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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and False Science

Today is Easter. Millions of Christians are celebrating the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead, a celebration that has been observed for a long, long time.

Secularists are trying to destroy the faith of Christians, but it sounds like they are just making excuses to avoid coming to faith themselves. It's almost funny that some scoffers will think that they are the ones, uninformed about history, philosophy, archaeology and science as they are, will be the ones to come up with something that destroys Christianity. Sorry, Buttercup, your arguments have been refuted many times and are laying in the dusty corridors of history.

Still, this is the season for renewed efforts to attack the Bible through "science". Some of the speculations to explain away the miracles and the Resurrection are actually funny. But they reek of desperation — just like some of the efforts to preserve cosmic, geological and cosmological evolution ideas.
It’s Easter time.  That means the secularists are hatching and buzzing like cicadas with their latest attempts to debunk the Bible’s account of Christ and his miracles. 
With atheist billboards proclaiming “Jesus did not die for your sins,” what position should scientists and science reporters take on documents pertaining to a historical figure written by contemporary eyewitnesses?  Perhaps neutrality would be preferable to what often appears in the media in Easter season.
If you want to know what passes for science these days, finish reading "Did Jesus Evolve? Secularists Make Hay at Easter". Then you can join us in giving glory to our risen Lord.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cleaning the Unclean Lips

Today is Good Friday. Christians commemorate that God became a man and died on a cross. We can be made clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. Not just our lips, but our entire being can be made clean before God, who is holy and just. Here is a music video that fits this day. The song is "Take Me In" (made famous by Petra) and performed by Kutless.