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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Taking Another Bite out of Evolutionary Dogma

Today we are going to discuss calculus. No, not the math kind. The dental stuff. You know, tartar. But this is not about dental care. Instead, it is about calculus found on Medieval remains. The interesting part is that tartar seals in and preserves tiny particles very well. I'll move this along, don't want to get boring (snicker).

Antibiotic resistance is touted as evidence for Darwinism. A study of dental calculus in ancient humans shows the resistance already exists, and threatens the evolutionary icon.
Although is is bad science, Darwin's Drones get mouthy with the idea that antibiotic resistance is proof of evolution. "If there ain't no evolution, why d'ya gotta get a flu shot ev'ry year? Huh? Huh?" This kind of thing shows their lack of education on their own belief system. Also, creationists have been able to answer the flu shot remark.

Comparing DNA from ancient specimens with modern subjects, researchers were startled to find that some of the ancient pathogens preserved by calculus already had antibiotic resistance. One of the crowns of evolution is cracked again, leaving biblical creationists smiling.

An international research team led by Christina Warinner of the University of Oklahoma has published ground breaking research performed on ancient dental calculus. The research team involved thirty-two investigators at twelve institutions in seven countries. “Dental calculus,” Warinner explains, “is among the richest biomolecular sources yet identified in the archaeological record.” 
Calculus is derived from the Greek word Calcis originally used to describe limestone. Like a fossil locked in rock, biological molecules are captured in dental calculus with “exceptional preservation.” The findings upend the long-used iconic example of observable evolution: the development of antibiotic resistance. 
In a Science Daily interview, Matthew Collins of the University of York noted: “We knew that calculus preserved microscopic particles of food and other debris but the level of preservation of biomolecules is remarkable. A microbiome entombed and preserved in a mineral matrix, a microbial Pompeii.”
You can sink your teeth into the rest of "Ancient Calculus Upends Evolution Icon".