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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Evolutionary Scientists Locked Into Preconceptions

One fact of life is that nobody is unbiased. Some people have the misconception that scientists find data and then follow where the evidence leads. That is the opposite of the truth, and contrary to human nature. People have ideas and want to see if they can find evidence to support them.

Michelle Studer provided me with this photo of horses with blinders (also called blinkers). She added, "They see only what the master wants them to see. We also teach them to ignore other stimulation such as sound and touch. Programming at its finest. Some harness racers also wear a shadow roll in their nose, so their vision is obscured further."
Unfortunately, evolutionary scientists interpret evidence through erroneous presuppositions, and wear blinders when it comes to contrary data. When the evidence does not support evolution or "deep time", they tend to go through bizarre contortions to force observed data to fit their models.
Dinosaurs have allegedly been extinct for millions of years and the fossils have fully turned to stone. There "should not" be soft tissues and red blood cells, but evolutionary science-deniers do not want to accept the facts. And extinct shouldn't stink. However, fossils tend to be aromatic at times. 
The reactions of scientists to cadaverous smells from fossils as well as finding blood cells, blood vessels and proteins like collagen in them is a bit like those cartoon characters with a bewildered look in their eyes who can’t see the obvious—even though the other characters and the audience can see it all too easily. 
If one could still smell these dead sea creatures then they couldn’t possibly be millions of years old. Dr Mary Schweitzer and others who report such occurrences—if they did not have their evolutionary blinkers on—might have concluded (as did your students) that fossils from which smells emanate could not be millions of years old.
It’s worthwhile going back over some of the developments since Dr Schweitzer’s initial findings in the 1990s which shocked evolutionists because the ‘shocks’ have kept coming.
You can read the rest of "Blinkered scientists look past the obvious", in context, here. But it's best to leave off your blinders so you can see more clearly.