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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Bill Nye Delusions

At this writing, the Ken Ham - Bill Nye debate for February 4, 2014 is still expected to take place. (Unless he takes the advice of some critics and will be like brave Sir Robin, "When danger reared its ugly head, he turned his tail and bravely fled...") Tickets sold out in a hurry, but the event can be watched live, free, onlineNye's fanboys are thinking that Ken Ham will "crumble to scientific facts". Nope. 

People are drawn to this anti-creation poster boy who are impressed with his bravado, ridicule of creation and his affirmation of "science". However, he is greatly mistaken when he claims that evolution is fundamental to science. He also demonstrates great faith in science and his religion of evolutionism. But such faith is unfounded.

I have gone on record as saying that Ken Ham will be the victor in the debate. Not only does Ken Ham have experience and more education than Nye (despite the claims of his adoring fans), but Nye is fundamentally flawed in his understanding of both the nature of science itself and his ability to speak without logical fallacies. He engages in circular reasoning, assertion, unargued philosophical bias, prejudicial conjecture, equivocation and more. It seems that his hatred of creation science (which ultimately means that that there is a Creator and we should find out what he has to say) and his godless religious beliefs have made him into a preacher of anti-science propaganda.