.  But I can challenge people to think critically and open their minds and hearts to the very things the Darwinists seek to keep from you.   Yes, censorship and bullying and outright lies are typical weapons Darwinists use to keep people from looking behind the curtain of the assertions of evolution.   Do not be afraid to seek the truth for yourself and be sure you do not simply swallow Darwin's Fairy Tales whole!    Look carefully at the foundations of their fairy castles to see that they are simply not there!

Question evolution!

A grass-roots movement to challenge the anti-Christian dogma of evolution

Question evolution
Get involved in questioning evolution!
CMI’s worldwide “Question evolution!” is off to a great start. For example in the US, the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), which is one of the largest non-denominational, grassroots church lobbies in America and speaks on behalf of over 43,000 churches, is promoting the campaign. With so many churches involved worldwide, there is going to be a whole lot of questioning of evolution going on! Get involved yourself and get your church involved as well—let us work together to spread the truth.
The campaign involves people empowering people to stand firm together against the evolutionary indoctrination so rampant in our schools, universities and media. You can encourage your friends to ‘Question evolution’—especially if you are a student who is being force-fed evolutionary dogma.
What good questions can you ask? Our exciting ‘Question evolution’ tract, 15 Questions for Evolutionists, provides 15 critically important questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer. Share them with your friends, family and fellow students. These attractive tracts [view /order] are very affordable, or print your own from our downloadable PDF document [plain A4-sizeplain letter-size]. See a summary of the 15 Questions and here is a web page of the complete 15 Questions including links to further reading and references.
Our exciting ‘Question evolution’ tract, 15 Questions for Evolutionists, provides 15 critically important questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer.
Students certainly should question Darwinism in their schools and encourage others to do it too—after all, don’t teachers urge students to “questioneverything”? Students have a right to question the evolutionary pseudosciencepeddled to them.
You can also get shirts, hats and caps, bags, mugs, stickers or badges printed with “Question evolution! /” or “Evolution—The greatest hoax on Earth? / Get the facts at”.
Wearing Question evolution! clothing will clearly show your opposition to evolutionary dogma. Christian students can wear these shirts or caps at their high schools, colleges/universities, or when ‘hanging out’ with friends.
By simply sharing a tract or wearing a shirt, cap or badge, others will visit and find out the truth, empowering them to reject the lie that “everything made itself without God”. Christ as our Creator and Redeemer sets people free!
… grass-roots revolt against the force-feeding of everyone with evolutionary ‘there-is-no-need-for-God’ thinking.
Get involved in this grass-roots revolt against the force-feeding of everyone with evolutionary ‘there-is-no-need-for-God’ thinking.
Visit the CMI webstore to order very affordable Question Evolution! resources available in your country. You can make your own shirts, caps, etc., or arrange your own supplier (e.g. VistaPrint is easy and affordable), using our free downloadable artwork, pdf and jpg versions available.
For students who have to wear a uniform, you can put a sticker on your bag or books, or wear a badge. Others can use the special Question evolution! coffee mug or badge at their work place.

Get your church involved in this exciting campaign! Organize a bulk order to save money. The rejection of the Creator’s authority via evolutionary indoctrination is a core issue in the erosion of traditional Christian values. Please get involved in this exciting campaign!
CMI is promoting this campaign through, FacebookYouTube and Twitter, and through other avenues as well. Help spread the word!
Contact us if you want to discuss other ways of getting involved.


The following people outside of CMI have endorsed the Question Evolution! Campaign: Dr Duane Gish, Dr John Sanford, Michael Oard and Ian Juby (would you like to add your name?).
Dr Gish: “As one who has debated over 300 evolutionists, I am delighted to see this Question Evolution campaign under way. The 15 Questions for Evolutionists brochure hits all the major questions on origins that evolutionists have no satisfactory answers for. The questions should be propagated widely. I commend the campaign.”
Dr Sanford: “I enthusiastically endorse the campaign to encourage all thinking people to question evolution. The era must come to an end where all things with the single exception of evolution are subject to critical examination. How sad that so much evidence has been suppressed, such that most people who consider themselves to be ‘well informed’ have in fact only heard one side of the question. Indoctrination, intimidation, censorship—this is not how science is supposed to operate. Let us return to the true spirit of science, which is critical thinking, dialog and open inquiry.”
Ian Juby: “The Question Evolution! Campaign is an innovative, grassroots anti-evolution campaign which I believe will have a lasting and far reaching impact. The campaign is worldwide in scope and I hope to see it serve as a uniting force within the biblical creation community. I heartily recommend getting involved in this grassroots anti-evolution movement.”

15 Questions summary

Note to would-be evolution defenders: please read the full brochure and linked articles before attempting to answer the questions, otherwise you will likely be wasting your time boxing at shadows. Also, please look at the answers that have already been put forward (see the 3-part series on responses under Related articles below), or you could be wasting your time duplicating what someone else has done.
  1. How did life with specifications for hundreds of proteins originate just by chemistry without intelligent design?
  2. How did the DNA code originate?
  3. How could copying errors (mutations) create 3 billion letters of DNA instructions to change a microbe into a microbiologist?
  4. Why is natural selection taught as ‘evolution’ as if it explains the origin of the diversity of life?
  5. How did new biochemical pathways, which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence, originate?
  6. Living things look like they were designed, so how do evolutionists know that they were not designed?
  7. How did multi-cellular life originate?
  8. How did sex originate?
  9. Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?
  10. How do ‘living fossils’ remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years?
  11. How did blind chemistry create mind/intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?
  12. Why is evolutionary ‘just-so’ story-telling tolerated as ‘science’?
  13. Where are the scientific breakthroughs due to evolution?
  14. Why is evolution, a theory about history, taught as if it is the same as the operational science?
  15. Why is a fundamentally religious idea, a dogmatic belief system that fails to explain the evidence, taught in science classes?

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Anonymous said...

So much wasted energy. Although the unintended consequences of all this just might be that a bunch of sheltered creationists actually find out that there exist, real scientific answers to all of these evolution "questions".

Here is a pretty good collection of answers to all 15.


Piltdown Superman said...

Yes, the atheopaths cite (ir)RationalWiki as some sort of gospel to shut down dissenting voices. This is a kind of appeal to authority. Naturally, people like this ignores key elements: QED is about intellectual, academic and professional freedoms. We are speaking out to say that we do not believe that the science supports evolution, but rather, points to a Creator.

Are you opposed to free speech? If you disagree with our beliefs, why do you want to shut us down with a lame article from biased, bigoted pooling of ignorance sources like (ir)RationalWiki? They are proven liars. Instead, you could have simply and smugly smiled to yourself about how foolish we are for "denying science" (a frequent fallacy, by the way) and gone on about your business.

Leticia said...

I cannot express how much I agree with this.

And regardless of people who defend evolution have absolutely no idea what they are defending, it's all propaganda to refute divine creation.

There is a creator and that cannot be explained away by science or Darwinisms who fail to see the obvious or refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

Piltdown, awesome rebuttal.

radar said...

Piltdown, I actually hope all who have a basic knowledge of the subject go to that "rationalwiki" article and see how empty it is. They run away from the questions, they present outright lies or make statements that are apparently designed to fool the uninformed and please the brainwashed. Not one of those fifteen questions is actually answered.

Talkorigins is also intentionally deceptive. Unlike RW, I did exchange emails with a fellow from TO and quickly realized that he was badly misled.

If you are a Christian, you can depend on the Bible as being Truth. IF the Bible speaks on a scientific subject, it will be true. The creation scientists of the 20th Century, especially Henry Morris and John Whitcomb, began to assert how BASED ON EVIDENCE a world created by God was a scientifically defensible position while Darwinism was falling apart at the seams.

If you compare the rationalwiki fifteen answers to the Creation Ministries questions and answers, it is much like comparing the scribbles of a child to a dissertation written by a grad student. Rational wiki is therefore a useful tool for any of you who discuss creation versus evolution because their "answers" are truly pitiful. But useful! If that is the best Darwinism has to offer they are in big trouble...

Anonymous said...

"We are speaking out to say that we do not believe that the science supports evolution, but rather, points to a Creator."

You are free to present scientific evidence. The fact that you're unable to is not a matter of free speech, but of the evidence not being in your favor.

"Are you opposed to free speech? If you disagree with our beliefs, why do you want to shut us down with a lame article from biased, bigoted pooling of ignorance sources like (ir)RationalWiki?"

This is just bizarre. Since when is presenting responses to questions that were posed (which is what Canucklehead did) an attempt to shut down free speech?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that all that Radar and Piltdown have by way of rebuttal is name-calling and ad hominems. That's all you've got? Thanks for playing.

radar said...

No, I encouraged people to go to rationalwiki and compare their "answers" to the 15 questions. I have gone there and seen them for myself. I am not going to take the time to break down their pathetic attempts to evade the questions, I am saying they are NOT answers and I have encouraged people to go see for themselves.

The censorship is carried out by Darwinists on the big stage. Darwinists spend millions just trying to keep students from even hearing the arguments for creation or ID!!! Now that is censorship and it has to be based in fear. The rationalwiki "answers" are not answers, they are certainly not honest attempts to deal with the problems presented.

Look, if I ask for a hamburger and you give me a dead maggot, I am going to rightly point out that you have not given me what I asked for. That rationalwiki article is a dead maggot.

Now, if any of you can answer even ONE of those questions in a comment, go for it!

radar said...

Do you notice that I allow dissenting comments and, as long as the language is not offensive, allow them to say what they want? This makes me different from the NCSE or The Smithsonian Institute and the vast majority of secular universities and colleges and scientific organizations. I am not afraid of dialogue and dissent and other viewpoints. They are.

Anonymous said...

LOL, "aetheopath". You guys try so goshed darned hard. What a nut. Just to be clear, my describing the rationalwiki site as "a pretty good collection of answers" is citing it as "gospel" in order to "shut you down" and is an appeal to authority of some kind? Whatever turns your crank, bud. I just said that there were answers to all of your silly "questions" and that that site was simply a fairly good example of this fact. I also stated that you guys will likely end up hurting your own position by getting creationists to ask these questions. Imagine the shock of those poor ignorant souls who actually ask their biology instructors/professors these questions... only to receive thoughtful scientific answers. I mean, those kids are never going to know what hit them. So fill your boots, buddy, I don't really care either way.

That said, at least be honest regarding what this whole project is about. It has everything to do with your "creator" and nothing to do with the "freedoms" you are trying to hide behind. This has zero to do with free speech. With the primary reason being that there is actually no science whatsoever behind your anti-evolution claims. Do you really feel that teachers should be able to teach "from their gut" on scientific topics (and that that somehow amounts to "free speech")? Don't you agree that an educator presenting "flat earth" arguments because he just doesn't feel that the earth is round, or because his particular religion says it's a cylinder, somehow benefits the kids being taught by such an ignorant moron? The bottom line is that scientific rigor must be applied to anything presented in the class room as a scientific concept. And Creationism (ID) just doesn't cut it once the scientific method is applied.
Which is why you are left with a set of paltry questions that largely have nothing to do with evolution.

And do I smell an ad hominem concerning "rational wiki"? I suppose we'll have to ask Radar whether this qualifies but why don't you attack the specific answers provided instead of just writing them off as being liars due to some unrelated youtube video? Weak sauce, Supe, weak sauce.


radar said...

Canucklehead, I asked readers to go look at those fifteen "answers" at the rationalwiki site and compare them to the questions and decide for themselves if RW actually answered anything at all. I encouraged people to go look and I am doing so again in today's post.

I am also going to publish the complete 15 questions and go over why they have not been answered with examples of several bad answers.

If you think the content on rationalwiki is good content, you should be glad I encouraged people to go read it. But I WANT THEM TO GO READ IT because they will then have something to compare to the 15 questions series.

Since rationalwiki is not a person, I cannot use "ad hominem" arguments. Sigh. The Latin means "To the Man!" Rationalwiki is not a person.

No, in my opinion the "answers" at rationalwiki are not good attempts at actually addressing the questions. A real scientist would be embarrassed to present that verbiage as "answers." A teacher would flunk the student who provided these answers to the questions on an exam, if the idea was to actually provide answers.

I will be going over the fifteen questions and typical Darwinist answers and the reasons the answers are wrong. But I do these things in blog posts so I can present reasoned arguments. The comments thread is not long enough to go over all fifteen, sorry. But I assure you that the rationalwiki posting will get plenty of attention.

radar said...

Now, as to the science of DNA study, Canucklehead, I have shown videos from both creationist and secular sources describing the way DNA eliminates mutations. Everyone in the field knows that DNA has error-checking and correction methodology and so if you do not like me presenting it, you are not just fighting me, you are fighting pretty much everyone in that discipline.

The fact is that DNA works to avoid any copying errors. If mutations drove improvements to organisms, then surely DNA would have evolved ways to ENCOURAGE mutations. But the opposite is true. In fact, observational science has seen that mutations are building in organisms despite the error-correction system and that this build-up of mutations is eventually going to kill off higher organisms, unless we can find a way to repair DNA ourselves.

Anonymous said...

"If mutations drove improvements to organisms, then surely DNA would have evolved ways to ENCOURAGE mutations. But the opposite is true."

Not all mutations drive improvements to organisms. In fact, more are neutral or deleterious, so mutations in general are discouraged. That is conducive to the survival of the organism, so it is not surprising if the mechanism has evolved this way.

All that is necessary is for SOME mutations (including SOME beneficial mutations) to occur, and no creationist has ever been able to present evidence that this does not happen.

That is always the dishonest little rhetorical dance that creationists have to engage in. You talk about mutations being harmful, but you can't categorically say that ALL mutations are harmful, and that is the crucial difference.