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Saturday, April 06, 2013

We are Christians. We founded the United States to get away from Tyranny. But Tyranny is within our borders and Christians are being attacked.

"Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."
Thomas Jefferson, , Letter to Richard Price (January 8th 1789)

As yes, the premise being that the people are well-informed rather than brainwashed.  Alas...

I am an American Veteran.   I love my country.   Let's not throw it away?!

Radar, SP4-to-be, who was riding a desk in the Washington Navy Yard when Vietnam came to an end.

How far will they go?  US Administration anti-Christian attitude becomes militant.

General RH Lee, one of our ancestors

One of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and was a general in the Revolutionary War. In fact arguably two of them signed it, depending on how you view relatives.   There have been military man in my family from Revolutionary War right down to the Afghanistan War (my son).   We are Christians.  We founded the USA.   It was our ancestors who came and established the colonies and the cities and built up civilization and allowed for freedom to succeed.

General Richard Henry Lee, the first of my family to fight for this country.   My son Robert is the last (so far) to do so.   My family has won medals and performed honorably and helped defend the Constitution of the United States before there WAS a United States OR a Constitution, from the 18th to the 21st Century.  I can assure you that Evangelical Christians were at the heart of the brave Colonials who risked life and limb to retain and expand freedom for all.  I wore the uniform, I stepped across the line, I have a right to speak up and cry out a warning to the common men and women of our nation.  We are under attack from the inside!!!

I am proud to say that my ancestor RH Lee was opposed to slavery and sought to have it ended when the USA was founded, unsuccessfully.  In fact we are descendants of the Virginia Lees on both sides of my family so I suppose we may have to accept the scoundrels along with the heroes.  

Regarding The Proposed Constitution
The first maxim of a man who loves liberty should be never to grant to rulers an atom of power that is not most clearly and indispensably necessary for the safety and well being of society.
Regarding Amendment II
To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them...
Additional Letters from the Federal Farmer, 1788

Read about the real America that was formed at The Federalist Papers.  Yes, having more than one source for news and history is wise.

We Americans were not perfect.   The USA had to fight in Congress or in the field about giving women voting rights, freeing slaves,  allowing free trade, treating Native Americans fairly and so on.  One of my ancestors was a Cherokee sent away from her homeland and who veered away from the "Trail of Tears" to marry one of my father's antecedents.   She was a courageous woman whose legacy I am glad to carry.  Native Americans were mistreated.  People of color were mistreated.  It took us as a nation many decades to right wrongs that were common around the globe and not just here.

Robert the Grandpa above and then my son Robert, below...Both were Sergeants.  Rob the first was a belly gunner in a bomber, Rob the current was a MP and platoon leader who both patrolled the roads of Afghanistan and trained Afghani militia to learn the ways of crowd control and weapons handling.  Rob the first was shot down and became a POW but he and his crew knocked down a few fighters and bombed a lot of oil tank farms and Axis factories before they got to him.

My son Rob on the road in Afghanistan near his Humvee

My father, Malcolm,  fought in Korea.  He came home and married my Mom right after getting out.  We have not found his old Army pictures since moving.

My family is descended from the line of kings of Scotland and includes King James, Malcolm the Great and the real Mac Beth - the best translation - (who did NOT murder to become king in real life.  Shakespeare would take liberties with stories).   My family includes Irish who came over around the time of the Potato Famine, Germans who fled Germany before and after WWI as the squabbling between the Kaiser and other royal relatives got worse and had consequences.  My English side came over before the USA was anything more than colonies.  Some of my ancestors were royalty, some tradesmen, some in poverty desperate for any chance to find a better life.  They came by boat and many trod through Ellis Island's famed incoming aliens hallways.  No doubt some were more infamous than famous, although I know of no criminals in the family.

I had relatives on both side of the Civil War.   Mostly on the North, although whatever-removed-cousin Robert E. Lee was a son of Virginia and fought for the South.   Do some research, the Civil War was more about free trade and expansion that it was slavery but it did cause the slaves to be freed probably 30 years or so before it would have happened otherwise and some 80 years later than it should have been.   The original USA would have been better with both freed slaves and free voting, but a citizenry used to landowner voting only and no women was not ready for the end of slavery.   In fact, many white slaves came to the USA to serve as indentured servants for many years until they had worked off their travel expenses and debts and were released.   I find most Americans are not up on their history, just the history-lite that public schools pass off as being authentic.  

Great deeds and great misdeeds are part of the first 100 years of this nation and we have never been perfect.  Just better than other nations because we finally reached the point that freedom was available to all and voting was available to all.  We became a world power and a world leader, a nation whose morality was part of its power.  

Yet we also gave away many rights to the Central Government in the Great Depression and FDR used precedents set by the well-meaning Abraham Lincoln to begin to enslave the poor with poverty.  LBJ came along to make those bonds stronger.  Now we have spent 15 Trillion to wipe out poverty and we have more poor who are more trapped within crime-ridden ghetto conditions than ever before.  The hobos who crossed the nation in the 1920's and 1930's lived on primarily the good will of others, folks who would provide meals for a few menial tasks to those without jobs.  During the Depression, families clustered together in one home, farming and gardening every piece of land possible and living on more turnips and opossum than grocery-bought food.  

Yes, there was a post-WWII boom but a lot of it was built on debt.   We children of that boom, the Boomers, we lost our way.   We used the Vietnam War as an excuse to reject all morality and just rebel for the sake of rebelling.   We are the generation who did not want to grow up.  Now we are in charge of the nation and we stink at it!!!

After 200 years we were struggling and losing our way, but a man named Ronald Reagan came along and righted the ship.   Aligned with Margaret Thatcher of England, the free Western World was again on the side of the good guys and enemies to the bad guys.  We prospered and communism in Europe and the Soviet Union failed and collapsed.   It should have been a start to a better golden age of American history.  But my generation has dropped the ball...hard.

We now have a President who acts like a king and tries to rule like a king and certainly lives like a very wealthy king indeed!   The massive over-spending and influence peddling I predicted if Barack Obama was elected (check my blog records) has happened, we owe more than 16 TRILLION dollars now and does anyone recognize why the more socialist we become the less free?  No.  Not enough of us.  Too many of us are playing Angry Birds and making tweets and updating our Facebook status and too few of us are paying attention to the important things.

Our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights are under attack.  Tyrants cannot abide a nation of free men with arms able to defend themselves against an army of 21st Century Brown Shirts.  

I know many guys still in the military.  I do not think the majority of our troops would agree to fire on civilians even if the President ordered it.  But brainwashing and preparation to do just that is happening. FEMA is purchasing more coffins.  IRS agents have more weapons.  In fact, most government agencies are arming themselves as the government takes action to take away your ammunition and guns!   

Now, apparently, the Christians are going to be the enemy of the State?  The ACLU has acted as if we were for years.   Now this incident as recounted below seems like the tip of an iceberg.   You see, in the early days of Hitler's Germany the Jews were portrayed as the enemy of the State.  Now in the USA in the 21st Century it is Evangelical Christians who are supposedly the big threat?  

Did Billy Graham fly a plane into a skyscraper?   Did Al Mohler begin firing suddenly at unarmed civilians?   Are we afraid that Christian terrorists are seeking to build suitcase nukes and destroy cities? Of course not, Islamic terrorists are the sworn enemy of the USA and Israel.  Not Christians.  We are simply against sin and tyranny, like our Founding Fathers who formed the USA in the first place.

So ask yourself why the US Army would consider the Evangelical Christians to be the enemy?  If we are extremists, then who the heck is in the White House and what do they believe?  What God does the White House serve?  Are there any politicians in Washington at all who can agree on a budget and quit spending our grandchildren's money?   They have spent ours and that of our children already and that train keeps building up steam.  Are there no more Statesmen left, are all the politicians so lazy or crooked or cowed that they will allow the Constitution to be shredded and tossed into File 13?  

Do you care?  Or do you just figure it is someone else's problem?

Military warned 'evangelicals' No. 1 threat

Christians targeted ahead of Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, KKK


Jack Minor

Soldiers in the U.S. military have been told in a training briefing that evangelical Christians are the No. 1 extremist threat to America – ahead of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others.

“Men and women of faith who have served the Army faithfully for centuries shouldn’t be likened to those who have regularly threatened the peace and security of the United States,” said Col. (Ret.) Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. “It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of wrongheaded characterization. It also appears that some military entities are using definitions of ‘hate’ and ‘extreme’ from the lists of anti-Christian political organizations. That violates the apolitical stance appropriate for the military.”

The briefing, which was given to an Army reserve unit in Pennsylvania, came from a U.S. Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief titled “Extremism and Extremist Organizations.”

The material mentions neo-Nazis, the KKK and other white supremacist organizations. Pictures are shown on various slides of people in Klan attire and Nazi flags. The significance of gang tattoos, and racist acronyms and the significance of numbers were also discussed.

While the material on gangs and racist organizations is similar to what one might receive from a local police briefing on gang issues, after teaching on neo-Nazis in the military such as Timothy McVeigh, the material makes an amazing link.

A slide titled “Religious Extremism” lists multiple organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, Hamas, the Nation of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan and the Christian Identity movement as examples of extremist groups.

However, the first group on the list is evangelical Christianity. Catholicism and ultra-orthodox Judaism are also on the list of religious extremist organizations.

See what Christian really is, in “Body of Divinity: The Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion.”

Following the briefing, one of the soldiers who attended the presentation and describes himself as an evangelical told the trainer he was offended at the material and asked for a copy of the briefing. After receiving a copy, he forwarded the material to Crews.

The material describes religious extremism as those having beliefs, attitudes, feelings or actions that are “far removed from the ordinary.” It then elaborates by saying that “every religion has some followers that believe that their beliefs, customs and traditions are the only ‘right way’ and that all others practicing their faith the ‘wrong way.’

Crews said it is astounding that soldiers were taught that a key foundation of the Christian faith is now considered extreme and compared to those who want to implement Shariah law.

“The idea of salvation being exclusively through Christ is a key doctrine of the Christian faith,” Crews said. “It is amazing that the trainer felt they had the authority and right to list evangelical Christian, Catholics and orthodox Jews alongside groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.”

When pressed as to how evangelical Christians and Catholics are a danger to those serving in the military, the brief does not provide any examples. However, it does provide several examples of Muslim extremists in the military. Among them are:
  • Navy petty officer Hassan Abujihad who emailed classified information to jihadists for possible attacks while serving on a destroyer.
  • Ali Abdul Saoud Mohammed, who was an Army Special Forces instructor at the Special Ops Warfare School at Ft. Bragg while simultaneously being a trainer for al-Qaida and traveling overseas to fight with jihadists.
  • Sgt Hasan Akbar, who killed two of his soldiers and injured 14 others at a military base in Kuwait when he threw four grenades into three tents where soldiers were sleeping. His reasoning was to prevent the killing of his fellow Muslims.
Conspicuously missing was one Muslim Maj. Nidal Hasan, who opened fire on fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood while allegedly shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Hasan’s rampage left 13 dead and 30 injured.

The Army has gone to great lengths to minimize the Hasan attack, going so far as to call it simply a case of workplace violence, similar to when an employee gets into a fight with another co-worker.

The Army has doubled down on its decision by issuing a report to Congress claiming that recent legislation that would label the shootings a terrorist act in order to help survivors and victim’s families would jeopardize Hasan’s chances of receiving a fair trial.

“Passage of this legislation could directly and indirectly influence potential court-martial panel members, witnesses, or the chain of command, all of whom exercise a critical role under the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” the Army said. “Defense counsel will argue that Major Hasan cannot receive a fair trial because a branch of government has indirectly declared that Major Hasan is a terrorist – that he is criminally culpable.”

Crews said the major problem with the training brief is that it relies heavily on material provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center which has claimed that groups such as WND, the Family Research Council and other pro-family groups are hate groups and extremists.

“We’re concerned the use of the SPLC list is not isolated,” Crews said. “The Army should make sure its equal opportunity officers across the military do not fall prey and use this SPLC list that identifies Christian and conservative organizations as hate groups as the basis for their briefing.”

He went on to say that placing evangelical Christians first on the list of religious extremists speaks volumes about how the SPLC views Christianity compared to other religious groups.

“This is absolutely abhorrent to all those who identify themselves as evangelical Christians in this country,” Crews said. “We know other commands have used the SPLC list in briefing soldiers about hate crimes and hate groups, but this particular briefing is the most egregious in terms of blatantly identifying evangelical Christianity as the number one extremist group in the United States.”

The material claims the number of “hate groups, extremists and anti-government organizations” has increased because of the prospect of “4 more years under a black president who many on the far right view as an enemy to their country.”

It goes on to state the purpose of the training is the belief that this issue “may be an indication of internal issues all services will have to face.” It advised participants that extremist organizations are inconsistent with the Army’s goals, beliefs and values regarding equal opportunity.

According to Crews, the Army Chief of Chaplains office told the Chaplain Alliance the training was an isolated incident and would not happen again.

Crews said while he accepts the explanation, the Army needs to go further and publically apologize to all evangelical Christians, Catholics and orthodox Jews.

“We believe the soldiers who attended this briefing should receive another class with the corrected material and the instructor should present a public apology. Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Orthodox Jews should be given an apology for having their faith called into question as extremists similar to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We don’t want this briefing to multiply. If it is truly an isolated incident then it should be stopped right now and the instructors should be warned not to teach this material again.”


What do Christian extremists do?  They built this country, they established the first schools and hospitals and universities, they set up soup kitchens and homeless shelters.  They provide free counseling to those who hurt and gather together to worship God rather than plot against people.  They go overseas and help the poor and sick, they translate spoken languages into written ones, they try to help people get to know God.  Frightening, eh? 

The most crime-ridden cities are the ones with strict gun-control laws.   Criminals will get weapons and ammunition no matter what the law says.   

This Administration is a shameful lot, using the tragedy of Sandy Hook to promote gun control?   They believe the average American has become a mindless sheep.  I am beginning to wonder myself.  What would Richard Henry Lee do?  What would Robert Edward Lee do?  They would not sit by quietly and watch their state or nation go to pieces, that I know!