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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

God, Nature and Homosexuality

In the view of evolutionists and extreme environmentalists, there is nothing special about humans. We all evolved from a common ancestor but took different branches, and have the arrogance to think we're the most highly evolved creatures. Of course, there are huge differences between humanity and animals when it comes to culture, morality, intelligence and so on. Biblical creationists know that we are special, created in God's image and he has a purpose for each one of us. Those of us who believe the Bible know that homosexual behavior goes against what God commands. This is problematic in the emotionally-based "thinking" of political movements.

One objection to homosexuality was, "It's against the law of nature". Is it? There are people who try to use the exception to negate the bigger principle. For example, the word translated "day" in Genesis, יוֹם (yom), can be translated to mean an indefinite period of time when the context does not have a number, evening, morning or other qualifiers. For them, it means that they can add to God's written Word and shove in billions of years — they used an exception to ignore the rules. Similarly, some poorly-thinking people will say that because some species of animals practice forms of homosexual behavior, then it must be all right for people, too. There are serious problems with that kind of emotion-based reasoning.
The University of Oslo’s Natural Museum of History, in Norway, has opened a new exhibit called ‘Against Nature?’ The museum exhibit is aimed at providing scientific justification for homosexuality in both the animal world and humanity. Geir Soli, project leader, stated ‘The argument that a homosexual way of living cannot be accepted because it is against the “laws of nature” can now be rejected scientifically.’ It certainly sounds scientific, but what’s the real story?
To find out the real story (hint: the museum is politically motivated), click on "Homosexual Animals — Using ‘Science’ to Push a Political Agenda".