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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Cosmos" Evolution Propaganda Machine Oiled Up Again

The Evo Sith have been increasing their efforts to stifle critical thinking. Bill Nye the Propaganda Drone Guy's unimpressive performance in his debate with Ken Ham, Creation Sunday and Question Evolution Day spurred anti-creationists to crank up the propaganda and trolling the Web.

Before those events (and others), propagandists were already desiring to combat the growing threat to evolution from the Intelligent Design community, and especially from biblical creationists. Using their stock logical fallacies like equivocation, straw man, arbitrary assertions and others, a retooled version of Cosmos began. Leftist atheist comedy animator executive producer Seth MacFarlane uses the same canned nonsense that Bill Nye uses: Evolution is vital to science. Neil deGrasse Tyson (a self-proclaimed agnostic that is virtually indistinguishable from an atheist) hosts the show.

Ironically, this is marketed as a science show, but it is filled with faith and evolutionary religious claims.

There are evolutionists who attack creationists when we point out that abiogenesis is impossible. They reply that evolution has nothing to do with the origin of life. That is the opposite of the truth, just examine a textbook or an
evolutionary documentary — including the new and improved (that is, more anti-critical thinking) Cosmos.

Here are three articles. The first one is by Ruby Faraday, written before the show came out and predicting what to expect. It is "The Remake of Cosmos — Coming to You in 2014". Second, from Creation-Evolution Headlines is "Cosmos TV Relies on Imagination, Not Science". Third, a detailed article at Answers In Genesis, "Cosmos Review: Standing Up in the Milky Way".



Michael said...

Abiogenesis and evolution are two different things. In Cosmos, NDT says that how life began is still a mystery.

Atheists are okay with mysteries. Theists must posture as if they already know the answers.

radar said...

What mystery? Have you not heard that science established a LAW of Biogenesis way back in the 19th Century and there has been not one shred of evidence to overturn it?

The religion of Naturalism has built an iron curtain of ignorance around it's mythical so-called "science" of failed hypotheses and lies. Science came from Philosophy and Theists established the basic fields of science by starting with a logical worldview premise and then standing on that premise while testing hypotheses and doing experiments. Virtually every pioneer of science was a Theist if not a Christian with only a few Deists mixed in. The greats of science would be appalled at what Darwinists have done to the Scientific Method and logic.

Atheists are not okay with mysteries, they are opposed to God. They will grasp at ANY straws to avoid the truth. They will dump established scientific law and avoid Occam's Razor and publish absolute nonsense...anything to avoid the obvious. God created the material world and He input life and information and all the physical laws and gave us the ability to both make observations and act upon them. Sad to say, He also gave us the ability to ignore Him during our lifetimes.

When your heart quits ticking and your breath is gone, you can see God for yourself and the mythical argument of mystery will be of no use to you...too late to turn back then.

Elvis Presley sang "It's Now Or Never" and I would suggest that you abandon myth and embrace Creation by God while you are still living. Your fundamental premise is a lie.

KeiserSoze said...
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KeiserSoze said...

What a steaming pile of vitriolic, creationist, nonsensical, lies....

Piltdown Superman said...

When calling someone a liar without evidence, that makes YOU the liar.

radar said...

Soze was an alias, a pretense used by a clever criminal to walk out of custody and disappear. Kevin Spacey played the part wonderfully well, an outstanding movie and complete fiction. The Usual Suspects - watched it twice and it was good enough to watch again someday.

Darwinism is a pack of lies, pretense to avoid real evidence which supports Creation by God ex nihilo. Darwinism is also fiction but in any sense absolutely NOT wonderful. It leads people down a road to stupid along with man-made global warming and the idea that Socialism is good for a society.

Anonymous said...

[–]mormonminion 146 points 1 day ago
Why do TBMs think the same standard of truth we apply to everything else doesn't apply to religion?
[–]Sophocles 2436 points 1 day agox2
Because they think they have the inside scoop.
Imagine you're a homicide detective. Most of the time you don't know who the killer is, so every piece of evidence is a valuable clue that might lead you to the truth and you are going to weigh it carefully.
But let's say on one case, you already know who the killer is, and all you're trying to do is gather enough evidence to convict. (Let's say you witnessed the crime firsthand, but your testimony is inadmissible for some reason.) Now your standard for evaluating evidence is completely different. You aren't trying to find out the truth—you already know it—you are just trying to find enough evidence to corroborate it.
In most things true believers are like the rest of us. They don't know the truth ahead of time and must rely on a critical evaluation of evidence to tease it out. But when it comes to religion, they think they already know the truth. They think they have witnessed firsthand the answers that everyone else is groping in the dark to find. So they aren't judging the church against the evidence for and against it. Rather, the evidence is judged according to whether it supports what they already know to be true.
[–]TeuffelhundeHow do I add a flair after my user name? 340 points 1 day ago
Boy did you nail it.